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He's like a moon and I am a poor girl staring on it patiently. It was a beautiful sight and as far as I could see. I can’t touch him and reach out. He's like a sinful tree and I am a sinful woman. I lured the sinful tree and bit its fruit even though I knew it was forbidden. Even though I know I can't. Just like our situation. I am his fucking niece and he's my fucking uncle and we fucked! How can we face the world with our sinful love ?
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Chapter 1

"What? You can't? You're grounded?" Simon chuckled and walked over to me.

We're out of school. I am currently studying here in St. Dominic HS. It’s my last year here. I want to graduate here with honor. In our room I was always in the top10! But that was only until then because I always failed in Algebra.I dont know but I don't like Algebra. Psh!

I shook my head and took his hand that was wrapped around me. There so many eyes are already on us.

Simon is a fuckboy here in school. But for me, his being a fuckboy doesn't work.Yeah. He's handsome! Rich! There's a car! Badboy look. It's just that I didn't like him.

I prefered a man, that matured! A years older than me! With a carreer slaying!

"Dad has a party at home! For our company's success!" I shrugged. "So, thats why!"

I can see that his girlfriend is getting closer to where we are.

Her eyes narrowed as he looked at us .

"Ows! Your girlfriend is here ."I laughed. .I know this scene.

Simon immediately looked at her mumbled.

"So ... that's why you're cold to me? Is this it ??" Courtesy of his girlfriend.

I raised an eyebrow.

Simon immediately grabbed her by the waist. He denied that.

Simon and I were just close! Close friends! I’m used to his arrogant attitude and playboy side. In fact, we've been friends since elementary.

Is it bad? Is it wrong to be close to the man who has been taken? Seriously?

"Don't touch me!." she said stiffly. Her eyes were bloodshot and she's obviously hurt.

Dammit .. what did I do?

" got it wrong .."

"Wrong? I saw it!" she shouted.

We got the crowds attention. Student looks are already on us. Some girls whispering and rolling their eyes to me.I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms on my chest.

"Were friends! Cara! Stop making scene here .." Simon hissed .. trying to stop her ranting.

“Really?” She mocked. "This Roxette De la Rama?"

Oh .. she knew me? He was ahead of me for two years. They are the same age as Simon. But Simon was a fool so his studies were interrupted.

"All I know is that you are flirty!" She shouted.

I shut up my brow. What the hell. The female students looking at us laughed.

Damn! I am not a Flirt!

"Excuse me?" Simon would have spoken but I preceded him ..

"Flirt? How come? .." I cockily said.

I want to leave here but I want to see what this girl got.

She laughed mockingly.

"How come? You're a monthly flavored of Fuckboys of this school right? You are pretty but ...." She eyed me from head to foot. "It's just you are itchy…"

"Cara .. Enough .." Simon warned her.

I chuckled ..I don’t have a pack of spectators.

"So much information about me huh? Are you a fan of mine?" I chuckled.

"And FYI..if I'm flirting .. I've been teasing Simon for a long time .. but I am not!"

Maybe if you stare at me it's bitch look! but I'm not flirty!

I looked at Simon.

"Break up with her Simon .. tss .. she's a low class .. I am disapointed."

Cara gasped.

I no longer stayed there and left. This isn’t the first time she’s been jealous. This is also not the first time I have been attacked. Most are in college.I dont know why just intertained the boys who's friendly to me, thats it.

As a matter of fact. Most of my friends are male and I only have one friend.

She's a nerd. She's rich but the way she move and wear is a new version of Maria Clara. And I’m sick of it .. if we weren't just close..hmp!

I can't explain, then I was still scolding her but when I saw him being bullied by others, my head heated up. Her name is Jezel. Jezel Guarin. Our parents were friends.

She's absent because there is a family tour.

When I got out of the gate I immediately saw our SUV. My driver got out there and took the book and bag I was holding.

I have my own car and own driver. I don't have a student license yet coz 'I'm a minor. One more thing I don't know how to drive yet.

"Let's go home, ma'am?" My driver asked .. I was already in the passenger seat.

I nodded.

"Yes .. has the party started?"

"Yes ma'am there are many people in the Mansion."

I pouted .. I could only imagine our house full of powerful people. Papa's friends.

I cleared my throat.

"Hm, Is Sav already there?" I asked.

He looked at me in the rearview mirror.

"Yes ma'am. He even sent a girl earlier.”


My blood boiled..The nerve of that man. When will he stop? He's already turning our mansion into a hotel!

"Is the girl pretty?" I bitterly asked. I felt like an idiot. I am asking my driver of this nonsense topic huh?

Mario laughed. he's a bit age. We have been working with him for several years.

"Yes .. Sir Savier doesn't choose not beautiful."

Really? beautiful than me?

I rolled my eyes mentally. I never regret I destroyed his laptop. Its been one week since that happened. to my surprise, he didn't tell papa about it.

It's been a week that he's always been wild with me. Well .. always.

Why its bothered me much anyway? Fuck .. Stop it Rox! here you go again ..

When we arrived at the Mansion outside, there were people ...others looked at me when I entered.

I smiled and greeted them. Some are familiar others are not.

Man were wearing a complete suit. The womens wearing their different signatured elegant dresses. And damn .. my eyes drooled looking their expensive jewelries! I love jewelries!

When I entered the living room I saw the respectable people. There is food on the long table. There are also those who serve wines.

I saw dad talking to one of his friends.

"Goodevening Dad." I greeted and kissed his cheeks.

I looked so Out of place. I am only wearing my uniform!

"Oh! Good evening hija.hows your day?"

I smiled.

"Fine dad..Congratulations!" He chuckled.

He introduced me to the people there .. I just smiled.

"You have a very beautiful daughter Henry."

My cheeks blushed because of that.

Dad chuckled.

"Yeah, Henry.I want to introduce him to my young son! Do you know? " said a lady ..

"Oh! My son too! I'll introduce him too .. uhmm. We can talk about that Henry right?" The other woman said.

They laughed.

I pouted.

"Pah .. I'll just change." I excuse myself.

I immediately headed up the stairs. One time I looked down, my gaze immediately hit a man.Savier wearing his black tux .. He's holding a wine of glass talking with some man his age. Maybe about business ..

I also don't think I noticed the woman holding his arm and giggling. I saw how Sav kissed her temple. The fuck.

Tears welled up in my eyes.

To my horror .. His eyes went to me. He smirked. He devilishly so handsome .. He's twenty three and succesful in life.he's a billionaire.He looked at me and sipped his wine without taking his eyes off me.

Dammit .. Why I am hurt? Why my heart feels like being stabbed if someone's with him?

What is this Rox?