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All I Wanted

All I Wanted


General Romance

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What happens when you fall in love with a cold hearted person? Jane was kidnapped by a group of Mafia who kept her hostile, her hatred for the mafia boss slowly turned to love but even the universe was against their love as Chase abandoned her. After years of disappearance he came back with a new identity trying to gain her love back but was it too late? Find out in the interesting short story of Jane and Chase's love.
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Chapter 1

"jane!!" My dad's voice calls from the hallway. I open my eyes while yawning so loud. I picked my phone from the little table beside my tiny bed to check the time, the light from the phone made my eyes close immediately. In no time my eyes adapt to the light and it is just 6am. I groaned.

"Jane hurry up, you don't want to be late" he yells

"I'm awake already" i groaned.

Hi, I'm Jane and my life it's kinda complicated. I'm to resume to California state university today and my dad is overwhelmed with excitement about it. He wants me to be a doctor but that's like a really boring job to me. Before I lost my mum, she used to teach me some dance moves and I grew to be a natural that I am right now. My dad hates it, he hates dancers. He's the religious kind of man so he calls it a waste of time.

Even though I'm not interested in this "course" if mine I still have to be prepared.

"Good morning Dad" I say as I approach the dining room. I can already smell the aroma of roast chicken and my tummy wants to just consume everything at this point.

"Good morning my jewel" He says as he kissed my forehead

"I can't believe you're grown already, it's all like a dream and today you'll be miles away from me" he's getting emotional now.

"You'll be fine dad" he's trying to hide his tears now.

My dad gets emotional most times but he's as tough as a rock and as stubborn as a goat.

" I made roast chicken" he says as he brings out the yummy little chicken from the oven

"Be careful it's still ho.." he raises his head to see me taking a big bite out of the meal already. He chuckled.

"I'll miss you" he says while smiling

"I'll miss you too Dad".

After breakfast I went to my room to take my bath since that would be the only thing I'll be doing. I arranged my outfits already and I don't feel a little bit nervous.

As soon as the hot water touches my skin my body relaxed under the shower as I run my fingers in my hair and shaved my arm pit. I might as well set a reminder on my phone to remind me to buy some wax.

I tie the towel around my waist and walk out of the bathroom, I really don't have much time left. I hurrily dry my air,wear my clothe, an off shoulder top and a high waisted blue jean. I put on my lucky bracelet, the one my mother gave to me.

"Jane!!" Dad yells again

"I'm coming" I yell back

"Take care dear and are you sure you don't need me to escort you?"

"That won't be necessary dad and I don't want to stress you" I say.

He helps me to put my luggages in the booth of my car and kisses me on my forehead.



"Focus" he says

I enter my car and starts to drive, I can still see my dad watching my car. Well... he'll be fine.