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Twins: Billionaire's Pregnant Ex-Wife

Twins: Billionaire's Pregnant Ex-Wife

Author: Kay writes



Twins: Billionaire's Pregnant Ex-Wife PDF Free Download


Taylor's marriage to her billionaire husband, Xander Watson falls into pieces when she couldn't take his negligence towards her anymore. A messy divorce and a trip to Cuba, only to find out she was pregnant—With Twins. Find out what happens in this exhilarating novel
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Chapter 1

Chapter one

She heaved a deep sigh and muttered a silent prayer before walking out of the car, adjusting her dark sunglasses so no one could see the puffy eyes she concealed underneath—she spent the whole night crying and now she was about to give her husband a piece of her mind.

Dark haired with the most dreamy almond green eyes, perfect cheekbones and a slender body any woman would die for—Taylor was the definition of an astoundingly beautiful woman, with a fortune behind her as she stood to inherit her step mother's jewelry company in a couple of years when the papers were finally finalized, too bad all the wonderful qualities weren't enough to make her husband make eye contact with her for five minutes.

Xander Watson was his name, the most beautiful man she had ever met and the one who captured her heart at the charity gala in Milan. He was standing next to some business associates when their eyes met, minutes later he approached her and in the blink of an eye they were exchanging their vows in St George's Catholic church—Two years gone, two years wasted and now she couldn't take it anymore.

‘Sorry Mrs Watson, Mr Watson is—'

‘I don't give a damn what your boss is doing Claire', She snapped at the receptionist who tries to stop her, ‘I want to see my husband now!!'.

Xander frowned deeply as he heard the sound his wife's voice from outside his office, he excused himself from the meeting with his investors and came out only to see Taylor with anger written all over her face, ‘Taylor can this—'

‘We need to talk'.

‘I'm in a meet—'

‘Fuck your meeting Xander', she fired with tears brimming in her eyes, ’Fuck all the meetings you always have whenever I want to speak to you!'.

He raked his hands through his hair in a frustrating manner, annoyed with the scene and unnecessary attention she was bringing and pulled her into a corner where no one could see them. Taylor panted heavily as she tried to release herself from his grasp, his hold was strong so she only ended up wincing in pain which made him let her go.

There was nothing else she could do, he was too far gone into his work life that he didn't care about her feelings anymore. She just couldn't live with a man who didn't love her, no matter how much she was head over heels in love with him.

‘What is the meaning of this Taylor?' He grunted under his breath.

It hurt. The way he no longer called her ,‘Love' or ‘Babe' or even ‘Sweetheart', just plain old Taylor, ‘I want a divorce'. She demanded.


‘I want a divorce Xander', she took off her glasses and he was taken aback by how puffy looking they were, ‘I don't want—'

‘Have you been crying?'. He cut her off.

Unbelievable, she scoffed loudly, ‘Of course I have been crying Xander but why do you care anyway? you're too stuck up in your work to care about my damn feelings!!'.

He took in a deep breath and released it slowly, checked his watch and frowned at how late he was running, any minute tardy and he might lose the biggest deal of a lifetime—Taylor's feelings can wait, he thought to himself as he placed a hand on her shoulder, ‘Wait for me in the private lounge upstairs, we'll have a better conversation about this divorce you're talking about'.

It was like he couldn't hear her, she wanted a divorce and he flippantly told her off like it was nothing all because he wanted to get back to his meeting. She watched him silently, as he strode back into his office and nipped on her bottom lip holding the tears back—she would rather die than let his staffs see her in a vulnerable state.

Ignoring the receptionist again, she took the elevator into the private lounge where they would spend time whenever she visited his office—mindless passionate sex they shared on the beige sofa, too bad the same room was where she would serve him their divorce papers.


An hour passed, two hours passed.....another followed until the sun was starting to set and Twilight forthcoming. Taylor woke up from her slumber and stretched her arms widely, trying to grasp her reality when one of the security guards walked into the room, ‘Mrs Watson your car is waiting for you outside the building'.

She yawned loudly, ‘Where is my husband?'.

‘He left two hours ago ma'am'.


‘He left two hours ago ma'am', he repeated.

Her fists clenched as her teeth gritted, once again he proved to her how much of a terrible human being he was. She forced a smile at the guard, grabbed her purse and glasses at the far end of the corner, left the building and straight into her car to take her home.

It was dark by the time she reached the house, stomping up the stairs angrily only to find Xander at the dining table eating dinner....alone. Her food was plated at the opposite side of the table, laying and waiting cold which only made her more berserk.

‘You're back'. He murmured as he placed a forkful of asparagus into his mouth.

‘I was waiting for you Xander', she dropped her purse on the floor as she walked towards him, ‘I was waiting for hours and you left me there, you left me at your office!!'.

His eyes lit in realization of his mistake and he stood up to place a hand on her shoulder again, ‘I forgot.... sorry Tay—'.

‘It's the same thing I am always talking about! you're always forgetting about me!'.

‘I made one bloody mistake Taylor!!', he finally snapped, ’The meeting took too much of my time and I forgot about you, it's just one mistake'.

Right in front of her was a cold man with no expression of regret or remorse in his eyes, deep down she knew he didn't care about leaving her at the office, ‘I want a divorce Xander', she sniffled as she placed the papers in front of him, ‘I want a divorce and I want it quick'.