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Mr. Fu's Untamed Wife

Mr. Fu's Untamed Wife



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Nan Qi accidentally had ONS with the big shot, Bo Yanxi. She did not know if all of this was schemed or not, but she was ready to take good advantage of this relationship with him. When she was again scolded by her adoptive parents, she directly rushed out of the house and called Bo Yanxi. She threatened him to buy a house for her, otherwise she would reveal their relationship in front of media. Unexpectedly, Bo Yanxi asked her to do that, cause he really anticipated that...
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Chapter 1

"You're pregnant."

Nan Qi walked out of the hospital with the examination results in her hand. The doctor's words kept replaying in her mind.

How could she be pregnant??

Since she was pregnant, she must be responsible for the little life in her belly.

However, she was only twenty years old. She had to think of a way to convince her parents to let her give birth to the child...

The Nan family was a wealthy family in Yu City, and the four-story villa with the sloped roof they stayed in was very grand.

The crystal chandelier hung down from the ceiling, making the whole hall look magnificent.

As soon as Nan Qi entered the door, she saw Mrs. Nan and the adopted daughter of the Nan family, Nan Shengxia, sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

Mrs. Nan caught a glimpse of Nan Qi from the corner of her eye and became furious. "What did you do so early in the morning? You've been fooling around all day. Do you know that our whole family is waiting for you?"

Nan Qi was used to Mrs. Nan's attitude. "Didn't I say before? I've been working in a milk tea shop recently."

Mrs. Nan was even angrier. "Didn't I tell you not to go? Do you think you're still a country girl? Is our family short of money?"

"Mom, Nan Qi just returned and she must have a lot of expenses. Why don't you give half of my pocket money to her in the future?" Nan Shengxia tried to smooth things over.

"Are you stupid? It's not enough to give her your clothes and bags, but you still have to give her your pocket money? It's a pity that you're kind but she may not appreciate your kindness." Mrs. Nan felt sorry for Nan Shengxia, so she looked at Nan Qi with more dissatisfaction.

Just because Nan Qi refused to accept the pile of out-of-season, second-hand clothes and leather bags, Mrs. Nan was furious and had not bought her a single thing so far.

How could such an immediate effect be enough?

Nan Qi clicked her tongue in her heart and went straight to her room.

The Nan family had three sons and two daughters. The little princess, Nan Shengxia, needed a separate music room, a drawing studio, and a dance room. The whole villa was arranged fully for her.

Half a year ago, after Nan Qi was brought back to the Nan family, her family was worried that the arrival of their biological daughter would put pressure on their adopted daughter. They did not give her a proper room, but arranged for Nan Qi to stay in the maid's room on the first floor.

"Nan Qi, are you back? Come and sit down. I have something to tell you."

Nan Jinhong and Nan Qingfeng, Nan Qi's father and eldest brother, happened to walk down the stairs one after the other.


The two of them were not treating her too badly. Nan Qi suppressed her discomfort, walked to the sofa, and sat down.

Mrs. Nan turned a blind eye to Nan Qi's pale face and said, "You will marry into the Chi family on behalf of Shengxia."

Nan Qi was stunned. "What did you say?"

Nan Jinhong was embarrassed and he explained patiently, "Nan Qi, our family has just cooperated with the Chi family for a project, so we can't fall out with them at this time. Although it was Shengxia who got engaged, in fact, you are the eldest daughter of the Nan family. Mrs. Chi is reasonable and agreed to let you marry her son."

"What does this have to do with me?"

When she first returned to the Nan family home, everyone warned her sternly that Mr. Chi was Shengxia's fiance and told her not to think too much.

Now that he had been paralyzed by a car accident, everyone suddenly remembered that she was the Eldest Miss Nan.

Was it a joke?

Seeing that she didn't know how to appreciate favors, Mrs. Nan frowned impatiently and said, "Aren't you happy? The Chi family is a rich and powerful family. As soon as you get married, you can be a young mistress and enjoy a good life, right?"

Enjoy a good life?

