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Flash Marriage: A Wife For A Stranger

Flash Marriage: A Wife For A Stranger


General Romance

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"I want to get intimacy with you, would you be willing?" "There's a price to pay if you want that, are you sure?" "Yes, take me home tonight!" "If you say so! Then I'll just satisfy you." Betrayed by boyfriend and half-sister, Zoe got drunk in the bar. Accidentally, she ran into Henry Han, who saved her in time. Controlled by alcohol, Zoe had a crazy night with him. But before going to bed, Henry handed a paper to Zoe and let her sign it. Without taking a glance, Zoe wrote down her name. On the next day, Zoe found she flash-married with the hottest billionaire...
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Chapter 1

It was already midnight by the time Zoe Gil had finally got to the hotel. At a time like this, it was not quite safe for anyone working in the adult product business to make deliveries in person.

Not to mention for a girl like her, young and gorgeous.

But then again, what could she do? Life was never easy, and she had got to pay for her own life. More importantly, Steven would return to the country in just a few days.

They had been together for six years, but most of the time they lived in different cities. Steven had got business to take care of abroad and definitely she could not just hold him back.

Fortunately, in the past six years, their relationship had been just great. After work, she also ran her own little business. It would be his birthday in a few days, and she had prepared a surprise for him.

Come to think of it, she curled her lips silently and her mouth split into a light smile.

But her delicate face was covered by a mask, and people around her could only see a pair of deep and calm eyes which gave off a hint of cool aloofness.

She pulled the brim of her black hat down a little more, before she made her way into the hotel with the delivery boxentered the elevator.

The Pinkyrose Hotel was a famous money squandering establishment in V city.

Normally, only the wealthiest figures of the city would come here to kill their time.

The grand hall was furnished lavishly as expected, and even the elevators were all decorated with ornaments of gold and silver, making them glitter everywhere under the lights. Standing there, she could not help but think she did not belong here.

With that being said, Zoe just held her delivery box and did not let her eyes wander a bit.

Her beautiful face was covered by a mask, revealing only a pair of deep and calm eyes which gave off a hint of cold aloofness.

The elevator stopped on the twenty-second floor with a 'ding'. She walked out, quickly found Room 4485, and rang the doorbell.

Even before the door opened, there were already fevered moans of a man and woman sounding from inside.

“Steven, ah ... stop! It seems our stuff has arrived.”

“Wait, I'll get it.”

Zoe's mouth could not help but curl as she stood outside the door.

'Seems they have enjoyed themselves so much even without their little toy.’

'So eager!'

The door quickly opened, and a freshly-showered man wearing a bathrobe appeared.

Zoe did not look at him and simply handed the box over. “150 dollars! Cash?”

The person opposite her did not move.

Two seconds later, a hesitant voice sounded, “Zoe?”

Zoe was slightly startled and raised her head. Her expression went cold instantly.

The man in front of her, wearing only a white bathrobe, water dripping from his short hair, was exactly the Steven Anderson she had loved for six years!

The man standing by the door was tall, with short and damp hair. He wore only a white bathrobe, and under the glow of the warm yellow light, his handsome face was filled with surprise, dismay, and ... a hint of panic.

Zoe's face instantly went cold.

“Steven, who is it?”

“Nothing. Just the delivery man.”

In a panic, Steven Anderson spoke out hastily before Zoe could make a sound. He quickly took out a wad of bills from his wallet and stuffed them into her hand before snatching the box from her.

The door slammed shut with a 'bang'.

Zoe stood there, her fingertips trembling slightly. Her face was pale.

The next moment, she suddenly sneered.

She looked at the stack of notes in her hand as if she had heard an amazing joke, and found how ignorant and stupid she had been.

When the sounds of lovemaking started inside, she took a deep breath and forced back the sourness in her eyes.

Then, she turned around and produced her phone from the pocket as she headed for the elevator.

“Hello, is this City V Police Department? I found someone taking drugs and there is also a prostitute with him. They are in the Pinkyrose Hotel. The room number is…”

Thirty minutes later.

A police car parked in front of the Pinkyrose Hotel along with several media reporters carrying cameras.

As the people in the hotel were escorted out, the reporters rushed forward.

“Mr. Anderson, someone reported that you were taking drugs and hiring prostitutes in this hotel. Is this true?”

“Mr. Anderson, as the heir of Anderson Group, do you think it’s proper for you to do this?”

“Mr. Anderson, who is the woman with you? There are rumors that she's a popular actress from the entertainment industry. Is that true?”

“Mr. Anderson..”

Steven was so surrounded by reporters that not even the police could stop them.

After a while, he could no longer bear it and roared with rage, “Get the fuck out of my eyes!”

The reporters were startled but backed away

as demanded.

Steven looked past the crowd and stared straight at Zoe. His eyes were full of hatred and ruthlessness.

“Is this what you want?”

Zoe smiled coldly as a hint of mockery flashed across her eyes.

