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I Fell For My Brother

I Fell For My Brother

Author: ANNA


General Romance

“Seth, I love you. I’m not lying” I grabbed his arm and said. He looked at me and shook my hand away. “We can’t Seyah. We’re siblings. We share the same blood from the same parents, we can’t be lovers” He just spoke without even caring about my feelings. Why can't he understand me? He’s still pushing me away. I love him. I forced my tears back and looked up at him as his eyes softened as he sighed and hugged me. …………. Seyah Dawson is a 16 years old girl who developed her feelings for her own brother. She grew up together with him and he was always there for her, So instead of being his sister she wanted to be his girlfriend. Seth Dawson is a 18 years old boy and he was in a mess because of his sister’s love for him. He also had the same feelings towards his sister but he couldn’t do it because they shared the same blood. But they never knew what would come next….
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    - Seyah -

    "Seyah..... did you finish your homework? hm?" It was my brother Seth. Seth is a handsome guy, he had brown hair mixed with black same as my mother, his eyes were black. He possessed a good body with a good height, I m sure he was almost six feet and two inches. Every girl in our school liked him. He was a gentle person and he was always quiet and calm and a genius. Urgh.....I really loved his attitude. I don t know but I had some weird feelings for him. Urgh…

    "Se..ya..h" I was pulled back to my senses by his voice. I looked at him and saw he was looking at me while raising his eyebrows.

    "No.. I want you to teach me brother." I said as I pulled him and made him sit next to me.

    "You re not that stupid Seyah... why suddenly?" Yeah I was good at maths but I wanted to be with him now.

    "I don t understand these things." I said while looking at him. He was really handsome and he was smiling at me now. I don t know if it's been a year since I started to feel this way. I knew that I m in love with him. I just couldn t get over that feeling. I looked at face and his thin lips. They were so sexy and I wanted to kiss him so badly but I forced myself to stay calm.

    "Alright, let me teach you." With that he took my pen and started to teach me. I didn t hear anything I was just looking at him like a dumb woman. Suddenly I realised I was doing something wrong so I focused on what he was teaching me. After he was done teaching, he stood up to leave. I quickly grabbed his hand,

    "Where are you going?" I asked him as he looked at me with a smile.

    "Going to cook for you. What do you want to eat?" Yeah, I forgot that aunty Martha went to her home for a vacation today.

    "Noodles with roast chicken." I said as I remembered Seth s cooking skills. It was so delicious. I can t wait to eat his food.

    "Okay... I ll make it. Wash and come down." He left the room with that. As soon as he went I entered the bathroom and looked at myself through the mirror. How did I fall in love with my own brother? I questioned myself. I hate to see him with other girls, I was just jealous. I don t know how to forget this feeling. Shit. Then I thought about myself and I was really different from him. I had black hair, hazel eyes. I don t know why...... actually I didn t want to have the same features like him and I knew it was because of my feelings for him.

    After I showered I changed into clothes and went down for dinner. I saw Seth had arranged everything. I quickly strode towards him and hugged him so tightly.

    "Seyah....what s wrong? Did something happen?" He looked at me with worried eyes, I knew he always cared about me but what s wrong with me... why did I fall in love with him? He was my brother. Suddenly Seth hugged me back, I could feel his scent and I loved it so much.

    " you have someone you like?" I suddenly asked because I was just curious. He never had a girlfriend and he was never so close with girls so I was really curious and scared.

    "Why do you suddenly ask? You never asked before." Seth sat me down on the chair as he pulled another chair closer to me and he sat down on it. He had a beautiful smile on his face and I loved it so much but I was selfish and I didn t want him to smile at girls except me.

    "I want to know...can you tell me?" I really had a weird voice as I talked to him. I knew it was because I was scared. Urghh

    "No I don t have...." I sighed as soon as I heard 'No . Yaaayyyyy. Great, that s what I wanted to hear and know.

    "What s the problem?" Seth asked me again as he raised his one eyebrow, he s so cute when he did it.

    "Nothing." I looked away from him,

    "Tell me the truth Seyah." Seth hugged me again and I could feel his heartbeat, it was just so fast. Urghh....

    "Nothing, I...I just like you so much." What the hell? What did I tell him? Oh no. Shit…

    "Yeah, my sister should like me" Seth kissed my head and stood then he placed my food in front of me.

    "Eat now, tomorrow we have to go to school. Mom called and said that she can t come home tonight because father had an important business trip so she s also going with him." I hate to hear this. Why can't they even be with us for an hour? They only care about their business. It s okay because I have Seth, he was always there for me. That s why I love him so much…

    "Okay" I smiled with Seth and started to eat. Damn so delicious.

    "Delicious.." I said as I looked at him, my mouth was filled with noodles. Suddenly Seth bent over to me and wiped the corner of my mouth and my heart beat increased. I slowly looked at his lips and I bit my lower lip because I really wanted to kiss him. Urghh..

    "Silly... eat slowly." Seth sat down as he smiled and his teeth were beautiful. When he smiled it was the most beautiful thing I ve ever seen in my life. I don t understand why I m like this but I bet I ve already fallen in love with him more than I could ever imagine. I want to let him know my feelings before he falls in love with another girl because I was scared to face it if he loved another girl.

    "Seth... I have tell you." I finally spoke. I was scared and it was really weird.

    "Yeah, what is it?" Seth looked at me with a questioning look. How am I supposed to tell him that I love him? I don t know but I should do it before it is too late.

    "I...I.." I can t tell him while looking at his face. What if he rejects me and tells me that he doesn t want to talk to me I can't, I won t be able to handle it.

    "Tell me Seyah... is it about a boy? You are in love with someone?" He asked me. I could feel some fear in his voice but I don t know. It was actually about a boy and it s you.. I wanted to tell him but I was too weak for that.

    "Nothing. Just forget it." I forced my feelings to not come out. I lowered my head and stared at my food. Suddenly my eyes filled with tears because how am I supposed to let him know my feelings? but I didn t let tears come out.

    "No..tell me. You should tell me your problems Seyah." Seth stood from his chair and came to me. I can t let him see my tears and thank god I didn t let my tears come out.

    "I love you.." I suddenly said as I looked up at him. His actions stopped and he didn t show any emotion; he just stood there while looking at me. I actually couldn t understand what was in his mind.

    "Yeah sisters should love their brothers." My whole world broke as he said that. Couldn t he just understand what I was saying? It wasn t about sister or brother love, it was just love as lovers. I looked at his emotionless face and I knew he understood what I meant by those words but he didn t show me that. My tears suddenly came out.

    "Okay" with that I stood up to leave but Seth suddenly caught my wrist. I looked at him as he let go of my hand.

    "Good night Seyah." Is that all he wanted to say? I just couldn t stop my tears so I lowered my head and left. He knew what I meant yet he s acting like he didn t understand. Why? I don t understand.