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One Night Destiny

One Night Destiny

Author: Eve Cheney


General Romance

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Is it possible to encounter a destined lover when you already have a perfect boyfriend? Phoebe Strauss, a columnist, was famous for her magazine articles on love based on astrology. She believed she was the happiest woman in the world, for she had already found a lover that fits the criteria of her perfect man. But destiny mischievously guided her to another man . One night after celebrating her success on publishing her first book, she met a mysterious man at a hotel bar. The man gave her a night of guilty pleasures that she had never experienced before. She wanted to forget while the incomplete but pleased memory always came to trouble her. At the same time, the mysterious man never stopped to trace her- he would make her totally his, no matter what it cost. And her bracelet was the only clue that could lead them back to each other. Who will Phoebe choose when they meet again? Her perfect boyfriend or the mysterious Prince Charming?
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Chapter 1

The sky was getting darker with large and heavy clouds moving at a faster speed each second. The clouds danced gracefully as they travelled in a circular motion, swiftly moving towards the direction where a woman in red dress was running away from them.

Outside at the busy street of Amberose City’s night life, people were running for cover, protected themselves under shaded areas, as the clouds began to spat out their beads of water. The murmuring sound of the wind could be heard while it started to push away bodies of those on the streets looking for a safer space.

The woman wearing a torn knee length red dress had also a white shirt to warm her cold shivering body. She was running away from someone.

The one who gave her the white shirt and gave her an unexpected night.

The rainfall became more intense covering her vision on where she was heading to. She did not care about what danger that could possibly come to her on the street. All she could think of was to get away from him.

Time was of the essence.

She needed to go home, her home, where she could feel safe in the arms of the love of her life-Derrick Stone.

Thinking of Derrick, she couldn't help feeling that she was dirty. Guilt was covering her conscious mind.

How could it happen that she had a one night stand with another man?

Tonight that should have been the happiest day of her career turned to be quite the opposite. She could not believe herself for ruining her own perfect little life.

But, was it truly her fault?

The strong wind was ruffling her hair, whispering songs in her ears. Hugging her own body tight, her mind spirals on trying to figure out what happened a few hours ago.

‘It was not supposed to be this way.’ she thought with tears wetting her soft pinkish cheeks.

Being lost in her thoughts in the cold weather, she missed a step causing her left knee to fall down in a puddle of water turning its shade from clear to red. It was then she knew she was defeated. Her injured knee would slow her down.

And he was getting closer.

“Someone.. please help me” her words sounded just like a whisper as it was barely audible in the heavy rain. It seemed hopeless to run away from him.

“Stop!” the familiar voice was heard coming from behind her. The deep voice belonged to the mysterious stranger who had destroyed her night of celebrating her career success.

She could not remember much about the details. But, she knew it was a night of painful memories. Or was it a pleasurable one? Her mind and body were betraying each other.

‘Why is he following me?’ her thoughts snapped her mind back to reality. She must not stop running.

He will ruin her. And she was not going to let him succeed.

“Leave me alone!” she shouted with all the strength she has in her small body. Her body felt like an empty vessel as the pain she was feeling was spreading fast.

Limping with one broken high heel on her left foot, she ran as fast as she could ignoring those that were chasing after her. He was not alone and he was not going to stop.

As she moved ahead in the pouring rain, she heard the heavy clouds thrumming loudly in the sky while desperately wanting to release its charged energy. It was time to take cover or face the risk of getting struck by lightning.

‘Maybe I should be struck by lightning to punish my sins. Oh God, please forgive me. Derrick, please forgive me. I will make this right. This was all a mistake’ she thought while running towards what looked like a Taxi stand. She prayed for some miracle that there will be a Taxi coming soon past midnight.

“Stop, right now!” his deep voice was getting louder and angrier. Their gap was getting smaller. She had to do something fast.

Removing her broken left high heels, she turned and threw it as hard as she could towards the stranger. The rain made it difficult for her to see who he really was. She hoped he could not see her too. It would make her situation less complicated that way. It was better that they didn't know each other.

The stranger ducked sideways which made her high heels hit the other man who was running behind him.

“F*ck!” sighing away, she turned to continue running towards a Taxi stand.

The sound of a car honking was heard, almost hitting her down to the ground. Losing balance, she slipped on the wet hard ground almost hitting her head on the car’s front. She turned to her left and saw what looked like a Taxi, which had stopped abruptly in the heavy rain.

Luck was on her side. Her saviour for the night came in a nick of time.

Getting up on her feet, she ran towards the passenger back door of the taxi to get in safely. “Drive!”, her commanding voice startled the Taxi driver to press on the accelerator and speed away once she entered safely.

She sighed with relief and hoped this was all a dream where she could wake up later and deeply bury this episode of her encounter with that stranger. The man she chose to forget.

If only she could remember how it all happened, then perhaps she could find a way to cover her tracks last night. She needed to wipe out all evidence that could point her to Hotel Grand Amberose that night.

No one should know about it.

“Strauss Avenue. Please drive faster. Someone is chasing me. Please!” The woman locked the door and spoke with the Taxi driver with her face full of tears wetting her flushed cheeks.

“Strauss Avenue. Got it. Alright, Miss. Hold on tight.” the Taxi driver said, trying to be calm. They drove away from the street where the nightlife of the upscale town called Amberose City was still busy with visitors of the fancy night clubs and luxury hotels.

“Thank you. You might have.. saved my life” she said in a trembling voice while trying to cover her face with her long brunette hair that was dripping wet. Closing her eyes halfway down, she rested her head on the back passenger seat. She would need some help to cover her tracks and ensure what happened a few hours ago is kept buried forever. At least buried from her family, the reporters and other media sources.. and Derrick.

Her mind was still a little foggy with her eyelids getting heavier every few seconds. She felt dizzy with her head starting to pound from the inside of her skull thinking of her situation.

‘What really happened to me? Was I drugged?’ she thought while rubbing her left wrist. A habit of hers when she felt afraid of something.But, she felt something missing this time. Her heart was beating faster than usual.

“My bracelet” she whispered to herself with her eyes widened. Her hands were touching surfaces near her on the back passenger seat, in hope she could find her bracelet somewhere with her. It was a precious gift from someone she loved dearly.

A family heirloom.

Sighing deeply, she had no choice but to accept the fact that she had lost it. Resting her back on the seat, she massaged her temple while staring at the floor.

‘It must have fallen when I threw my high heels to him. Oh crap!’ She closed her face with both hands and cried silently. The bracelet meant a lot to her. Her mother would be upset knowing she had lost it.


Back at where the stranger man was left behind, he was holding one side of a broken high heels. He smirked looking at it while examining it closely.

“Your Royal Highness. I think this belongs to her too.” The stranger’s bodyguard handed him a shiny object that looked like a bracelet. A gold bracelet with a rose charm.

He smiled.

“Jonas. Find her!” the handsome Prince said calmly before he left the wet street with the rain getting heavier by the minute.