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Sister in law, please be gentle

Sister in law, please be gentle


General Romance

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Anthony and Kelly were once deeply in love. He loved her face, her hair and her delicate hands. Then she was framed by a vicious woman, and all evidence pointed to her indirectly killing his brother. He turned the pain of losing his brother into anger against her and forced her to marry his dead brother. Then she was framed and imprisoned. Five years later, she reappeared in the city with a little girl, only, she was already covered in scars and she had lost everything he had ever loved about her. Even the tattoo on her chest, which contains his name, has turned into a large scar, and no one knows what happened to her in prison. She would do any job to raise money for the little girl's medical bills, even if she had to risk her life, even if she was humiliated by people. He hated her, hated the little girl who no one could tell who her father is, but why did his heart hurt so much every time he saw them? Meanwhile, the person who set her up never intended to let her go. Fortunately, Beck, Anthony's cousin, always believes in her and loves her, and helps her to uncover the truth. But when the truth is revealed, will Anthony be able to bear the enormous guilt and will Kelly forgive him?
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Chapter 1

"Really, believe me, it wasn't me! Why do you only look at appearances?"

"Not you? I'm not an idiot, those aren't Photoshop, and you look so sexy... Kelly, you really make me sick. I really, really regret meeting you!"

Anthony then threw the phone right at Kelly's feet. And the phone, along with Kelly's heart, at the same time broken into powder.

That wasn't the end of it, but the next moment, Anthony had his long fingers on Kelly's shoulders, like a cold, cold glow in a cold pool of cold eyes, and he wanted to eat her alive.

"You so casually find a man, you think that my brother so angry not to have to marry him? Huh? Kelly, no way! Since my brother loves you so much, you must be his widow. Even if you hold a portrait of him, you must marry him!”

Kelly was choking, her chest tight, as if a claw was pulling mercilessly at her heart.

Her pure eyes looked at his face, handsome, deep features, sharp eyes as if piercing everything, this man she loved for ten years.

Those big hands pinching her, once warm to hold her hand and promise would value her love her a lifetime.

Now things had changed, everything had changed!

He forced her to marry a man she did not love, and that man happened to be his own brother.

She refused, of course, and was condemned as the bad woman who had indirectly killed his brother.

No matter how she explained it, it wasn’t useful to him.

Because that man had been unable to hear her any refutation.

"Who the hell was that wild man, I'm asking you for the last time!”

Anthony snarled in her ears, then pushed her mercilessly to the cold floor, where her knees were bruised and painful, but none of them hurt as much as her heart.

Kelly smiled wryly, as though she had been stabbed in the heart.

He was still asking questions about who the man was?

"Now, does it matter who the man was? I tell you, that man was neither you nor your brother."


Anthony's face was liven and He gave her a slap in the face.

For a moment, her face burned, but she smiled deeper.

"Bitch? Yes, if I wasn't a bitch, how could your brother be so infatuated with me and want to marry me?"

“Shut up!”

Anthony growled, his scarlet eyes red, and he tugged at Kelly's wrist as he headed toward the bathroom.

Along the way, the drag was pitiless, and Kelly's clothes were smashed into pieces.

"Tell me why, why do you treat my brother like this? He is a rich man, and You don't deserve him at all, and yet you are so mean to yourself? Is he mean to you? He loves you so much that he would die! In that case you must belong to him, even if he is no more!"

In the bathroom, under the cool water, Kelly felt bone-chilling cold from head to toe, crouching, her white dress sodden, revealing her slender, delicate figure, which now took on a bleak disposition.

"Why should I marry your brother? You Anthony, you may not love me, but you cannot control my freedom! '

Kelly struggled, pushed Anthony out of the way and was ready to head for the door.

But the next moment, Anthony was pulling her back and throwing her back into the bathtub.

'I'm not only in charge of your life, I'm in charge of the fate of your whole family. Don't you want to try?'

"What? If anything comes at me, don't involve my family!"

Kelly yelled. She didn't want any harm to her family.

She was innocent, and her family was even more innocent!

It never occurred to her that the man she had loved for more than a decade would threaten her with her family.

"Remember, you are still alive because my brother loves you, otherwise you and your family will be buried with my brother at this moment, you know."

Anthony's eyes were cold, his voice cautious.

Kelly felt so strange about him at the moment that she felt a little scared.

Staring at the man in front of him, she bit his lip.

"Anthony, believe me, it wasn't me, it really wasn't me, I didn't do it!"

She began to show weakness, holding Anthony's legs and begging him to believe her.

He was, however, blinded by appearances, and his frown was cast down in a sneer, and the bottom of his eyes was full of her sarcasm.

"Miss Kelly, the appearance you look makes me so sick. Only a bitch who has done something wrong would beg for mercy like that."

Her body stiffened for a moment, and the last straw began to wither, as desolate and desolate as her heart.

Anthony reached out and grabbed her, tearing her dress roughly as if in a frenzy.

"Kelly, you're already dirty. My brother would hate it. He doesn't like dirty secondhand stuff."

In the bathtub, the cold water accompanied by a thick taste of disinfectant, she was brushing over and over again, the white skin was brushed red and purple, but he did not stop, as if the squeamishness of cleaning his once favorite dirty doll.

"Anthony, one day, you'll regret for that!"