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Carrying My Billionaire Ex's Heir

Carrying My Billionaire Ex's Heir

Author: TheBlues



Carrying My Billionaire Ex's Heir PDF Free Download


Caught her Fiancé cheating before their wedding, Lucky Salvador was broken beyond repair. To fulfil the wish of her ill mom, she chose to have a baby by Artificial Insemination. Accidentally, she was fertilized with the sperm of Damian, the son of her enemy. Damian Green, the return Billionaire. He only loved one woman but she ruined him to be a monster. He was back for revenge but lost his heart to her again. When the painful past is revealed, could the two broken souls dismiss all misunderstandings and start anew?
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Chapter 1

Lucky's POV

My heart is racing inside my chest. I'm sweating bullets while my lips are tightly pressed and trembling. I don't wanna do this. I trust him but after receiving a call from a trusted friend, I couldn't help but to come here and check it myself.

Swallowing hard, I slowly opened the door of the hotel room in front of me. Two weeks before my wedding with my fiancee, his friends organized a stag party for him.

"Ohh! Yes! Yes, baby! Yes! Just like that! Ohh!"

I squeezed my eyes closed and stopped. I'm having difficulty breathing after I heard that flirty voice. It almost makes my knees weak.

It's not him. It's not him inside this freaking room. I know it's not him. He promised.

"Hmm! F*ck! You're so good."

My lips abruptly fell wide open after I heard that familiar voice. It was so loud and clear that my trembles worsened. I definitely know that voice but I'm still in denial of the fact.

After swallowing the fear, I completely pushed the door open and the disgusting scene inside revealed before my eyes. No!

I cupped my mouth as tears rolled down my cheeks like a flowing river.

Inside the hotel room, my fiancee is enjoying the body of a slut. She's moving up and down his body while another man is on their side f*cking her mouth. While their other friends are fast asleep on the floor.

Oh God! Oh, f*cking God! They're so disgusting!

Is this why they held this damn stag party? So, they could fulfill their fantasies? A painful sob escaped my lips.

My hands started trembling in disgust. They continued doing that disgusting stuff, completely oblivious to my presence.

"Pete, Dan. C'mon, man! Let the woman rest."

My eyes landed at the man who spoke. He's grinning but it immediately faded after he saw me standing by the door of the hotel room. His eyes widened. He even paled after recognizing me.

"Pete! Peter, damn it! Lucky's here."

I laughed without humor. My disgusting fiancee quickly covered himself with a white towel and rushed to me.


"No," I cut him off and took a single step back. I sucked my breath, wiped my tears while enduring my aching heart.

I bore my sharp eyes at him and shook my head, looking at him from head to foot. "You're disgusting."

His eyes softened. "Lucky, baby. Please, let me explain. Let me… Let me explain, please… "

Fury reached my head. My suppressed emotions exploded.

"WHAT WILL YOU EXPLAIN? That I can't satisfy you in bed because this is what you want? Because you want a woman you can share with your friends?"

"What's wrong with that woman, babe?"

"SHUT UP!" I growled like a wolf at the woman who attempted to butt in. She gasped and paled when I grabbed an empty bottle of whisky and broke it before pointing it at her.

"L-Lucky… "

I am not violent but pain and frustrations are killing me. I threw the broken bottle on the floor and glared at him. "We're over."

"Lucky, I can explain. Please… Just give me a chance to explain."

I didn't look back. I kept my head down because it's so embarrassing to be seen by the people in this hotel while he's chasing me only with a towel around his waist.


He successfully caught my wrist but I angrily pushed him away. "Don't touch me, you disgusting shit!"

He shook his head. I entered the elevator and looked at him with a grim face. "You're disgusting. We're over, Peter. Just go back to that woman and enjoy her like how you wanted."

"No! No, Lucky! Please, let's not end this way."

"We have to end this way, Peter! You cheated on me! You can't expect me to forgive you after what I saw."

"C-Can't you forgive me? Please! I was just drunk. I didn't know what I'm doing."

"But you're still drunk. And you still don't know what you're doing now? I supposed yes."

He shook his head. Tears pooled in the corner of his eyes. "I'm sorry… I'm sorry."

Sorry? Wow! I wiped my tears again and pressed the elevator button. "I hope this is the last time I'll see your face."

"No! Lucky!" He stepped in and hugged me. I immediately pushed him away, disgusted.

"Get off me! Don't touch me! Don't use those dirty hands on me! I'm disgusted with you!"

I palmed my face and cried harder after the elevator door slid closed. I fell to my knees as I poured all the pain into tears.

I just can't accept it. Do they have to invite a woman to their stag party? For God's sake our wedding is in two weeks. Yet he still wanted other women on his bed! He wasted everything. He wasted our relationship.

He's a douche-bag. A total scumbag.

He promised me! He promised to always be faithful to me. He even swore yesterday that he won't even look at another girl. And his friends. Damn them! They know that we're getting married but… they're traitors.

They all betrayed me.

Sobbing, I hugged my knees. "Damn you, Peter. Damn you!"

The pain of betrayal tortured deeply in my heart. I even lost my strength to stand up. Why are men always so ruthless? They shouldn’t have promised such sweet things when they have no balls to fulfill them.

Peter… I sobbed and shook my head. Am I not enough? Can't I satisfy him in bed? What did I do wrong? I was so excited to marry him. He seems happy with me too, but why? Did I do something to offend him? Do I smell?

No! No! The problem isn't in me. He's the problem here and his sexual fantasies that he's been hiding all these time.

I don't need to make any changes, the only thing I have to change is my views towards men. Don't try to keep any expectations of them, and just be strong and get revenge on Peter.

I wiped away my tears and finally stood up from the ground. At this moment, my phone rang, and it was my mother.

I bit my bottom lip after I saw my mom's name on the screen. I squeezed my eyes as I answered the call, trying to sound happy but I failed. "Mom..."

[Lucky, darling. I bought some herbal tea from a friend. She said it's very effective to help a woman conceive. I will bring this to you later.]

I licked my dried lips. How can I tell her that I just broke up with Peter? How can I tell her that just like other men, Peter is a liar too.

God, it could only drive her crazy again!

[Lucky…] Mom's voice came into my ears. Suddenly, I sense her worry.

"I-I'm not home, mom. I'm with Sunny and Camilla."

I lied, I can't let my mother see me in such a bad condition, she will be worried. And she's still sick. I can't give her headaches or problems.

[Oh! Okay. Then you get it sometime, as soon as possible!]

"O...okay." I hung up the phone in frustration, and a bitter smile curled on my lips.

Herbal tea? Conceive? Yes, all through my mum's life, she has been dreaming of her dear grandchild from me. I didn't hate such a wish, after all, I adored children too. But… My fate doesn’t really like my name, huh?

I thought I would make both her and my dream together this year, but it ended up being shattered. I shouldn’t have expected anything from Peter.

As I was troubled, a small advertisement suddenly fell to the ground and caught my attention. It was an ad for artificial insemination of a hospital.

"You don't have to be married to have kids!"

The subtitle on the ad made my heart start bouncing wildly. And a bold idea pumped over my mind.