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A Text From Wrong Number

A Text From Wrong Number

Author: Safuu



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The world knows about Markle Cooperation and Stanley Tech Company, so does about the rivalry of Aaron Markle and Megan Stanley; the soul heirs of their respective companies. Both of them loved their own privacy, they had their own sides and secrets of which the world or even their families were unaware about. With their companies competing with each other, they turned out to be sworn enemies. Though their family tried to pull a break over the growing hatred between them, the situation kept on worsening. They had to get married under circumstances; they made a contract under which their marriage was supposed to last for a year. Aaron was still stuck at the betrayal he got while Megan had her own priorities. In short, they had no intention to give a try to their marriage. With her life turning complicated, one day Megan decided to finally meet her mysterious friend in real. Basically it started with a message from wrong number but then she started getting comfortable with the anonymous person. That day when she went to meet the person, she got the biggest surprise of her life. Let's see how their lives get into right path because of A Text from Wrong Number.
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Chapter 1

Is everything set?"

"Yes Ma'am, everything is set."

"How long before I get into stage?"

"Five more minutes Ma'am."

"I want everything to be perfect, you know that right?"

"Yes... Yes Ma'am, I do know that."


Joel let out her breath which she had been holding ever since she walked inside to her Boss's room.

This was another working day for Joel like those of past seven years but something was special about today.

Today, the company she's been working for is to be announced as number one company for technological innovations and her Boss wants no compromises in it.

She knows, this would probably be the end of her career if anything goes wrong today. Only the almighty can save her from her Boss if things go wrong in any way.

"Alright, I'll get Boss on the stage." She walked to her Boss's cabin as she got message from the PR team.

"Ma'am, it's time now."

The lady dressed in plane white collared button up shirt followed by navy blue formal jacket and pant stood up from her place.

Every single step she took was evident of her aura; she had such an aura which could send shivers down to one's spine.

"Ma'am is here, leave the way." Her bodyguards made way for her; she was caught by the spotlights and paparazzi.

She swiftly fixed her shades to avoid flashes and lights. There was pin drop silence around the hall as the creaking sound of her heels approached towards the forum at the centre of the stage.

"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am glad to have you all here at this important eve. I guess we all know the reason we're here. But before starting with the announcement, any kind of questions or queries is most welcome."

As soon as her words fell out of her mouth, the reporters who had a list of questions to lash out Ms. Megan Stanley, the lady standing in front of them were beaming with happiness.

But before they could start, the lady dragged everyone's attention with her icy cold voice again.

"But make sure, your words will decide whether you'll stay here or not."

All the excitement the cunning reporters had faded away with her words.

"You all are free to ask anything which concerns with me or the company. But no one owns the right to lash out me or my company without a reason. I've invested my hard work to make what my company is today. If you weren't there to support me at my lowest point, you don't own the right to speak today."

None of the reporters dared to go against her words. As much as Megan Stanley was known for the donations she made, she was also known for shutting out everyone who came to her way.

"We wanted to congratulate Ms. Stanley for the success the company has made, nothing else." Though Reign Gomes, the senior media reporter wanted to spit venom, he still had no option than to be a sweet poison in front of everyone.

"Is that so? No more questions?" Every one could sense sarcasm in her words.

"Yes, Ms. Stanley I assure you, that’s all from our side." He was leading the media group present tonight so his words represented all the media.

"If that's so, let's start with the main event of the day." The host took over the authority and called upon the guest of honor to hand over the award to the company.

"So ladies and gentlemen, here we present the award for The Most Successful Company for Technological Innovations and the award goes to, Stanley Tech Company with the annual profit of $876 Billions. Here I'd request the Guest of honor to hand over the award to...."

"Markle Cooperation creates history after making annual profit of $877 Billion this year. The company hence marks number one rank this year for The Most Successful Company for Technological Innovations leaving Stanley Tech Company behind with a close competition."

With the flash news broadcasted on the big screen of the hall with thousands of people witnessing it, the Guest of honor pulled the award back before it could even reach to Megan's hand.

"Now that's what I call breaking news." Reign Gomes's sneer wasn't witnessed by everyone but Megan's anger was clearly visible on her face.