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Crazy CEO And His Pet

Crazy CEO And His Pet

Author: Miki523


General Romance

He removes her all memories and stands her on the black stage of the auction and then buys her for himself... Alexander the cruel and hard heart CEO. He falls deeply in love with her. But rejected to realize how he can accept it... but realizing his feelings and obsession he snatches her from everyone... she can only for himself... And in the end, she runs away from him... she leaves him. How can she leave him? Then he promised to himself that if he finds her... he'll cage her, bind her with chains. So, she will never think about running away from him again. Erza, sweet and soft girl... genius in business and stupid in feelings... she falls in love with Vincent... who has his secret dark background... What will happen when Alexander removes the existence of Erza and Musa will replace her place? Read the story to know what will happen with Erza Alexander and Musa… *****
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    "Alexander is the male lead of the story and he is the current CEO of Brick Teck builders. He has black hair with red sparkling eyes. He is the rightful heir of the Gray family. But due to his uncle now he has to compete with his son Liam for the family business."

    "He's the only child in his family and does whatever he wants no one can stop him or neither did anyone try to stop him. He has an aggressive personality and is a cruel and merciless CEO.

    His hatred is deep inside his heart for someone which changed his personality rapidly. Because of this, he does whatever he wants, and when he sets his eyes on something he gets it by any means. Even if he has to destroy it!

    And the main reason for this aggression is his parents died in a car accident when he was 15 years old. He has an uncle who is controlling the whole company and him behind the back. He has two children, his son Liam, and his daughter Olivia.'



    "Ahhhhhhhhh! No...No no no no!

    All of you! All of you who worked on this project are fired! After knowing that he lost such an important project from Elite construction he finally lost his temper.

    How can that bitch's project be much better than ours? All of you are a loser, get lost. Don't show me your face ever again."

    This project was going to promote my business from 3rd to world top business position. How did I lose from their company? They progressed truly too fast in a year.

    Sam, his secretary, starts trying his best to chill him and said nervously "Relax Sir, we'll find our chance next time."

    He looks at his secretary with his bloodshot eyes "Are you out of your mind!!! Do you know when the next chance will come for us?"

    He gulps his saliva in fear "Yeh, It will be most likely in the next three years."

    Roaming in the room from right to left in anger "I can't wait that long Sam. I want her company destroyed in one month, otherwise, you can get lost from this place as well"

    He sighs and starts running his mind with ridiculous thoughts "why do every time I ended up with this damn dialogue? I mean if he wants to fire me then do it why does he have to blackmail me with this damn old dialogue?"

    "Now, why are you not saying anything Sam!" He said in fury.

    And he finally, ended up denying his idea "That's too difficult Sir? Few of our supporters are there, and it's not that easy to destroy any company this easily when it's at the peak of its publicity."

    He first Calmed himself and starts thinking logically because only logics are the only ways to deal with something troublesome and then there was an evil smile on his face "I can't believe there is nothing that can't destroy their company. So Sam, tell me, what's important for a company?"

    He looks at him for a while and then starts speaking whatever he finds logical because he doesn't want to be ended up scolded "The employees?" I hope I answered according to his wish.

    He looked at him with a little displeased "Sam, tell me all of the important things or you don't need to show me that annoying face of yours!"

    He starts speaking immediately whatever came to his mind and what he finds suitable "Okay Sir,

    The few important that is important for a company is:


    Their employees; If the company is not fulfilling its promises to its employees then they are easy to manipulate. And What I got to know through from their company details they not only fulfilled their promises to them they also give them 3 months of bonus.


    Shareholders; According to the informer, they are all happy with the progress of the new CEO. So, it's hard to challenge her seat now.


    And in the last the third point, a leader who leads the whole company: The CEO."

    He smirks evilly "Good! Their CEO. Now you know what I will do?"

    Sam looks at him with fear in his eyes "But Sir... what'll we do later? And there are many ways to deal with someone. You don't have to kill someone."

    He listens to his secretary's nonsense and told him with his displeased expressions while rage in his eyes "Do you think too lowly of me? Why would I kill her when kidnapping will be enough?"



    "Erza Scarlett is the female lead of this story. She is like a flower. Pure and innocent. She is only 23 years old. She has long red curly hair, and her skin is white and soft like snow. She is slim and has an average height.

    She has red eyes. They are too appealing on her small face. Whenever she smiles, her cute dimples show on her cheeks. She also has a mole beside her red muse's lips. It makes her the most beautiful girl of her youth."

    "Scarlett's family has always been famous because of their red hair color. That was passed through from generation to generation. She is the only child of her parents until later she found out about her other step-siblings and got felt betrayed by her father.

    Her good manners and her excellent ways to deal with problems win everyone's heart. She started managing her family business at the age of 20, and moved it from 4th to 1st place."

    But unknowingly she offended someone. And now he is coming after her. To destroy what she has. He will be the tsunami of her life.

    Let's see, in this hate and revenge how much both of gonna lose. Will there be any love feeling between them?