“You just won’t get me whatever you do!”

Zoe suddenly walked forward and raised her hand in front of all the reporters and police—


With a stinging slap to the side of his face, Steven's head was snapped to the side.

The surroundings suddenly grew silent.

A policeman opened his mouth. “Ma’am...”

“Sorry, my hand slipped.”

She smiled faintly and rubbed her wrist. Her voice was clear and cold as she looked at Steven with resentment.

“Do you think I'd care about a piece of scrap paper that fell into the toilet? You can think of that slap as interest. I'll collect the remaining principal within the next three days!”

Steven's eyes flashed with panic. “Wh … What principal?”

Zoe raised her eyebrows. “Do you really want me to remind you?”

Steven's face immediately went white.

She smiled coolly, her face full of ridicule and contempt.

When the police saw that they had nothing more to say, he waved his hand and escorted the two into the car.

Now that they had been taken away, the journalists had no reason to stay any longer. They also began to leave.

The hotel entrance that was originally swarmed with people suddenly became empty.

Zoe stood there for a short while and waited until she felt better, and she just left.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she turned her head, her sight was met with a pair of deep and searching eyes.

They belonged to a young man in a dark suit. He had a tall and straight figure, and neat and short hair. His eyes were as deep as a bottomless sea.

Under the dim light of the night, a cool and noble aloofness could be sensed from his delicate features, making a sharp contrast from the corrupt environment around him.

Zoe's heart shook.

In the back of her mind, she thought the man looked somewhat familiar.

However, when she looked back at him again, her gaze secretly trailed to the secretary behind him as well as the silver Porsche parked beside them. Then, she felt that there was no way she knew such a big shot.

She did not think much, but directly turned to leave.

When the petite figure blended into the traffic, Henry Han looked away and asked softly, “Who was that just now?”

Behind him, Jack Rey quickly replied. “Mr. Han, do you mean the person who was taken away by the police earlier? He seems to be the son of the owner of Anderson Corporation. He just returned from abroad a few days ago.”

Henry frowned slightly. “I'm talking about the girl.”

“Pardon?” Jack was slightly confused. “What girl?”

Noting that Henry's gloomy expression, Jack immediately understood, “My apologies, Mr. Han. I'll check right away...”

“No need.”

Henry interrupted him. He thought deeply for a few seconds and suddenly remembered something.

A trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, and he once again looked in the direction in which the girl had left. His lips hooked up in a smile. ‘So it was her. Interesting woman.’

He then strode towards the elevator, looking forward to meeting with her again in his heart.

Then, he finally walked inside.


Since it was she who had called the police, Zoe also followed the police back to the station.

As soon as she finished her statement, a group of people barged in from outside.

Leading the crowd was her grandmother, Ciara, who rushed forward and gave Zoe a big tight slap.

Zoe frowned as a metallic taste spread in her mouth. She looked up coldly at the people standing across from her.

“You wench!”

Ciara trembled in anger. “You knew very well that it was your sister, yet you still called the cops on her? Are you trying to anger me to death?!”

Zoe wiped off the blood from the corner of her lips and looked up at the woman in front of her mockingly.

“My sister? Are you talking about Annie?”

“What are you acting dumb for? Word has spread all over saying that the daughter of the Gil family seduced someone else's fiancé. You're the one who caused all this, and you said you didn't even know that?”

Zoe lowered her eyes and laughed softly.

“So that woman was her! I thought it was just some random prostitute eager to make some money, but it turned out to be my own sister?”

Standing behind Ciara, her father Jaden Gil roared in anger. “You bitch! What did you say?”

Zoe sneered. “Just the truth.”

She really did not expect that the woman with

Steven would be Annie.

Originally, she had just thought that Steven had betrayed her. She only acted the way she did in a fit of anger to make Steven make a fool of himself to relieve her resentment.

Unexpectedly, not only did her fiancé cheat on her, but the person he cheated on her with was her own half-sister!

What a joke!


The old lady was so furious that she raised her cane and was about to smash it down on Zoe, but Helen quickly stopped her.

“Mom, let’s just talk. Don’t be angry. Your health matters the most.”

Then, she turned to Zoe. “Zoe, you shouldn’t make your grandmother angry. Annie is at fault here, so you can beat up or yell at her and all you want later, but your grandma is already old. Listen to me and don’t talk back to her, okay?”

If a passerby saw Helen’s gentle and considerate expression without knowing who she was, they would have thought that she truly was kind.

Zoe’s lips hooked up in a sarcastic smile.

When her father Jaden saw her expression, he became even more furious.

“Are you feeling good about yourself now? You got your sister and your fiancé into the police station, and completely humiliated the Gil family. Do you even remember who you are?

“Your sister is an actress. How is she supposed to show up in public after you made such a fuss today? Will she be continuing in the entertainment industry? What will happen to the

relationship between the Gil and the Anderson family from now on? Have you even thought about that?”

