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My Little Wife, Don't Run Away

My Little Wife, Don't Run Away


General Romance

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Nie Yao was the eldest daughter of the rich Nie Family. However, she was adopted by another family since the Nie mistook another girl for their daughter. Being raised by their adopted parents, Nie Yao knew a lot and cultivated some special skills. Therefore, she even cooperated with some famous professors to study the ancient Egyptian tombs, where she saved a hot guy. But she never expected that guy was the richest billionaire Li Jinxing. Before Jinxing woke up, Nie Yao was forced to go back to the Nie Family, because her family members realized their mistake, and wanted to return Nie Yao a rich family, though little did they know Nie Yao was actually raised in a richer family. When Nie Yao came back, everyone in the Nie Family thought she was a poor girl who could be easily bullied. However, Nie Yao possessed more assets than they had ever imagined...
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Chapter 1

Imperial Valley, Luxemburg.

A series of windstorms were driving clouds of sand as it blew towards Nie Yao and her research team. They could hardly open their eyes at the newly excavated ancient tomb areas.

“Argh!" Suddenly, a young man named Steve shouted out loud in fear. Nie Yao, who was in the midst of packing up, looked at him amusedly.

“Why are you shouting? Aren't you afraid that you will be choked by the sands?” Nie Yao raised her brow as she looked at him. Her timid junior archaeologist was grabbing onto her sleeves as he pointed at somewhere not far from them. Then, he said in a panic manner, “There… there is a corpse down there!”

“Is this the first time you see a corpse?” Nie Yao was amused. She shook her head as she looked in the direction where he was pointing and frowned.

“We have not entered the tomb yet. The corpses would not be left outside unattended…”

Nie Yao walked in the direction of the corpse as she spoke. Suddenly, she saw a man in a suit lying on the ground. He was almost covered by sands. His eyes were closed, and he looked pale and weak. 

“He is still breathing…” said Nie Yao as she bent down to feel his breath. She then said in a low tone, “He is not dead. I think he passed out due to his injury!”

“So… he is not dead! I am almost scared to death!” Steve breathed a sigh of relief as he checked out on him. He freaked out as he saw the bloodstain on the left side of his abdomen, “He is bleeding badly!”

“Quick! Help him up and bring him back to our camp to stop the bleeding!”

Nie Yao carried her bag and walked with Steve to help the injured man. They left the Imperial Valley and went straight back to the camp nearby.

After Steve wiped the man's face with a clean towel after he put him down on the bed, he could not help but sigh, “This man is so handsome. He is as charming as the ancient pharaoh, Tutankhamun…”

“Stop spouting nonsense and bring me the disinfectant alcohol and tweezer!” said Nie Yao as she stared at him.

When Nie Yao lowered her head and intended to clean his wound with the disinfectant alcohol, the unconscious man moved slightly. He then opened his eyes and looked at her sharply.

“Who are you?” said the man as he grabbed her wrist tightly. He spoke in a low yet attractive voice. 

“The person who saved you…” Nie Yao did not expect that this man was kind of strong even though he was injured. She could not help but chuckle as she raised her eyebrows.

Upon seeing that he had no intention to let go, Nie Yao poked gently on his wound. Seeing him gasp due to the pain, she explained to him kiddingly, “Rest assured. I have no intention of killing you after picking you up…”

The man then let go of his hand. Nie Yao cleaned his wound as she spoke to Steve, “Quick! Get me some anaesthetic…”

“Ave, we are out of anaesthetic…” said Steve as he shrugged his shoulder helplessly.

Nie Yao thought for a moment and looked at the pale man. She could only sigh helplessly, “We are out of anaesthetic. I am afraid that you have to endure the pain. We are too far away from the hospital. You are not going to make it…”

“Just continue!” the man urged in a low tone.

Nie Yao took the tweezer and took out the bullet fragment carefully from his abdomen. Without the anesthetic, she could feel the pain and tension from his body due to the pain.

Of course, Nie Yao was nervous. She could only lower her head and look into his eyes deeply. In the end, she gritted her teeth as she disinfected his wound, stopped the bleeding, and sanitize his wound quickly.

At that time, she did not expect that her kind deeds would cause her entanglement with this man for the rest of her life...