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Marrying With A Mysterious CEO Husband

Marrying With A Mysterious CEO Husband



Marrying With A Mysterious CEO Husband PDF Free Download


Jessica was drugged by her crazy adoptive mom and sent to an old man, with an excuse to save her aunt's life... Then she was saved by a handsome man. When she saw his face, she was stunned. She had never seen such a handsome man before. And that man was also dumbfounded, as he saw his wife again... Six years ago, he met a homeless girl, and he adopted her. Jessica fainted at that time, so she did not see his face. It seemed fate has brought them together again...
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Chapter 1

There was a strong smell of alcohol and smoke in the crowded bar. 

"Little beauty, as long as you agree to marry me, I'll settle your aunt's extravagant medical expenses!"

Settle? Go to hell you filthy old man! Jessica held her thoughts in, an eyebrow arched at the old and bald man in front of her who looked like he could be her grandfather. 

If it weren't for the two hefty bodyguards standing behind him, she would already thrown her wine at his face! The big-bellied man wasn't angered by the way Jessica had pursed her lips, but instead smiled wider. His greasy smile didn't leave his face, outright staring at her well developed chest. When he spoke, his smelly breath almost suffocated her. "If you're done considering, shall we deepen our conversation somewhere else? Do you want to go to a five-star hotel or my villa, little beauty? Or are you more in the mood here?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, the old man's hands reached out for Jessica's pale ones, looking impatient.

"..." Jessica silently dodged his hands, smile widening like a sexy fox. "Grandpa Huang, didn't my uncle tell you? I got married half a year ago!"


A man in the white suit at the next table swallowed his wine, tried not to smile and arched a brow at what he heard. He looked at Jessica again with obvious amazement in his eyes.

The girl was slim and had an oval face. Her facial features were well defined and beautiful, ash brown curly hair cascading down her back. Her yellow dress encapsulated her petite figure, her exposed legs slim and pale. 

Her clear and bottomless eyes were full of life and feminine charm. 

He wasn't able to see it in the dim light. 

Jessica Merlin? Ha, what a coincidence.

The man looked at her, a flash of glee between his brows.

In a second, he silently beckoned the bartender to his side, and whispered a few words in his ear.

After that, he took a meaningful glance at the fat old man who was calling someone in a rage, and the corners of his mouth lifted into a rather malicious smile.


Jessica remembered that she didn't drink much. But for some reason, her body grew increasingly hot after she left the bathroom. 

"Are you Miss Merlin?" A bartender suddenly stood in front of her and asked.

"..." Jessica nodded in confusion.

"Miss Merlin, this is what's going to happen." The bartender explained to her, "Your friend said that she's waiting for you in the luxury suite upstairs."

"My friend?" Jessica was a little confused. Five minutes ago, she was afraid that Mr. Nicole wouldn't leave her alone. So she had slipped to the bathroom when he was on the phone, and called her friend Lauren for help.

That silly girl had said that she would book a room upstairs, and asked Jessica to go once she had gotten rid of Mr. Nicole. 

What else did she sy?

Huh? Why were there two bartenders? Seeing that Jessica's eyes were completely unfocused and was slurring, the bartender smiled knowingly.


In a luxurious suite upstairs that was not open to the public.

The faint sound of water splashing came from the bathroom, added another layer of seduction to the already sexy suite. 

Galvin, dressed in a white suit, leaned casually against the bathroom door. Thinking about what was happening in the room, he burst into manic laughter.

"You don't want the dozens of ladies that I sent your way? Are you that self sufficient?"