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Behind the Trees

Behind the Trees



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Her gasp caught in her throat as she watches them from behind the trees. She wasn't supposed to be out here. She wasn't supposed to be watching them. She certainly wasn't supposed to feel the burning desire that curled through her but she did. What would it feel like to be between them?
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Chapter 1

My heart beat pounded in my chest, my breath caught in my throat. My body shivered in lust, my breast heavy and aching to be touched. My core was slick with need and I pressed my thighs together in hope to ease the ache.

I'd been walking in the forest on one of my daily walks to clear my mind when I heard the unmistakable sound of my Alphas voice.

Fear and anticipation had instantly coursed through me. I'd always hid when the Alphas were near. At pack meetings I sat in the back and was the first one out. On nights the pack went for runs I stayed home and read.

My father made it very clear how embarrassing I was. I don't think the Alphas even knew their thrid in command had a daughter.

I wasn't allowed to go out and party like the others. I had one friend at school but she was a human and knew nothing about wolves. My father blamed my mothers death on me and it didn't help my hair was white as snow.

Something normal wolves don't have.

My father had instilled the fear of being seen by the Alphas since I was little and I'd become quite good at not being seen.

Not able to help it I had eased forward and peered behind a large tree.

I had stifled a gasp as I caught the sight of my Alphas.

The tallest one had jet black hair that constantly swung in his dark brown eyes. His name was Alec and he was the frist born of one of the strongest Alphas to live. Matt his mate had light blown hair with a blonde streak. His hair was spiked in the front leaving his bright green eyes visible.

Both men had muscle coating them. Like most male wolves they hardly ever wore shirts which left their delicious chest in veiw for the rest of us.

I bit my lip to keep from moaning as Alec pinned Matt's hands above his head and jerked Matt's shorts down roughly revealing his large member.

Alec gripped his mates member tightly and began and slowly jerk him off causing Matt to moan loudly.

I knew I should turn and run. I knew I was invading in their private moment but it was like my feet were glued to the ground my eyes unable to move away from them.

Matt whimpered and I watched as Alec smirked before kissing along Matts neck.

"Fucking bastard....ugh kiss me already" Matt groaned his head falling back to give Alec better access.

Alec chuckled deeply before slamming his lips onto Matt's and started to move his hand faster on Matt's delicious member.

Suddenly Matt broke Alec's hold and slammed Alec against the boulder.

I was unable to stop myself as i slipped my hand under shorts and underwear. My hips jerked slightly as my fingers grazed my aroused flesh. As Matt ripped the shorts of his mate I plunged two fingers deep inside myself.

I bit my lip as Matt grabbed Alec's member which was even larger then Matt's if that was possible. Matt slipped it between his lips almost taking all of it causing Alec to grunt sexily.

Alec placed a hand on the back of Matt's head and slowly started to thrust into his mates mouth.

In the next second I must have made a noise because Alec's head snapped directly to me making me moan loudly as heat poured through me.

My instincts kicked in then and I turned and ran. I ran so fast my feet barley touched the ground. Another unusual thing about me. I was unnaturally fast.

I was so fast not even the Alphas would be able to catch me.

My older brother Adam held my hand tightly as we walked into the pack house for another pack meeting.

Dad had beaten me pretty good when I came home late and my body was still recovering. Adam had arrived home about 15 minutes later and quickly intervened causing my father to growl angrily and leave the house in rage. My father never touched me when Adam was home knowing if he ever took it to far Adam who challenge his authority and most likely win.

Adam promised me that he'd get us out the house soon but he had to get enough money gathered before could.

Adam paused before we entered the pack house and turned to me. He tugged at my black hood that I was forced to wear constantly to hide my hair and now my face. I flinched as Adam accidentally touched my cheek that was a ugly shade of blue.

Adam's face washed with guilt but I quickly grabbed his hand and squeezed.

I knew he felt guilty that he hand't changelled out father yet but I knew how hard it was for him. Our father had never laid a hand on him or ever treated him wrong. Adam was the golden child in my fathers eyes and always had been. Despite what our father did to me Adam loved him as much as he had loved our mother.

Adam sighed and held up his hands before quickly signing to me.

"I promise soon alright?"

I nodded and he smiled sadly. See when my father started beating me when I was about eight I stopped talking. I havn't spoken a word to anyone not even Adam. Once Adam realised this he took me to a woman three times a week who taught me how to sign.

Adam went too and he learned quickly making it easier for us to communicate.

Adam quickly moved us to the back of the room. When the Alpha's, beta, and my father stood in the front the room became quiet.

The Alphas went on to talk about some rouges who had been sniffing around and things lke that. I zoned out like always did but when Alec's voice turned hard my ears perked up.