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Billionaire’s Runaway Wife

Billionaire’s Runaway Wife



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Lesly Atkins loved Gavin Bolton so much, even though he would never treated her like a wife.But a diagnosis of brain cancer made Lesy decide to give him up.After Lesly spent her last night with Gavin who was drunk that night, she left her diagnosis and a divorce paper and decided to run away. She thought that would be the end between them.Lesly had never expected that Gavin would not let go of her even if she had an incurable disease. And at the same time, she found that she had his baby...Gavin tried his best to find Lesly. But in the end, he only found a box of her ashes and a premature baby boy...
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Chapter 1

Lesly Atkins looked at the diagnosis report in front of her, Late-Stage Brain Cancer.

She closed her eyes as she remembered the doctor's last words. "Mrs. Bolton, I'm afraid that you'll only have one year left."

As Lesley opened her eyes, she stuffed her diagnosis report back into the drawer and took out another document.

The divorce papers.

Lesly took a deep breath and started writing.

Every time she wrote a sentence, a memory between her and Gavin Bolton would come to mind.

She had had a secret crush on Gavin for five years, but now everything was over.

Her crush of five years had finally came to an end.

Lesley wrote down the last sentence and closed the divorce papers. She took out her mobile phone and called Gavin. "I have signed the divorce papers. When will you come back to retrieve it?"

The man's cold and ruthless voice sounded over the phone. "Just leave it at home. You can leave now."

Lesly clenched her fingers and looked at the medicine bottle on the tea table. There was a colorless and odorless liquid in the bottle.

"No, you must come back to get it yourself. Otherwise, I will tear up the papers."

The beeping sound after being hung up answered Lesly.

But Lesly knew that he would come back.

Holding the bottle tightly, Lesly went into the kitchen and began to prepare dinner.

At 11 pm at night.

The door of the apartment was finally opened. Gavin had came back.

Lesly sat at the table. In front of her was a table full of home-cooked dishes.

Unfortunately, the dishes were completely cold.

Gavin lowered his eyes and looked at Lesly coldly, "Where's the divorce papers?"

Lesly lowered her face and said humbly, "Sit down first. Can't we have a farewell dinner first?"

"I said that I wouldn't eat anything you made." Gavin's words were cold. He had no patience, only disgust. "I'll ask you one last time. Where are the divorce papers?"

Lesly closed her eyes and gave up. She handed over the divorce papers.

Gavin took the documents and turned to leave.

"Wait." Lesly quickly picked up the red wine and poured out two cups. "We've been married for two years. Gavin, no matter how emotionless you are, you should have a drink with me. I will never appear in front of you again."

Gavin paused. After a while, he frowned and turned back, took the wine, and finished it in one gulp.

"Alright, Lesly, you can get lost now."

Lesly finally raised her head and looked at the man. She suddenly smiled, looking relieved and sad.

Gavin had a strange feeling in his heart. Before he could overthink it, his body suddenly softened as he knelt on the ground, unable to stand up.

"What did you do to me?"

Lesly stood up, slowly walked over, and gently pushed him to the ground.

She parted her legs and sat on Gavin.

"I know you will be very angry, but I..." Lesly lowered her pale face. "But I won't be able to face myself if I don't do this."

After being married for two years, they did not even had an intimate relationship once.

Lesly unbuttoned Gavin's shirt.

"I want you to remember me forever." Lesly leaned over and kissed his Adam's apple. "That is what I want."

She wanted to give her feelings of five years an answer. 

Clothes were being stripped off piece by piece. The living room was slowly filled with dirty sounds.

The entire room was in chaos.

When Gavin woke up in bed, the woman had already disappeared.

Not only her, but everything related to her had disappeared.

Apart from the divorce papers, there was a striking hickey on Gavin's neck.

Gavin touched the annoying hickey and kicked the bedside table.

"Lesly, I will find you and I will kill you!"

Bang! The cabinet fell to the ground, and the things in the drawer were thrown out.

A diagnosis report fell to Gavin's feet. He bent down to pick it up and glanced at it. When he saw the things written on it, Gavin suddenly froze.

Diagnosis result: Late stage brain cancer.

Patient: Lesly Atkins.