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Billionaire's Rebirth Wife

Billionaire's Rebirth Wife



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When a cruise ship explodes and she meets him for the first time, what she thought was a chance encounter is the beginning of a destiny. She is betrayed by her family and her lover, but he spoils her with a marriage contract. Destiny is a wonderful thing.
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Chapter 1

Trista\'s pov

In one hour, the cruise ship will dock and I will return to Florida, the city where I have lived for twenty-two years.

I didn\'t tell anyone this time, so that my family wouldn\'t have to rush to pick me up in the middle of the night, and I wanted to give Emos a surprise.

Emos is my boyfriend and his birthday is tomorrow. Five years of love, three years of long distance, I counted, we have been eight years.

Suddenly, the cruise ship lurched violently twice, followed by an ear-splitting explosion, items on the table rolled to the floor in pieces, and the passengers on board panicked and screamed out -

\"What\'s going on?\"

\"Did it hit something?\"

No sooner had everyone calmed down than there were several more ear-splitting noises, and the cruise ship was blown out of several large openings somewhere, with flames streaming through the sky with crackle, seawater pouring in, and screams from the passengers rose -

\"Oh my God, what\'s going on?\"

\"Did something happen to the cruise ship?\"

\"God bless!\"

\"Daddy I\'m scared.\" A girl muttered dishearteningly.

The entire cruise ship was in chaos, with luggage dumping all over the place with thud, the sound of things falling down, and the sound of panic.

Could it be that something really happened?

Although I\'m used to big scenes, my heart still swept through a hint of panic at this time.

I was worried that I wouldn\'t be able to see Emos.

\"Attention passengers on board, due to external factors, the cruise ship is out of control and is about to sink, please put on your life jackets and go to the designated escape port to escape, the cruise ship will sink in ten minutes, all passengers must not panic, keep order ......\"

The ship\'s radio repeated over and over again, and I thought, this time I’m really finished.

Many passengers, unprepared, rolled from one side to the other as the cruise ship lurched, and uncontrollable screams crossed my ears. Passengers were falling to the east and to the west, going up and down, and some of them couldn\'t take it anymore and cried out!

I could not sit back and wait. I thought on my feet.

I had seen the special security personnel drill the way to put on the life jacket before boarding the cruise ship, and it was also introduced in the propaganda video, so I didn\'t panic at this time, and put on the life jacket quickly, below is a single small lifeboat, I came to the escape port ready to leap down.

The wind is howling, the seawater churning.

I grew up afraid of water, but at this time if I did not jump, there is no chance to see Emos.

Suddenly, my wrist was pulled, a tall figure tumbled, and when I reacted, the man\'s glittering eyes were staring at me.

\"This gentleman, what do you want?\"

I didn\'t expect to be accosted by a strange man in the nick of time.

Although I knew that I was naturally beautiful and there were countless men pursuing me, wasn\'t it more important to run for my life in such a critical moment?

\"I need to share a lifeboat with you.\" His voice was like heavenly music. And he eyed me up.

I have never heard such a nice voice, even if I grew up in the upper class and have heard countless voices, but this cold, magnetic low voice is the first time I have heard it.

I looked up and realized that not only did he have a good voice, but his appearance was a masterpiece. Deep eyes, high nose, slightly thin lips, angular jaw line ......

Although I grew up with an innocent look, my boyfriend Emos is handsome and outstanding, but compared with the man in front I have seen for the first time in my life, I was speechless at the moment.

His powerful aura pressed down, instantly making the air around him become thin. I did not know how to react for a moment.

Sharing a lifeboat, that\'s a single person use! This is undoubtedly a joke on life!

But not waiting for me to refuse, he has leaned over, his voice with a compelling magnetic, \"Excuse me.\"

Before I reacted, he has pulled me, towards the lifeboat there.

This man!

Just because he\'s good-looking, he can do whatever he wants! I gave him a dirty look.

Each passenger is equipped with a lifeboat, why did he have to use mine?

\"This gentleman ......\" Just as I was about to argue with him, he suddenly pressed me to the railing and sealed my mouth with kiss.

Eight years with Emos, I have not yet offered him my first kiss. The man in front of me, the first time we met, somehow took my first kiss.

The fragrance of his body poured down, fresh, light, reminiscent of the cold wind in the winter, although harsh cold, but has a refreshing effect on the brain.

I was stunned for a while before I realized that I was being kissed by him! Even if he is different, he can\'t do this kind of thing to me in a public place!

I can’t take this lying down.

Just as I was about to raise my hand to slap him in anger, several tall men approached , looking around with acute eyes and discussing in a low voice--

\"He\'s not over here.\"

\"There is no lifeboat, he must not dare to jump, not to mention that he is seriously injured.\"

\"he Should be in the crowd, continue search!\"

Seeing them leaving, I was a little panicked, obviously they are not good people, such a critical moment, is not it important to run for life?

At this point, another group of women came over, each one dressed ably and looking strictly meticulous, reminiscent of female secret agents in the movies.

I saw them with one hand in the clothes, their high heels clicked the floor, the other hand covered something bulged in their pocket ,like a gun head exposing, gun head?


I was stunned.