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tangled obsession

tangled obsession



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warning- sexual content, polyandry ? Florina was living a perfect life with a perfect job and a lovely boyfriend but her once fairytale peaceful life turned upside down in just a single night because of something that she saw. Now she was on the hit list of Russian mafia and he wanted her dead at all costs. Florina ran for her life but destiny threw her in another frenzy when she stumbled upon Sebestian King, the American mafia boss and Vincenzo Romano, the Italian mafia boss. She catched their attention at first site. And as people says, 'the devils always feed on pure souls...' These two devils have now started craving her. But the problem is vincenzo and sebestian are the biggest enemies of each other. They can't even share the same air to breathe, let alone share a girl they both desire. They are ready to kill each other to have her for themselves. Will any one of them be able to get her? And the main question is whom will Florina choose OR will she run away from them scared of this new life that she was thrown into? Only if she knew that once you caught an eye of a mafia there's no going back.
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Chapter 1

Authors pov

Florina zoomed her camera on these bunch of people who were dealing with cartel full of innocent girls. They were shifting girls from one place to another like animals. One girl tried to scream and fight but got backhanded by the man and Florina almost slipped from her place witnessing the brutality.

Florina was on the tree trying to record everything going on the port. She was trying her best to keep calm and not fell down from the tree. It was scary enough with the dark night and bone chilling cold. If she fell down now then she is doomed because first she will break her camera and secondly the cherry on the top she will directly land between the Wolves.

Florina is a news reporter and when she got a tip from her trusted source that some illegal thing is going to happen in the town she was sure that she will get some spicy news but what she saw shook her to the core. She was expecting them to smuggle some weapons or drugs but they were actually doing human trafficking.

Only few of them looked like grown up women's but rest of them were teenage girls.

Florina zoomed her camera and focused on the Russian mafia which she recognized because one of her friend during school was a Russian and captured all their actions. He was a middle age man with clean shaved face, she can't see his eyes clearly but overall he looked like a built man. She Recognized few natives from her town too who was helping them, ofcourse how would he do all this activities without help of any natives. Her town was a tourist spot and she could see that they are trafficking some tourist girls too.

'This will do...'

She thought and was about to call it a night when she saw more cars approaching the scene. She resumed recording and the next thing she saw made her world spin.

The mayor of the town who assured people's safety and all that shit was shaking his hands with the Russian mafia.

'Holy shit... This is gonna be a blast baby...'

Florina also saw few government officials and cops too.

'Fucking hell everyone is involved... Enjoy all you want people, this is gonna be the last night of your freedom...'

She zoomed in on everyone's faces, capturing everything in detail on how they treat girls and how brutally they were beating them. Everything was so humiliating.

Florina switched off the camera and started climbing down the tree. She was on the last branch to her way down when it broke with a loud cracking voice and she landed on the ground with a thud. The first thing she did was checked her camera and sighed in relief seeing it didn't break.

"Who is there?..."

She heard someone yell and gasped in fear.

'Oh no... Shit, shit... Fuck...'

Florina quickly stood up and started running from there like her life depended on it, which it actually did. She was sure if they caught her then they will either kill her and discard her body like some crap or they will add her in that trafficking group which is more beneficial to them

"Boss... Someone was recording us..."

She heard one man yelling and informing others.

"Find her damn it... If this news got leaked then I am finished... Find her and kill her..."

The mayor shouted.

"I want the girl otherwise I'll be the one to kill you first..."

Said a scary masculine voice who was the boss.

Florina was aware of the every part of her town, escaping and hiding was a part of her job. The guards were following her but she was smart to confuse them. After continuing with her tricks she finally was able to escape from them.

"Fucking bitch... where did she go. Boss will kill us now..."

One of the guard yelled.

Hundreds of life were on stake, if they caught her then no one will know what happened this night. The Mayor will as usual fool people like he was doing till now and those girls will live a life in hell.

She was in big trouble and the first person she remembered to go to calm herself down was her loving and caring boyfriend. She managed to reach his house quickly. Florina has the keys so she didn't bother to wake him up this late at night but when she reached to his room her steps halted.

"Yes baby... There, oh my god you are so good Jimmy..."

She heard a girl moaning and her boyfriend grunted in response.

Florina clutched on her backpack with a shocked face. Her boyfriend is cheating on her which is very hard to believe because he were so sweet and caring.

Florina couldn't hear the nasty moans any longer and slammed the door open. Jimmy's face turned shocked and he quickly stood up trying to hide his naked body, he spotted his shorts and quickly wore it while the girl on the bed hide herself with the sheets.

"Excuse me... Don't you have any manners..."

She yelled at Florina.

"Shut up..."

Florina growled at her making her flinch.

"Florina... I thought you were on work..."

Jimmy tried to reach her but she stepped back.

"Yeah I was... But you know what I am glad I came HERE."

She said with a disgusted look.

"Listen I can explain please..."

He Pleaded.

"You know what Jimmy... Actually it's fine."

She smiled and frowned.

"I wanted to break up with you for a long time now but you were so sweet and I didn't wanted to break your heart... But I think you made it easy for me. So thank you and bye..."

"You wanted to breakup.. but why?..."

He asked shocked. His manly ego wasn't ready to digest it.

"You want to know... Actually Jimmy you can't satisfy me in bed, haven't you noticed that I hardly ever came. I was never satisfied and you never cared... It was just you, FOR YOU. You never tried to___"

She sighed.

"You know what just forget it..."

Jimmy scoffed.

"I couldn't satisfy you?..."

She internally rolled her eyes.

'Here we go... So called ego...'

"Yeah... I am in rush by the way. So bye..."

Florina dashed down the stairs and laughed when she heard cursing from upstairs.

Her legs were hurting from running for so long. It was almost sunrise time and she could see some people jogging and coming out for exercise and walk. She sighed in relief as she was sure that no one will attack her in front of all these people.

She took a deep breath and head towards her office. She wanted to give the evidence to her boss so an action can be taken against those people. She finally reached the office building but her heart was pounding in her chest.

Florina looked for her I'd card but found nothing. Her heart almost came in her mouth.

'Shit did I dropped it __ No No... Think positive Florina... Positive... It must be at my house.'

She entered the office and security let her in as she was already famous among the people for her friendly and bubbly Behaviour.

The first thing she did was ran towards her boss's office but she froze in her place when she heard the mayor's voice.

"I want you to inform me as soon as she comes here..."

"Don't worry sir... I'll make sure of that, no one will learn about it let alone telecast it on TV..."

Her so called boss said. They sounded like they were good friends.

'Ohh fuck me... Even he is involved, how can I be so stupid. Ofcourse all the important people in this town are in the mayor's pocket...'

She licked her dry lips and supported herself against the wall.

"Listen Wilson... You are my friend and i am warning you because I don't want you to get killed. Russian mafia is now behind that girl since she has recorded everything, we found her I'd there and now he is dying to kill that girl. Don't come in his radar by supporting her, hand her over along with the evidence and save all of us..."

The Mayor warned.

"Ofcourse... I love my life. As soon as she is here I'll call you and then you can do whatever you want with Florina..."

Her body trembled at their discussion.

Florina had no idea what to do now. Suddenly she was yanked by someone.

She was dragged towards the store room and the person slammed the door shut.