Zoe looked at him coldly. “Is that all you can think of?”

Jaden stilled.

“They are the ones at fault, so why are you here blaming me? What did you expect me to do? Turn a blind eye and pretend I didn’t see anything? Maybe you would have preferred that if I wished them a long and happy life together?”

Jaden was lost for words for the first time. Then, his jaw clenched in outrage. “You can’t even keep your own man, yet you’re blaming others for stealing him? If you were any good at all, would he have dumped you for your sister? You don’t reflect on yourself when something happens and instead blame everyone else. You

are just like your useless mother!”

Zoe shook violently.

At her father’s harsh words, she stared at him in disbelief.

Five years ago, Jaden had an affair and took Helen and Annie into the family. Only then did Zoe find out that she had a sister who was five years younger than she was.

Her mother could not bear the shock and drove her car into the river, ending her own life.

Fearing that Zoe would raise a stink, the Gil sent her abroad and washed their hands clean of her.

In those years, if not for the small inheritance that her mother left her, she would have died while she was abroad.

She always knew that her father and grandmother did not like her mother, but she did

not expect that they would have such harsh comments for her mother even after her death.

Her entire heart and body went cold for a moment. Then, she gave a mocking laugh.

“Yes, I’m useless! After all, I don’t have a mom who was a mistress, so I didn’t inherit the ability to seduce men. Annie Gil truly surpassed her mother. My eyes are open to a whole new world.”

To the side, Helen’s face instantly lost all color.

Jaden bellowed furiously. “What did you say?”

“You know exactly what I said!”


“That’s enough!”

Ciara suddenly shouted. Jaden wanted to say something more, but Helen tugged on his arm from the side.

When they looked up, they saw Steven’s father Michael Anderson lead Steven Anderson and Annie Gil out of the interrogation room at the end of the corridor.

Michael did not look pleased at all, and neither did Steven and Annie's.

Annie clung onto Steven’s arm, and her small face twisted as if she was enduring all kinds of hardships silently. Her eyes were rimmed red with tears, and she looked delicate and pitiful.

The group of people suddenly rushed forward, full of concern. “Annie! Are you alright?”

Annie shook her head and said in a muffled voice, “I’m fine.”

Then, she looked up and stared at the person standing behind the crowd.


She called out softly as she walked forward, looking at Zoe guiltily and weakly.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to come… Steven and I… We didn’t mean it, so please forgive us!”

Zoe looked at her coldly, her face expressionless.

Michael Anderson also sighed and stepped forward. “The Anderson family is at fault here, but we can’t change what’s already happened. Whatever compensation you want, just say it. We will definitely satisfy you.”

Zoe sneered. “Compensation? Are you trying to just dismiss me with money?”

Michael’s expression twisted as a hint of guilt flashed in his eyes.

He glared at Steven and thundered, “You useless bastard! You caused this, so get over here and explain yourself right now!”

Steven glanced at Zoe with his face full of unwillingness, but he finally walked forward under his father’s intimidation.

“Zoe, we’re not suitable for each other. Let’s annul our engagement!”

Zoe was shocked.

She felt like her heart had been cut open by a dull knife. It overflowed with pain.

Although she already knew the outcome, she could not help but feel upset the moment she heard his words. A chill rose in her heart.

She looked at the man in front of her. Her lips curled as her eyes started turning red.

"Steven , how long have we been together?”

“Six years.”

‘Six years? Hah!

‘Who would have thought that we would spend six years with each other just to end up like this?’

She caught him in bed with another woman, yet there was no guilt, no attempt in his heart to redeem himself, and there was not even an apology. All he had to say was a cold ‘we’re not suitable for each other’.

Something broke in the bottom of her heart. She lifted her lips sarcastically and said without hesitation, “Alright, I agree.”

Steven was startled, a little surprised by her decisiveness.

He frowned and looked at her suspiciously. “Are you serious?”

“We can annual the engagement, but I want the three companies Anderson Group just bought as compensation!”

“What? Are you insane?!”

Jaden roared before Michael and Steven could answer.

Zoe glanced at him coldly. “We aren’t even married yet, but you’re already so considerate of them. Where is your manner?”



Michael raised a hand and interrupted Jaden’s words. He looked at Zoe calmly.

“I’ll agree to your conditions. When you bring your half of the marriage agreement to me, I’ll transfer the companies over to you.”

“It’s a deal.”

As Michael led the lawyer away, Jaden glared at Zoe and huffed in anger. Then, Helen and he also help the old Mrs. Gil away.

The only people left in the corridor were Zoe, Steven, and Annie.

Zoe did not want to involve herself with them anymore, so she turned to leave with a cold face, but Annie’s anxious voice suddenly called from behind her.


The next second, someone blocked her path.

Annie’s pale face was covered in tears. She grabbed Zoe’s arm and trilled, “Sister, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to fall in love with Steven. Please don’t be mad at us. It’s all my fault. If you want to yell or hit me, just do it!”