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My Grumpy Alpha Bear

My Grumpy Alpha Bear

Author: Twinkle T



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PS: For 18+, contains matured scenes: One was a Fallen Angel waiting to find out her truth while other was a Bear shifter.. She was Bold, beautiful and fiercely independent young Woman, yet she got sold by the man whom she trusted the most, the love of her life... He was cold, arrogant and uncaring of any woman in distress, all he knew was to use women and discard them.. yet he bought her Jiana never imagined that her simple life would turn topsy-turvy when she would be sold and bought like some commodity, especially when the man who bought her was none other than a beast in disguise.. Aaron Bernard She thought that as a slave her life would be all about cooking and cleaning, getting beaten and molested, after some pointless resistance, she managed to come to terms with the bitter truth of her life and decided to accept her fate but just then came another storm in her life, the dark truth He had bought her for a purpose, The purpose was to marry him... Aaron, the cursed Werebear of Urmawood, so that she could be used as a sacrificial lamb Jiana knew she would die soon after this marriage yet she agreed as she knew she was his only redemption, and as a Fallen Angel, she could not refuse to help.. especially when she discovers a Big Secret, one that would change the course of tides Aaron didn't want to sacrifice her, yet he had no option Two broken souls come together in this beautiful, fantastical journey of Love, Lust, Betrayal and Magic Fall in love with bold and beautiful Jiana with this crispy, crunchy and fun Romance
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Chapter 1

The massive door of the room was pulled open with force and she rushed out, only to be immediately dragged back in, the door shut with equal and more force than before.

“Please Mr. Smith, I request you, please let me go, NO!, what do you think you’re doing, let me go,”

Jiana tried hard to break free from the strong grip of Mr. Smith’s arms as he tried to squeeze and feel her soft body, holding her tight, she felt entrapped between the wall and him as her back touched his chest

“I will let you go little champagne, but not before you quench my thirst, I swear I’ve never felt such a soft body before I touched you, you are simply divine and I wanna f**k you so hard darling,”

Smith leered into her ear, she felt disgusted as his breath filled with alcohol & tobacco stench hit her nostrils, she tried hard to break free as he continued to grab her waist from behind, running one of his hands over the back of her thighs and lifting her silk babydoll dress.

“You knew I will be coming to take you sugar, that’s why you’re so ready for me in all this sexy lingerie, ummm,” he inhaled her fragrance and shut his eyes, revelling in her body scent and softness as his hands moved lower down below and came around her navel.

“Please Mr. Smith, Please don’t forget that you’re Rick’s father and we are getting married in two days, I’m going to be your daughter in law, so you’re my father, please let me go, you’re not in your senses, I wont tell Rick about this, but stop right now and leave,”

she continued to plead, Yes he was her father in law to be and he was always affectionate towards her, and now they were in Paris.

Rick had suddenly decided to marry her in the city of love and light, well, also he had some business to deal with , thus he and his father were here and a few relatives would join them the next day.

“Haven’t you heard about step dad’s f*cking their girls, c’mon, let’s do it, it’ll be fun, a father in law doing his son’s wife, I assure you I’ll please you more than Rick, and this can be a secret, our dirty little secret, and you can be my girl, my dirty sexy girl,”with that he grabbed one of her breasts and kneaded it.

“NOOO,” Jiana screamed as she felt repulsive, she knew she had to stop this devil of a father. She didn’t know from where but she mustered all her strength and raised her feet high behind her, she was quite flexible, thanks to her regular fitness training.

Smith released her and groaned in pain though she was bare feet, her heel hit straight into his sensitive spot, thankfully she had the benefit of being a bit taller than him. She quickly grabbed her house coat and sprinted out of the room with the speed of a cheetah.

She rushed towards the hotel elevator, worried that he might follow her.

Her eyes were blurred with tears as she felt scared and disgusted. Her mind was completely fogged out and she wasn’t thinking straight, just then she bumped into something hard like a wall, she held her nose in utter pain and scrunched her face.

