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The world has changed, vampires are a thing now, you can belong to one, to have a giant amount of money, the money would go to your family or people of your choice. Andreas is desperate, having no family, having no one behind him, he was truly desperate. His final choice was to belong to vampires, his final choice was to sell himself in order to save himself. Andy wasn't bought by any regular vampire, Andy wasn't bought by one either. Dante, head of his coven, decided to get his family a new baby, someone to fill the void of being immortals with no fertility rate. This story is age regression/cgl/contains too much fluff and craziness.
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Chapter 1


Andreas POV.

"I give up, God do you hear me???" I yelled having enough of this tough world, life had been taking all her anger on me over me. First I lost my mother then I lost her house, now I'm homeless, hungry, and out of options. I had to drop out of high school, I couldn't pay for the school nor go to the public one, someone had to feed me, that someone being me, I had to feed myself. But now I haven't eaten in the last week, I'm starving, I need a solution, I'm really bad at being an adult, being an adult is a hard job, I can't have a job, I look like a child or so I'm being told.

I was kicked off my last job, a job in the grocery store, all I had to do was put the grocery in bags, but I'm too slow for that. I'm too weak for it, and people often did complain about child labor, and that's how ladies and gentlemen I was kicked off my last job. The last one in town, the only one I could do, now I'm more desperate than ever, I had no more options, I can't even leave town and go somewhere else to find a better job.

That's how I ended up standing over the edge of this bridge, I'm not going to jump, I didn't have plans to suicide, I don't do self-harm, I want to live a better life, not end mine. Being me, small in size, having curly hair, I had a friend in school Elle, she called it instant noodles hair, my eyes were just regular brown. There was nothing special about me, except I blush real easily, I would blush from even the thought of the thing I have in mind now.

Let me tell you about the world we live in now, it's different, oops I think I forgot to tell you what year it is, the year is 3096, November to be exact, the weather is on the cold side, I'm freezing right now. Back to our topic, Vampires, you know the creatures that drink blood and live in the darkness? Shine in the sunlight, they don't shine sadly, but they are out now, they haven't taken over the world, instead, they live in their own places. In closed cities where only vampires are allowed in along with what belongs to them. Yes, you see that's the thing I had in mind, they would take humans in, in return they'd pay you, pay your family or people of your choice.

I had no one, I only had me, I need someone to take care of me, this is my last option, go to an auction house and auction myself off, the money, well I'll they can skip paying me as long as I'm promised to be well-taken care of. I heard the rumors, most said the vampires are into BDSM, I'm don't think I'm a sub, Elle used to call me a baby in school, I'm good with being a baby, I don't want to be a kitten, well a kitten is nice, but not one that had a but plug in their behind the whole day, no offense, but isn't my thing.

"Are you happy now?" I yell back to the sky, things have gone so badly, this is my last option, selling myself. Just, I want to say not tonight, I want to keep this off for few extra days, but a storm is coming, and I can't have another night out in the cold, being homeless is not fun.

I walked off the bridge, it's my favorite place in the whole of the town, in the summer me and mom used to feed ducks from here, but in winter, it's beautiful, coldly beautiful. I walked toward the auction house, there's one in the big cities, and even small ones, vampires like to choose their pets from all over the world, there's an auction once monthly if I'm lucky I'll join tomorrow's auction.

The walk wasn't that long, but I still was out of breath, I haven't eaten in the last three days, and I'm starving, dizzy and tired. I finally made it to the auction house, but I froze outside, I was too scared to walk in, what if things go badly, what if they refuse me, they don't take everyone, they have their own standards, I'm gonna mess things up. I knew it, but I couldn't do anything else, this was my last option, this or die from the coldness, taking one last breath, I walked into the auction house, my heart beating one thousand beats per minute.

The place wasn't as scary as I expected it to be, there was a desk with a middle-aged woman sitting behind it, she smiled and motioned for me to come in, I got closer to her desk my breath hitching.

"What can I do for you?" the woman asks with a smile.

"I...I put myself up for auction" I say finally having enough brave to tell her what I'm here for.