Why didn't she give the fortune to Nan Shengxia?

"Huh..." Nan Qi raised her eyebrows and chuckled. She then placed the examination results on the coffee table and said, "I'm pregnant. As long as the Chi family can accept that I'm pregnant with another man's child, I can marry him."

That news was like a bomb.

Everyone was knocked out by the blast.

Mrs. Nan was the first to come to her senses. She wanted to slap Nan Qi in the face angrily. "How did I give birth to such a shameless thing like you? How will you get married to the son of the Chi family like this?"


Nan Qi looked up, and her smiling eyes instantly turned cold.

There was no emotion or warmth in her eyes, as if she was looking at a dead thing.

With just one glance, Mrs. Nan's hair stood on end and she felt a chill run down her spine.

The slap stopped in mid-air, not daring to continue moving forward at all.

After a dead silence, Nan Qi suddenly laughed again and returned to her usual innocent look. "I don't care. Anyway, I don't mind being a part of their family. Let them raise my child."

"You... You have no shame." Mrs. Nan also came to her senses, but her arrogance was diminished from what it was previously.

Seeing that her adoptive mother was having the lower hand, Nan Shengxia voiced out. "Nan Qi, you don't have a boyfriend, do you? Don't tell me that the child is..."

If she stopped at that point, it would make people's imagination run wild.

Nan Jinhong wanted to ask who the child's father was, but when he heard his younger daughter's words, his expression became extremely ugly. "The Nan family doesn't have someone as shameless as you. I'll give you two choices. Either get rid of the child and marry into the Chi family, or get lost... Get out of here."

There was a trace of complacency in Nan Shengxia's eyes. She begged pitifully, "Dad, don't get too agitated. Be careful of your health. Nan Qi must have just been confused for a while. Don't drive her away... It's all my fault. I'm willing to marry into the Chi family... As long as my family is fine..."

Seeing that she was so sensible and distressed, Nan Jinhong hurriedly comforted her in a soft voice, "I won't let you marry into the Chi family. I will definitely come up with something. Don't worry."

Nan Qingfeng's heart softened. He looked at Nan Qi with disappointment in his eyes. "Nan Qi, I've always thought that you're a sensible girl. If you still have a little filial piety, don't let Mom and Dad worry about you."

"Filial piety? Sorry, I don't have any." Nan Qi suddenly stood up, and the smile on her face disappeared without a trace. "I choose to give birth to the child, so, let's cut ties."

"You..." Mrs. Nan opened her mouth again to curse.

"From now on, I, Nan Qi, will cut off my relationship with my family. I won't talk to you anymore." Nan Qi grabbed the examination results in her hand and went straight back to her room to pack up.

When she was three years old, she was abducted by human traffickers and brought to the countryside. She only returned home half a year ago.

From the day she entered the door, Mrs. Nan would scold her all the time, and her second and third brothers would ridicule her.

Nan Jinhong and Nan Qingfeng were nice to her, but now, it seemed that they only considered Nan Shengxia a member of their family, but not Nan Qi.

Since she could not squeeze into this family after being away from them for 17 years, she decided not to continue to force things.

Ten minutes later, Nan Qi walked out of the gate of the Nan family home with her backpack on her back.

Behind her came Mrs. Nan's voice.

"Fortunately, I knew it beforehand. I didn't give her any pocket money or buy her anything. She's a poor country girl. She doesn't even have a place to live. I'd like to see how she will survive. In less than three days, she'll come back and get married obediently..."

Hearing her words, Nan Qi couldn't help laughing.

When she decided to go back to Yu City to rejoin the Nan family, she had bought a high-end apartment in case of any emergencies.

However, before she went to her new home, she needed to talk to her child's father.

Nan Qi took out her phone and dialed a number. She went straight to the point and said, "It's Bo Yanxi, isn't it? Do you still remember that night a month ago in the Champs Elysees Hotel, Room 818? I will arrive at your company in 40 minutes. My surname is Nan. Tell the receptionist to let me in, otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences."