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A Secret Crush From A Young Heiress

A Secret Crush From A Young Heiress

Author: B1795H


General Romance

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Nathan Harrison, a 19 years old guy forced to marry a young heiress of a noble family, Isabella Dawson because of his parent's last wish. They already knew each other but he never had a special feeling for her or even thought of her, not even once. However, opposite for the girl who has been in love with him for years without anyone know about it at all. Follow their story as Nathan slowly started to develop feelings towards Bella, but to the ego to admit it, until the third person tried to steal her away from him.
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Chapter 1


  A continuously knocking on my bedroom door totally woke me up from my beauty sleep, "Nathan!" My mom called me, "Wake up already."

  Sincerely I said, I am not a morning person, "Arghh..." I groaned while grabbing my comfy blanket to cover up my whole half naked body. "Just a few more minutes, mom."

  "Fine!" she replied, "But, you're gonna be late for work." it already Monday? Owww man…I have to get to work or my boss will scold me if I'm late again.

  My eyes were so heavy when I tried to open them. But no matter what, I have to wake up now, or I'm gonna be late!

  I put on my white sleeve matching with the blue jeans after I took a quick shower. My blond hair looks a bit messy, so I put some gel and style my hair so it look a bit tame.

  "Nathan!" My mom called me again but a little bit louder than earlier.

  "Yeah...I'm coming!" I shouted back then took a last glance from the mirror and compliment myself for being one of the handsome guy in Beverly Hills.

  "Let's go to work now!" I murmured while grabbing my motorbike key on my bedside table.

  "Morning mom, morning dad..." I kissed my mom on the cheek as I entered the kitchen.

  "Morning son," my father who was reading the newspaper replied to me.

  "You look handsome today," my mom gave me a compliment.

  I chuckle, "My mom is the prettiest woman in BH, so of course her only son looks handsome like this!" I made a model posture beside our dining table.

  My mom pinched my cheeks. "Sit down...and eat your breakfast," while my father bursts into laughing when saw us.

  "Alright...alright...I'll eat now,” I pouted while looking my plate which full with scrambled breakfast; my mom’s expert dish. Yeah, she was so busy with the works and hardly to cook since I was a kid but it was different from my dad which he really do enjoy with cooking. He was so good at managed time and mostly he was the one who cooked in this house. And my mom always helped him and I really did love to see them spending time together since they were perfect couple ever! To be honest I never met such a great couple like them for the whole of my life and I wish I could find someone perfectly match with me; someone like my mom. *

  I arrived at the small café not far from my university on time which my boss couldn’t scold at me at all. Yeah…today is indeed my lucky day. Woot woot! Well, I am currently studying business management in Nottingham Private University in LA; a very nice place for students to further their studies which the campus provides so many of courses which students can choose. From the business, network security, architecture, medical or even culinary. I admitted that the fees are indeed expensive, but it totally worth it, believe me. The campus is in the center of the city which near to everything and it is so much easier for us to hang out any time whenever we have free time of course. Besides, the dorms are super comfy and beautiful which we have our very own garden on the top of the roof which mostly the nerds took it over.

  But my friends and I usually hang out there at 10 pm and above which the nerds already fall asleep at their own dorms or something, I don’t care but we can do whatever we want there. Partying, play games or whatsoever.

  Alright then back to my part time job, my friends and I are working together at a small café which known as the Hot Coffee Princes which the owner of this place is Seth’s brother. He actually came out with the idea to hire the hot guys like us….okay okay sorry for the self-praised, I mean hire the suitable male workers attract more customers to visit his café. And he actually did it. Most of the customers are girls; either from our own campus or the other campus all around LA or even far, I think.

  Congrats, big bro Sean.

  Well, Sean and Seth are orphan; they lost their parents in a car accident when Seth was 4 years old and Sean was already 12 years old that time. Sean played the main role to take care of his little brother who my best friend and sometimes my dad helped him out with financial until Sean claimed back his rights as he turned 18 years old. He then used it to pay back to my dad even though he didn’t want it and started a business which I currently work at it as a part timer.

  I was taking the order from the counter when I saw three familiar girls entering the cafe. A girl with long blonde hair with a pair of blue eyes, well she's kind of hot and many guys are crazy about her, but she's totally not my type. She’s so annoying if you guys meet her, trust me.

  Another one is a medium brown haired girl, with a pair of emerald eyes who I have a crush with since we are in high school. She's totally my type, but the sad thing is, she doesn't like me but totally into my best friend, Seth Pearson. It hurts like a damn actually, but I'll try my best to win her heart in a very clean way. I swear not to use any dirty ways since Seth is my best friend. I will wait Sasha to love me naturally and Seth already acknowledge that and even told me ‘Goodluck’ once.

  The last girl is a bronze haired girl who has a very beautiful unique greys eyes. She's beautiful, no doubts about it. And she's also shy but a very kind friend. I love the way she stutters when she speak, it's cute. Besides that, her father and my parents are best friends, they even considered her to be my partner when we are older. But, I totally disagreed with them and hoped their plan will never work, because I only consider her as a friend, not more than that.

  Speaking about her family, like I said she has the gorgeous eyes ever and so do the whole of her families. If you guys anyone with those unique beautiful eyes anywhere, I guarantee he or she might from the Dawson’s family.

  "One Ice Americano and one blueberry cheese cake." I repeated the order out loud that I took from my customer. "Alright then, please wait for a few minutes, sir." I said as the customer nodded when got his order right.

  "Hello ladies..." I approached the girls who are sitting at a table not far from me.

  "Hey dork..." Sasha replied me.

  "Ouch...that's so harsh for me to handle in this very fine morning." I pretended to be hurt with her words.

  "Whatever Nathan, you're already ruining my morning." Sasha said while rolled her eyes.

  She really doesn't like me, right?

  Well, like I matter what, she'll change her stone heart to like me back. I'll make sure of it.

  "Hey Nathan, where is Sam?" The blonde hair girl, Cecilia asked me.

  I look around of the cafe to find that squishy, Sam. "U-umm...there he is, doing his things at the counter." I pointed my finger towards the counter in front of us.

  "Oh okay...thanks." Cecilia quickly got up from her seat and went to approach her boyfriend, Sam. Well...I have to admit that Cecilia doesn't has a taste for choosing a guy as her boyfriend.

  How could she chose that squishy like Sam? What's so interesting about him besides of his creative arts?

  Arghhh, whatever...I don't want to get the headache for thinking about their illogically relationship.

  I look back at the girls table, but there is only Bella left there. Sasha already went to the kitchen to look for Seth, I guess.’s kind of awkward a bit. But she's one of my friend too, so I should treat her better although I really don't understand why she keeps fainting or blushing when she bumped into me since we were kids.

  "Hey...Bella." I greeted her.

  "O-oh...hi." She replied back while gave me a smile.

  "Would you like something to drink or eat Bella? I can get it for you, if you want."

  " thank you, Nathan."

  I love the way she said my name. It’s so different from anyone else, plus her soft voice which sounded like angel. Man…It's sound so cute…ehh…what I’m thinking!

  I shake my head once to get my conscience back. "Are you sure?" I asked her again.

  She avoided my eyes contact. "Y-yes...I am."

  "Alright then, let me know if you want something. I'll be right there at the counter."

  She nodded as she understand me.

  I walk back to the counter to continue my work along with the curiousness that filled in my mind.

  She's really strange girl, isn't she?