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Author: Abby_Oj





Ever been in a situation where you feel like you have no choice? where you feel like the world is against you? She's Hailey Bratt She's the daughter of a nobody.. or maybe somebody.. She had lived the whole of her life in California.. what happens when she goes to Australlia? She's 22 years of age, elegant, beautiful.. humble but bad-mouthed. She lived the whole of her life making few friends but Jasmine was her closest friend. Meet.. Asha Dawson A 24 year old famous musician, known all over Australlia for his crazy but talented singing. As you guess Asha was a huge playboy, uses girls and dumps them without the slightest care in the world. You can call him a demi-god, because his handsomeness was part of the things that made him popular. But Asha never sticks to a girl.. he happens to be in a hotel screwing a girl when Hailey walked in accidentally.. What becomes their fate? When Hailey asked him for monetary assistant? When she was forced to marry him?
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Chapter 1

"8:35, Chaperlain's hotels California, USA

"Hailey, ma'am Paige seeks your attention.. Jasmine, Hailey's bestfriend said as she walked to the counter were Hailey sat.

"Huh? Hailey asked looking up at Jasmine..

Jasmine sighed and sat on the stool in front of Hailey.

"I don't know why she's calling for you but i don't think it will be good"she said and Hailey poked her forehead.

"Try to be positive for once Jas, besides i didn't do anything wrong so think straight".. Hailey said as she tucked in her white long sleeved shirt into her black skirt properly.

"Ouch! what was that for? we both know Paige can be a witch at times" Jasmine said whispering the last part.

"She can be but just be positive Jas" Hailey said as she turned around and stood right in front of Jasmine.

"What if your getting fired?" Jasmine asked and Hailey poked her forehead again.

"Stop being so negative this morning" Hailey said but deep down she was also thinking about the same thing.

Paige was the managing director of Chaperlain and a very rude lady.

She always had something bad up her sleeves and had already fired a lot of workers, the rest tried impressing her.

Her brains were doing the job of trying to remind her bout what she'd done wrong but she couldn't fathom anything.

"I'm not getting fired" Hailey said and Jasmine puckered her lips..

"I pray so Hail..c'mon go now before she decides to fire you for real" she said and Hailey nodded before walking away, a prayer ringing in her mind.

*Paige's office, Chaperlain*

Hailey knocked on the door and heard a faint 'come in' before pushing the door open.

Paige had her back to the door, she knew who had walked in and she smirked.

"Good morning ma'am" Hailey hurriedly greeted and Paige's smirk widened though Hailey could not see it.

"Who do we have here"? Paige asked turning around to meet Hailey's gaze.

Hailey flashed a smile and bowed slightly..

Thats it.. her smile, her curves and her beauty was Paige's driving force in sending her away.

Hailey will be transferred to the branch of the hotel in Australlia, she wouldn't risk Hailey meeting the Ceo.. hell no way!

"Your being transferred to Australlia" Paige said her gaze focused on Hailey.

Hailey's mouth dropped open, her eyes were filled with suprise..

"Huh?" Hailey asked slightly confused, how would she just wake up on a warm monday morning and tell her she was been transferred to Australlia?

"Your leaving this branch missy, and being transferred to our other branch in Australlia.. but if you don't want it, you know there's always a second option.. Paige said with a smirk.

"When would i be leaving?"Hailey asked just before her throat grew shut.

"Next tomorrow, everything would be ready by then" Paige said as she gestured for Hailey to leave with her fingers.

Hailey's shoulders slumped as she left the office.. Paige is sure bad news..

*9:00am, Lockwood's studio, Sydney, Australlia"

'' Really think i gat nobody.."

"Woah, i'm mentioned everywhere i go..."

"Cut!" a man in his early thirties spoke into a microphone interrupting whoever was singing.

He removed his headset and signalled the person to come out of the recording room.

"Asha, you aren't concentrating.. the song is void of emotions" the man said immediately the guy walked out slumping on a cushion.

The guy rolled his eyes and reached for his handkerchief dabbing his sweat.

"Asha, you need..

"Please, Mr. Lockwood i need a break.. the young guy said interruptingly.

"Fine, take 10.." Lockwood said but Asha scoffed.

"I need 3 hours" Asha stated and Lockwood stared at him.

"You have a concert.."

"Stop trying to be my dad and be the manager you are!.."