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Radioactive Runaway

Radioactive Runaway

Author: Brech33se



Living as a werewolf isn't easy. Living as a radioactive werewolf is harder. Join Ellie In her adventure's as a.... Different Werewolf. Conflicts, Beatings, Power, Mate And Family. Come on a wild adventure, And it all starts with a Radioactive Runaway.
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    "Eight years and we have nothing!" He screamed at me while managing to spit on me in the process. "You little b*tch!" And then slapped my wolf snout.

    "And look at you." He paused, looking at my glowing wolf form. "You're not even a real wolf anymore." He spat, causing me to whimper.

    Yes, I'll admit it. I don't exactly look like your average werewolf anymore— heck is there even such thing as an average werewolf, no okay. Well in my case I was a broken wolf, I've had several different heart transplants, Asthma keeps reappearing into my life, and I'm currently suffering from epilepsy.

    Not to mention the fact that they've put radioactive particles into my body making me into a freakshow, A wolf that emits blue radioactive waves, how normal.

    This is Marty, one of the head hunters, who is currently giving me my daily beating. With his short dark brown hair, An oval shaped face and his body are slumped and weak, he was nothing compared to a werewolf. But still, he managed to control my life.

    Hunters are people that know about were wolfs and are jealous of them wanting to become one or kill all of them. In this case, they are currently trying everything they have to shift me because I refuse to shift because that could give them a better advantage to me losing my wolf.

    "F*cking b*tch." Marty picked up one of his many 'toys' which this time is a metal pipe and threw it at my back.

    I felt my face hit the cold cement, Blood dripping from my mouth and tears were threatening to fall out, But I kept my head up and my glare on, I couldn't show him I was weak, I had to stay strong to survive.

    I've never given up, Something just kept me going. I wasn't sure If I'd ever get out of this sh*thole but I knew I was stronger than most wolves and there was something out there for me.

    Finally, when Marty was finished with my beating, He left me in my cell alone, Only with a small blanket and my break fest from this morning while I'm surrounded by cement walls and silver bars.

    Yes, the sliver is my weakness, but it's not just my weakness it's any werewolves weakness.

    I used to have a great life, I remember me and my dad pushing me on the swings, my long brown hair flying in the wind and my mom was making sandwiches. My dad coming in kissing my mom, Well my brother was disgusted, But I thought it was cute, I always dreamed of finding my mate, Having someone to love you forever I wanted one so bad, But now I don't ever want to hear the day when I find my 'Mate'.

    Oh, right I haven't explained what happened to my brother. Well, honestly I don't know he was Three years older than me and one of the futures strongest warriors. He was a great brother and I remember my last few days with my parents he was always fighting with them about me. I don't think he wanted me to go. His name was Jake, Jake Curtis.

    The hard floor was hard on my bruises, but that's all I had so I curled up and laid there falling asleep and mentally prepared for the same routine tomorrow. Eat, clean, checked up, work, beat, sleep.


    Waking up to three sirens going off isn't the best wake up call, but it's better than being beaten.

    I woke up to three sirens going off in the whole cell block and everybody was gone.

    Three sirens what does that mean... One means shifts over, Two means fire, and three means, Three means.

    "Huh, oh sh*t, Three means werewolf attack." I squealed and then realized I was talking to myself.

    Werewolves attacking means no hunters are here to watch me, thinking fast I shifted into my human, with brown straight hair that went to my butt, Blue sparkling eyes and curved body, Covered in bruises and dirt.

    I grabbed the blanket covering my body from any pervs and slowly squeezed through the bars, yes I can fit through the bars, But there's usually lots of hunters here and I'm weak. I squeezed through but not without burning myself from the silver, But I figured I didn't want to stay here another minute— Plus I had the thin blanket to separate me and the silver bars.

    Once I was out I was severely burned but I knew that didn't matter, what mattered was I got out of this h*ll hole. Being as quiet as possible I sneaked out the cell block and upstairs that lead out to their little village. There were hunters everywhere, none of them noticed me though because they were all too busy fighting for their life's against the werewolves.