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Flash Marriage: Meet My Mr. Right

Flash Marriage: Meet My Mr. Right

Author: HE Voges



Alana Lane married her blind date, who she only met once. The only reason why she married him was that she thought he was the hottest man on earth. A day after their marriage, Alana was shocked to discover, the company's new CEO, was also her newly wedded husband, Elliot Lincoln. They both agreed to keep their marriage a secret for the time being, so in the company, they acted as strangers but behind closed doors, they acted sweetly with each other. They liked to play games with each other to spice things up. Unfortunately, nothing last forever. Will, their happiness withstand the test when Alana's, ex-fiancé, James Clark suddenly appeared again? James Clark was the handsome rich bad boy in City A who made all the girls fall head over heels in love with him, but he only wanted one woman, Alana Lane. He had an extreme obsession with her and would do anything to get her back. Even if it meant using something that would make her hate him forever. Alana was forced to say the words she dreaded the most and promised never to say in her life. While crying bitterly Alana screamed out, "I want a divorce!"
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    Elliot’s POV

    Elliot's eyes shone with adoration as he watch his wife sleeping next to him. Some of her hair was covering a part of her face so Elliot gently reached over and brushed them away. Elliot looked intensely at her face. He instantly got an urge to trace every part of it. Giving in to his urge, he started tracing a line from her ear down to her lips. ‘How can someone change so much after three years? What did she have to go through to change so much? She used to be so bold, full of spirit, and cheeky,’ Elliot thought to himself. Elliot knew she did not recognize him, and that she thought their blind date was their first encounter, but little did she know, oh, little did she know…. His eyes instantly widen as he felt two soft hands wrapping themselves around his neck. He sharply inhaled, knowing she was still sleeping he did not want to wake her.

    ‘Oh, how she would react if she woke up now and see herself in this position.’ He smiled and let out a soft chuckle as he thought to himself.’


    Earlier that day,

    Elliot and Sam, his personal assistant walked into the company, Elliot listened attentively to Sam who was going over the day’s meetings he had to attend.

    “We need to visit every apartment and introduce you as their new CEO,” Sam said as he looked at Elliot serious expression.

    Elliot nodded as he walked into the elevator. Sam followed behind and then look questioningly at Elliot,

    Elliot lifted one eyebrow at Sam then replied.

    “Let’s just get this over with.”

    As the elevator door opened and they walked out, the head of the department, Layla eagerly rushed up to them.

    “Mr. Lincoln what a pleasure to finally meet you, I…. we all have been waiting eagerly for your arrival,” Layla said in a flirtatious tone.

    Layla gave her best smile as she flicked her hair over her shoulder, trying her best to make a lasting impression on him.

    “You can call me Layla,” She reached out her hand to greet him.

    Elliot narrowed his eyes at her then gave a quick nod, ignoring her outstretched hand he walked around her to see the rest of the employees that she was blocking with her body. They were standing behind their desks looking at him like he was sent by the gods themselves.

    Elliot’s eyes scanned over all the employees before, he wanted to announce himself, he did a double take when he saw Alana, his wife standing behind her desk among the other employees.

    His eyes lingered on her for a few seconds. She had her head lowered and was pretending not to know him, even though they had registered their marriage yesterday.

    Elliot frowned at Alana’s behavior. A sly grin appeared on his face only for a brief second as he thought to himself. ‘This is going to be interesting, I’ll play your game, for now, Alana…, If you do not want to acknowledge me in public, I’ll gladly grant you, your wish.’

    Elliot cleared his throat and moved his eyes to the rest of the employees. Then announced in a cold voice.

    “I’m Elliot Lincoln, your new CEO,” He paused for a brief second, “Meeting in ten minutes.”

    Elliot turned and walked back to the elevator with Sam following behind him.

    At noon Elliot stood at the big window in his office looking over the city that was stretched out in front of him. He took out his phone and made a call.

    “Sam, cancel all my meetings for the rest of the day, and get the car ready.”

    Elliot ended the call, grabbed his jacket, and left his office.

    As Elliot climbed into the back of the car he instructed,

    “Go to the apartment,”

    “Elliot?” He heard Alana, his wife calling out to him

    Elliot was busy in the kitchen preparing dinner for them. He continued chopping the carrots as he casually called back.

    “In the kitchen…”

    Elliot could hear her footsteps getting closer and stopping at the kitchen door. Elliot's back was facing the door so Alana could only see his… bare back and buttocks, wait what???

    “Yyyyour, yourr cooking, wwwwith no clothes, wwwwhere… where are your clothes?” Alana stuttered as she asked flustered,

    Elliot smiled to himself as he continued chopping, then answered,

    “I’m wearing an apron… darling, I spilled something on my clothes. I don't see a reason why I can't, with us being already, MARRIED.” Elliot said teasingly

    Alana almost chocked on her saliva, then quickly swiveled around while covering her eyes with her hands.

    Elliot casually placed the carrots in the pot and turned around.

    Go get change, dinner is almost ready…

    Alana quickly dashed off to their room while calling over her shoulder.

    “Please put your clothes on or I will not be joining you for dinner”

    Elliot let out a chuckle as he thought of his sweet wife’s nervous reaction.

    Elliot quickly finished up the meal and then also went to change.

    A few minutes later they both were sitting at the dining table with their food in front of them. Elliot stood up to pour them both a glass of wine.

    Alana looked puzzled at the wine and then at the dinner that he prepared, she tilted her head and looked confused at him.

    Ignoring Alana's confused stares, Elliot sat down and pick up his wine glass, then motioned for her to do the same.

    “To us for being married a day,” Elliot clicked her glass then took a sip. He placed the glass down and started eating.

    Alana looked flabbergasted at Elliot with her wine glass still in her hand.

    “Eat” Elliot gently instructed.

    Alana slowly took a sip of wine while glancing over the rim of her glass at Elliot. She hesitantly placed her glass down, then lowered her head and nervously looked at her hands that were on her lap.

    Elliot placed his cutlery down and wiped his mouth with his napkin.

    “We will wait until we are familiar with each other before we announced our marriage to the public,” Elliot said as he tilted his head waiting on her reply.

    Alana instantly lifted her head after hearing his words,

    “I agree with that,” Alana said as she breathed out a sigh of relief.

    Elliot frowned at the way Alana eagerly agreed. He at least thought that she would show some kind of disappointment from his words. But clearly, she did not love him as much as he loves her, Elliot felt a pang in his heart, but quickly forced a smile as he looked back at her.

    He picked up his wine glass and made a toast again.

    “To us becoming husband and wife”