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Unexpected Marriage: Once Hated, Twice Loved

Unexpected Marriage: Once Hated, Twice Loved



Unexpected Marriage: Once Hated, Twice Loved PDF Free Download


"You should get ready. Our wedding is tomorrow." He whispered and left the room without another word. Leaving Emily standing there. What could have been the best reaction to this horrifying moment? Waking up one morning and a stranger that is so good-looking and tempting comes into your peaceful home to take you with him and then announce his marriage to you? Emily hoped that this was a dream, a dream that she was going to wake up from soon enough. She was determined to hate him till the very last day. But for how long will the hatred last after seeing the bad and good sides of him?
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Chapter 1

The door barged open, just when Emily Scarlett was about to step out of her little apartment and head to school. Taken by surprise, she stared still, as ten men in suits walked into her sitting room and without saying anything crosses their hands and stood nearby. Another man in a suit had walked in as well, these people are heavily built that Emily almost peed on her pants just by staring at them.

She wondered if their presence here was a mistake or if had she done anything wrong. Of course not, she had gotten off class earlier yesterday because she was having a fever and had slept throughout the rest of the day.

Emily Scarlett, a 20 years old lady, lives alone in her tiny apartment where she tries to make ends meet. Working four times a week in a restaurant nearby and then being a student as well is tiring, especially when she has to hide her face in school all day but will always be found and bullied.

"What's going on here? I think there's a mistake." Emily finally found her voice as she stares blankly at them.

One man among the others came forward and was a little too close to her before telling her.

"Our Boss wants to see you."

Emily Scarlett moved back, away from the cold looking man, and stare from him to the rest of the men looking dangerous. She felt as if her leg wouldn't be able to carry her for too long.

"Who's your Boss? Is that why you have to knock down my door like that?"

She stared at the fallen door and already did the calculation of how much she was going to spend on repairing it. The week hasn't been great for her as she has been sick and hasn't been to work cause she's recovering.

Once a footstep was heard coming in, the guards all moved back and lined up. That action caused chills on her body as she looked at the door, trying to figure out what was happening.

She was already running late for class but yet, but she had no idea what was going on.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, Lollipop."

Emily had almost lost balance as she stare at this tall looking man who was smoking hot. He'd be about 6 feet tall if not more and had a simple t-shirt on and plain black pants. And then a cap, covering his hair. His voice alone when he had said those words made Emily's body trembles.

He approached her, watching her body language, he takes her hand and slowly place a kiss on the back of her palm.

"You smell so delicious." He muttered as he sniff her.

Emily was too shocked to even say a word to him as she just stare still.

"Come hop in and I'll drive you to school, I bet you're late for class." While he had attempted to take her hand, Emily seem to regain herself as she slaps his hands off.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"Oh damn. You do know how to swear..." He licks his lips and clenches his fingers together then bent his head to her height.

"Your soon-to-be husband. Let me take you to school now and we can get married tomorrow, what do you think?"

Emily Scarlett moves back, away from him, and beat her lashes. Is he a psychopath or something similar?

When he noticed she wasn't ready to take a step with him, he sighed and snap his finger... One of his men bring forward a seat for him, he sat without taking his eyes off Emily.

"When I found your profile, I thought nothing more needs to be worst. But then, I think I'll be changing my mind about you. I'll accept you to be My Wife, that's what you want right?"

Emily coughs a little before responding. "You get this all wrong, I think you mistook me for someone else. I've no idea what you're talking about."

"Don't play innocent with me, lollipop. But I'll forgive you this time, 'cause I love the innocent ones, they tend to do the bad things more."

She didn't respond, instead stared at him without blinking. That pissed him off as his expression suddenly change so that even Emily could notice it. He was looking as cold as ice.

"You're really going to pretend you know nothing?"

Emily raised her eyebrows in response.

"Well, maybe I don't like them innocent anyways. " He stood up, turn his back and walk towards the door.

"Get her." He ordered with a deep and unusual voice.

While Emily watch him walk away and trying to understand what he had just said, she felt a heavy arm lift her up from the floor, and then, she was on his shoulder and he was walking out of the door.

"Put me down!" She screamed. Over and over again, she hits the man and kicks, trying to bring herself down but it seems the man was just too powerful to be taken down easily.

"You got the wrong person. Put me down!" She cried once more. The car door was opened and she was pushed into the door closing.

Emily attempted to open the door but realized it was locked. Is this a new way of kidnap?

She was already in tears as she heard the driver's side shut close and the car engine was turned on.

But she wasn't going to give up and so, with all the strength in her, she hit the driver on the head, and find her way to press the door button. While the driver tries the recover from the hit, Emily opened the door and ran out.

She wasn't taking chances, she can't let herself get kidnapped in broad daylight.

But she could've known better. Attempting to stand from the ground and run. Emily felt a grip on her hair, dragging her up.

It was the man... who seems to be the boss. He leaned towards her ears and whispered.

"Are you running away from me, Little Princess?"

Cold chills run down her body. Is her life over, or this is just a nightmare she's going to wake up from?