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"I want to make you scream as you cum on my cock, so every fucker out there knows who owns this cunt..."***He is destruction. She is salvation. He is ferocious. She is kind. He is ice. She sets his soul on fire. He Is the devil. She is his queen. Vasilissa Robert. Sweet, caring, and beautiful. Extremely beautiful. She loathes violence but God forbid the soul of those who dares to harm her king. Leonardo Berlusconi. Hot-headed, arrogant. He doesn't give a fuck about anything or anyone. He doesn't bow for anyone except her. She's the only exception in his life and Devil forbids the soul of those who even looks at her in a wrong way. They rule the underworld together. They rule the hell together.
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Chapter 1

The alley turned darker and darker by seconds but I continued to run. I run like there's no tomorrow. I run at it was monsters chasing me, it's the truth though. I run for my dear life. I'm running for hours. I don't know where I'm going, I just kept running, hoping they lost me.

My small feet don't give many advantages in running. The eleven—year—old me doesn't understand why would they hated me so much.

Looking back, I didn't see anyone behind me. Just as I turned forward I crashed into a wall. It has two legs. Wait...what? Walls don't have legs, I thought to myself. I looked up and come face to face with the most beautiful boy I've ever met. He's older than me, maybe about 15 or 16.

He looks like an angel but a dangerous angel. I took a few steps back in fear. I don't know if this guy is with them or not and I don't want to take a chance. I turned around to leave when they caught up to me. My path was blocked from both sides and I know I'm dead. They'll kill me.

They gave me a wolfish smile, the one that made me feel disgusted. "Now now, Lissa. Did you really think you could run away from me?", he said in his creepy voice, sending chills down my back, the bad kind of chill.

He motioned his minions to grab me. "Go tie her and take her to my car. Don't touch her inappropriately, you all will get your round with her after I'm done fucking every single hole in her body", he said, smirking. I know what he'll do with me and I know it's not good.

"no", I screamed when they started to walk towards me. But before they can touch me they drop to the ground dead, with a bullet between their eyes.

An arm snaked around my waist bringing my back against a chest, holding me in a protective stance. My body relaxed against his body and I let the darkness consume me.


The next morning I woke up in an unfamiliar bed. I looked around to find any clue where I am. Did dangerous—looking boy save me? I think so but I don't have any idea where I am now.

The bedroom door opened and a woman came in maid uniform. I don't feel safe around anyone. I don't think I ever will be. I scooted to the corner of the room and held my head above my hand in a protective stance.

I heard footsteps coming towards me and it triggered my bad memories.


I was sitting in the corner of my room, praying no one will come to my room. I heard footsteps coming towards my door. My room door burst open and he came inside. He was followed by her. They both stopped two feet away from me.

He crouched on his knees in front of me. I started shaking. " Shhh...", he took my hairs in his hands and pulled with such a force my head whipped to the side.

"Please don't hurt me", I whimpered out, not wanting to get beat for the second time this day.

"oh kitten I'm not going to hurt you", he petted my hair, trying to calm me down but I know better. "I'll teach you something and you'll learn like a good slut", there was the word again. Slut. I know it's a bad word but don't know the exact meaning.

I didn't say anything so he punched me, busting the corner of my lips.

" When I tell you something I expect you to reply. Do you understand?", he asked me.

I nodded and whispered, "yes sir".

"Good girl", he praised me. "Now you'll watch me fuck this slut and remember everything. That will be your future. You'll be my beautiful slut", he said tearing the woman's clothes. She smirked looking at me and undressed him.

I looked down feeling embarrassed. "look at me slut", he roared in anger. I quickly looked up, not wanting to get punched again or worse whipped.

He has a rod between his legs which he was slowly touching in up and down motion with his hand. He said the woman to bend over and then put his stick on her pee hole. They both made weird noises.

He took out his stick and pushed it back inside. He did that, again and again, looking into my eyes. I looked down, unable to look anymore. I know what they're doing. They are making babies.

He continued to do that and suddenly took out his stick and walked in front of me. He started touching it and demanded me to look into his eyes. When I looked up he spilled some white liquid coming from his stick on my face. He made that weird noise again.

"What a good slut you are. I can't wait to fuck that young tight virgin pussy", he said and went out of the room leaving me alone with her.

She came towards me and kicked me hard, saying he is mine over and over again. I laid there receiving my punishment, silently praying for God to save me from this hellhole.

Flashback over

I keep saying don't hurt me. I don't want to get hurt anymore. Someone brought me into a warm embrace, making me feel safe. I opened my eyes slowly and looked up to see the boy from before holding me in his arms.

I didn't notice I was crying until he wiped my tears and assured me nothing is going to happen to me and that he'll always keep me safe.