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How to Please You, My Hungry Husband

How to Please You, My Hungry Husband



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I was originally a college student with excellent character and academic performance. An unexpected disaster turned my best time into my lifetime nightmare. My ending was doomed from the beginning. I ended in a good way at the cost of my youth, enthusiasm and body!
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Chapter 1

The world outside the window was so gorgeous. The neon lights on the streets flashed in the night like the fangs of the devil. Numerous cars were gathering at the traffic lights, but I seemed out of place in this bustling world.

I retracted my gaze and silently closed the curtain to isolate myself from this world.

In this pitch-black room, I felt less nervous and began to imagine myself wearing a pure-white dress, holding my lover's hands, sitting on his bicycle, with the wind blowing my silky hair and blurring our eyes.

However, the reality was cruel. What I was wearing wasn't a pure-white dress but a sexy low-back red skirt. I could easily see my curvaceous figure through the mirror. The collar on my chest was so low that I have to cover it all the time. And the smell of the heavy makeup on my face filled the air, making me both seductive and fascinating.

In fact, I was only a college student who knew nothing about seducing and pleasing a man.

I buried the head between my legs and cried like a child.

If it hadn't been for my sick younger brother and Sister Xiangfei's words that my two different temperaments had strong impacts on people, I definitely wouldn't want to walk out of this door.

"Bang bang bang!" Someone was knocking on the door. I looked over in a panic but didn't say anything.

Then I heard Sister Xiangfei's voice outside the door. Sister Xiangfei was an experienced mommy, or in other words, whoremonger, who had cultivated quite a few ladies and had extensive connections with people.

"Feifei, are you ready? Hurry up and open the door. I have already introduced a perfect deal for you. That person is the most outstanding young man in Rong City and will spend 50,000 yuan on your first night as long as you can make him enchanted and satisfied."

I laughed coldly in my room. Would the most outstanding young man come to 'Rong City Paradise' Royal Club to sleep around?

However, when I thought of my young brother who was lying painfully in the hospital, I was a little discouraged. Then I opened the door and forced a smile at Sister Xiangfei.

Sister Xiangfei saw through me at a glance. She held my hand to run to the private Heaven Series Consort Room. We stopped at the door of the Consort Room, and Sister Xiangfei tidied up her clothes slightly.

I noticed this detail of her behavior, feeling both tense and gloomy.

It seemed that Sister Xiangfei was right, as the guests tonight were indeed the most dignified ones. Rong City Paradise Royal Club was a luxurious club. The people who could afford the expense of the Heaven Series should be a group of successful people at the top ladder in Rong City.

I lowered my head and looked at my sky-high-heeled shoes, slender legs, and tender feet. I was so flustered that I didn't know how to stand. I even wondered if it would be better to wear a full-length dress.

Sister Xiangfei obviously noticed my embarrassment, but she was a competent mommy. As we had already arrived at the door, she would never allow me to flinch.

But I still saw a trace of kindness and compassion in her eyes. She held my hand and spoke to me in a rather harsh tone.

"Mo Feifei, think about the reason why you came to Royal Club and your brother lying in hospital. If I were you, I will seize the opportunity, because 50,000 yuan is an unusual price for a first night."

Sister Xiangfei's words were like a sharp knife, piercing my heart and shattering the pride that took me a long time to shape.

Maybe that's the shrewdness of Sister Xiangfei.