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Goodbye! My CEO Ex-husband

Goodbye! My CEO Ex-husband



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Cheng Lingyang and Tang Xichuan had been married for three years, but there was no love or even hatred between them. Tang Xichuan even pushed Cheng Lingyang to have a miscarriage because of his loving mistress. And the mistress came to the hospital with her child to swagger. She didn't want to be with Tang Xichuan anymore, but she had to play the role of Mrs. Tang. However, at the party, everyone saw photos of Tang Xichuan and his mistress. Cheng Lingyang was overwhelmed by reporters' cameras and questions. The physical and mental torture made her faint. But even if she fainted in public, he did not come to help her, but to find his beloved mistress. She had devoted herself to him for so many years. Why did she end up like this?
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Chapter 1

"Why was the name of the child's father the same as my husband's?" Cheng Lingyang looked at the freshmen's files in her tutoring class.

This was Cheng Lingyang's first job. She just wanted to work hard and getting off work late did not matter much to her. But there was still one last freshman who did not come to report.

The student file in her hand made Cheng Lingyang a little surprised, because the child's father has the same name with her husband. She muttered "Tang Xichuan" in her mind and felt as if something was off. 

However, many people in the world have the same name, there was no need to overthink. Cheng Lingyang stretched and looked at the time. The office door was pushed open, it should be the last freshman coming in to report. She got up with a smile and was ready to welcome the student. 

But what she saw next made the smile on Cheng Lingyang's face freeze instantly.

In Cheng Lingyang's mobile phone, there was a message sent by her husband Tang Xichuan two days ago, saying that he was going on a business trip to another country. But what was going on?

Tang Xichuan, her husband, who was supposed to be on a business trip abroad, held a child in his hand. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes when he looked at her, before he collected himself and became back to normal.

The woman standing beside Tang Xichuan, holding the child's other hand, looked like a couple with Tang Xichuan.

When she saw Cheng Lingyang, a smile appeared on her face. She looked at Cheng Lingyang with her big watery eyes and said politely, "Teacher, I brought my child here to sign up."

Child? Whose child?

Tang Xichuan's?

Cheng Lingyang looked at the child in Tang Xichuan's hand. Was it him? The father on the freshman material was named Tang Xichuan. She thought that he was just a person with the same name.

Tang Xichuan frowned slightly. Cheng Lingyang's eyes, which were looking at the child, were not very friendly.

The child took a timid look at Cheng Lingyang and then shrank behind Tang Xichuan. Tang Xichuan's tall body became his guardian.

Such a simple action made Cheng Lingyang breathless.

"Teacher, I'm here to take care of the admission procedures. Do you hear me?"

Yan Xi also frowned and opened her red lips. Her tone was a little unhappy, especially when Cheng Lingyang looked at Tang Xichuan and the child, which made her even more unhappy.

Cheng Lingyang's tightly shut lips moved slightly, and her delicate face managed to maintain a trace of calmness.

She was waiting for Tang Xichuan's explanation. She was trying hard to restrain herself and the jealousy and anger of a woman who was about to go crazy. However, Tang Xichuan did not. He stood in front of her like a cold statue.

Such a silent attitude turned into a ferocious hand, which fiercely grabbed Cheng Lingyang's heart. She had never thought that she would meet such a ridiculous thing one day.

Yan Xi handed the registration form in her hand to Cheng Lingyang and spoke again impatiently, "Let's get the child to go through the formalities first."

"Sorry, I'm off work."

Cheng Lingyang pushed the registration form open. Her actions were not polite. She just didn't want to argue with Tang Xichuan and the others in front of a child. This was the last bit of reason she had left.

"But you have to do the admission procedure for him today." Unexpectedly, before Yan Xi could say anything, Tang Xichuan spoke first.

He told Cheng Lingyang without hesitation, and there was no sign of negotiation in his tone. If his attitude toward Cheng Lingyang was just cold in the past, then it was unusually cold at this time.

Was he helping another woman?

That was right. He brought his child with him. What else couldn't he do?

Two other teachers who had yet to get off work looked at each other. They looked at Cheng Lingyang's situation and did not know how to persuade her. It seemed that they knew each other.

"So what happens if I don't?"

Cheng Lingyang asked in reply. She stared into Tang Xichuan's eyes as if she wanted to see a little guilt and hesitation in his cold eyes.

Such an expectation was bound to be a kind of irony. Cheng Lingyang did not see the so-called hesitation, but only the determination that cut her heart.

Tang Xichuan's eyes turned cold. "Then you will not be able to stay here, or you will lose your job along with your colleagues."

Cheng Lingyang was stunned, and her shocked look gradually turned into a ridiculous and ironic smile.

She could endure Yan Xi's impatience, but she couldn't ignore how Tang Xichuan treated her for another woman. She tried her best to endure, but Tang Xichuan didn't give her any chance to endure.

In that case, there was no need to embarrass herself here!

Cheng Lingyang tore the glass on the table into two halves and threw it in front of Tang Xichuan. Her eyes were red, but there was no tear. "Go ahead!"

After that, Cheng Lingyang picked up her bag and strode out of the office.

She knew that her tears were approaching the edge. If she stayed any longer, the last bit of dignity she tried to protect in front of others would be destroyed.

Yan Xi watched Cheng Lingyang leave quickly. Beside her, Tang Xichuan's face was already darkened. He, who had always been calm, had a little anger in his eyes.

When Cheng Lingyang's figure disappeared at the door of the office, a blurred face flashed across Yan Xi's mind. Suddenly, she opened her eyes wide and looked a little shocked. She did not have time to say anything more to Tang Xichuan and hurriedly chased after her.