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Her Ex-husband's Wrath

Her Ex-husband's Wrath

Author: RedAuza



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When Ashley returns to Asher's life, she only wants forgiveness for leaving her ex-husband. But what she did not expect is instead of forgiveness, she would experience punishment and cruelty at his hands. The punishment that not only her body and heart suffer. But it also reminds her of the nightmare of the past and the reason why she leaves. Will Asher forgive her after she left and admit that she cheated on him, or she will receive more punishment? Will Ashley still be able to endure all the pain at the hands of her husband or will she just choose to escape the world that has become cruel to her? What is Ashley's reason for leaving, and what will be Asher's reaction once he finds out the truth? A/N: Please read His Bedwarmer's Wife first before reading Her Ex-husband's Wrath, this is not a continuation but some of the characters here are from His Bedwarmer's Wife.
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Chapter 1

Asher was on his knees crying as he begged me not to leave.

It feels like my heart is pounding but I shouldn't show him that I am affected.

I will do this for our own good and so that he will not be hurt.

"Ashley, I love you with all my heart. You are the first and I promise to be the last. If I did something, if I hurt you, if you didn't like something, please, forgive me. Ash, from now on I will tell you every move I make. I will let you know everything I do so that you will not be angry with me."

I remain calm and knelt to match him.

"It's not your fault. It's my fault because I defiled my marriage during the times you were away," I said and smile bitterly.

"W-what do you mean?" he asked as he continued to cry.

"I cheated on you while you were away and I found someone else, better than you." I don't want to hurt him but I need to because when he finds out the real reason why I leave, he will feel more pain. I don’t want him to blame himself for why he left me and choose to prioritize work. So, I will sacrifice my dignity as much as I can even he will think differently about me.

"Why?" He asked and I feel his pain.

"Because I've been free while you're away. I'm sorry, but I thought I want to be free again. To be former Ashley Lewis so let's end this."

"I will still accept you. You will still be free and I will let you do whatever you want as long as you stay by my side. I will forget this night that I found out everything you did." He begged but I shook my head.

"I'm no longer happy with you. You cannot provide all my needs. You have no warmth for me and I am no longer happy with you in bed." Then I stand up but he grabbed my legs and hug while crying.

"Please, Ashley, I am begging you. Please don't leave me." I shook my feet to remove his hands and walked towards the door. But I immediately stopped when he spoke.

"Ash," he calls me in a serious tone. "When you walk out that door just think that you left me dead." I looked at Asher who was clenching his fist tightly and looking at me seriously.

"Once you leave me, you have nothing to return to." I glanced at him and wanted to hug him and tell him the truth. But I chose not to listen to him anymore and I headed out.

"I will and goodbye."

Forgive me, Asher, when I loved you, I promised that you will be the last.

But I did not know that I would be given such a test like this and destiny wants us to separate.

You are the only one I love, and I knew that no one can replace you.

But I can’t afford to see you get hurt because of me. Someday you will forget me too and you will understand my choices.

I wished you happiness, thank you for loving me, and GOODBYE.