“What the He...,”


She looked up in anger at the person who’d bumped into her and wanted to vent, but she stood mum as soon as she saw his face, like she got electrocuted.

He was certainly the most handsome guy that she’d ever met, an extremely chiseled face, sharp pointed nose, extremely beautiful jawline, his lips were thin and a few loose strands of hair fell over his forehead, but something was not right... his steel grey eyes that were narrowed into slits and had a killer look in them

‘Growl, Did I hear a growl, I swear I did,’ she scratched her head as she mused over the sound she thought she heard.. looking back at him

It was then that she realised he wasn’t alone, he had a sexy beautiful lady who stood beside him and behind them were about 5 to 6 men, the bodyguards.

She suddenly realised how disheveled she looked, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment, “I.. I’m sorry, I wasn't watching where...”

“Woman, it would do you some good to step out dressed decently and not bump into other’s men,” the woman spoke, she had a thin shrilly voice that pierced the ear drums.

Jiana looked at herself and realised that due to the bump, her robe had moved slightly open, revealing her milky white skin and cleavage through her lacy babydoll dress and of course more than that. She quickly pulled her robe together, embarrassed, she looked at the guy and saw a small flick of smirk.

‘Damn, she just wanted to try her babydoll and prepare for her first night with Rick, and here she was in a mess where everyone but Rick got to see her in her sexy first night costume..’ she thought ruefully

Just then she heard someone call from behind, “Champagne, my little champagne, where are you?,”

As soon as Jiana heard Smith’s voice she panicked and looked at the man she’d bumped into

“Oh no!, I gotta go, sorry about the hit,” offering a quick apology she immediately took to the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator.

At the reception she requested them to provide her with another room on a different floor, after a lot of negotiations and waiting, they finally provided her with another room two floors above, on the VIP floor, since they didn’t have any other availability, also Rick Had booked a few rooms as they were expecting more guests for the wedding, hence they provided her with a special room on pretext that she was the bride to be.

Jiana heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she entered this new room. She was amazed at the sheer luxury of this floor and the room.

‘The rich really knew how to earn their money and spend it too’, she thought as she realised how hard she had to work in life and how Rick had tons of debts to be paid off, in fact she was quite taken aback when a week ago he suddenly proposed marriage to her and that too in Paris.

She wondered how did he get the money to spend, though she was against this kind of splurging, she was ok with a simple wedding in court, but he was insistent and finally she gave in.

She remembered the first time she met Rick in his restaurant when she was out with a couple of her friends from the orphanage, a customer was yelling on top of her lungs as a cake she'd ordered was not done as per her taste, looking at how flustered Rick looked, Jiana offered to help and in an hours time she had blown away the lady's expectation, Rick offered her a job as a bakester in his restaurant and she accepted it, soon they fell in love and well... here se was, fighting off his sex crazy father's post menopausal urges.. well, whatever

No sooner had she begun to relax that there were loud continuous banging on her door, jolting her out of her thoughts. She panicked thinking that it would be Smith again, in that heck of a moment she couldn’t think what to do

“Open the damn door you b*tch,” she heard Smith shouting and she cursed, turning around she looked at glass doors to the balcony, ‘wow these rooms had extended terraces too,’, she quickly rushed to the door, opening it she stepped out, then shut the door again, the man’s bellowing increased and so did the banging on the door.

Jiana looked around and saw that there was a connecting parapet to the terrace of the next room, the parapet was broad enough to walk if she was careful.

All she wanted to do was escape the embarrassment this bloody old scum would cause her, so without much of a thought she stepped out of her terrace and began walking towards the other one. It took her about a minute to cross over and step into the other terrace but that one minute felt like eternity.

Breathing a sigh of relief she looked down, that was when to her horror she realised that they were on maybe 10th or 11th floor,

‘Thank God I didn’t see this earlier,’ she would’ve never been able to do what she just did otherwise.

Her thoughts were interrupted by sounds coming from within, realisation dawned that the room may be occupied, she walked closer to the glass door, the curtains were slightly apart so she peeked in to get a glimpse of who the occupants were.

Her eyes popped out by the sight that met her .