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Their Alpha: Fated to The Silver Wolf

Their Alpha: Fated to The Silver Wolf



Their Alpha: Fated to The Silver Wolf PDF Free Download


Mykel and Lilith were high school sweethearts they only ever had eyes for one another, and when they turned eighteen, they realized they were mates- things couldn’t have been more perfect. When their pack comes under attack and his parents die, Mykel is forced to step up and become Alpha, though his once kind heart is now turned to stone. At an alpha meeting three years later, he meets a mystery woman and realizes she too is his mate. “Mate” my stomach churned as he spoke those words. I never in my lifetime wanted to hear them. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him watching me, studying me and daring me to return his gaze. Alpha Mykel was said to be a good man though many had spoken of his temper. Rumours were constantly going around that when he lost it, people lost their lives. Alpha Mykel already had his Luna; he was fated to Luna Lilith, so this had to have been some fucked up joke.Luna Lilith, I hadn’t heard much about, no one had. Except for the knowledge she was beautiful, nothing else was known. Can Lilith accept her mate is fated to two and can Mykel let go of the past when he finds out who she is?
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Chapter 1

Lilith’s POV

“Mate” the words I had heard him say before only they were to me. Mykel stood there his eyes pitch black as he stared at the woman that had just entered the room. She was stunning. Her hair a chestnut brown her blue eyes bright like my own. The poor thing looked scared out of her wit. Her eyes refusing to meet Mykel’s as an older man gripped a hold of her arm.

“Your mistaken young alpha. She is spoken for” A sinister smile spread across the guy’s face as he shoved the woman away and towards the table. Tripping over her own feet the aggressive man pulled her up and shoved her into a chair. Mykel growled and turned away storming out of the room. Keeping my calm composure I walked after Mykel, my walk turning into a run as I tried to catch up with him. Gently I closed the door to his office to give us some privacy.

“Mykel what was that? Who is she?” I sat opposite his him and scowled as he poured himself a scotch. I had hoped he wouldn’t drink while the meeting was taking place, he would need a clear head for the decisions he would make today would affect the entire pack.

“I don’t know who she is. I can’t explain it, but I know she’s my mate” I watched as he downed the entire glass before pouring himself another.

“But I’m your mate, we felt the sparks on my eighteenth birthday” I was extremely confused. It was rare to have two mates at the same time but that wasn’t to say it didn’t happen.

“Out of the love and respect I hold for you I will not claim her. You don’t need to worry Lil. It’s just caught me off guard”

“Mykel you know I’m a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. Maybe the loss of our pup was a sign. Perhaps I’m not the woman that’s meant to provide you with a family. I won’t stand in your way Mykel. I know how much having a family means to you” Mykel walked around the table and pulled me to my feet. Crushing me against his chest he inhaled deeply as he buried his face in my neck.

“Come on, let’s get to this meeting and we will deal with this after… ok?” Gripping my chin, he tilted my face to meet his. The love this man has shown me since the day we met has been nothing short of amazing even though we had our dark days. Standing on my tip toes I placed my lips on his.

Twenty-four hours earlier…

The pack house was full of life today and it sent butterflies swarming in my stomach, a small smile playing on my lips as I watched everyone rushing about. For the last three years it had been empty, no one other than me, Mykel, beta Elijah, his mate, and the few omegas that worked here had come inside. It could be extremely lonely at times especially when Mykel was busy with work. I may be the Luna to the Mountain Forest Pack, but it doesn’t mean I’m involved in everything. Mykel was overprotective when it came to me, he wouldn’t allow me outside unless he or Elijah were with me. Some may call him controlling, but they would be wrong. I however call it love.

He never used to be this way, he used to be fun, loving, and carefree. Though with me he’s never been intentionally cruel, but when he has, I know it isn’t his fault. Usually, it was other pack members that caught the brunt of his anger. The days when dark clouds covered the sky were the days pack members steered clear of him. It was safer that way.

“Sorry excuse me Luna, we wanted to check what colour napkins you’d like before we finish setting the places?” Looking at the samples the omegas held out I looked them over before finally settling with the silver. It wasn’t as boring as the cream or beige, yet it wasn’t as tacky as the gold. The silver was classier while also holding a meaning. Mykel’s wolf was silver, a rare breed of wolf known for their extraordinary gifts.

This year was our turn to hold the annual Alpha meeting. Ever since Mykel stepped up and took over from his father, he had avoided each one with the excuse he wasn’t ready. But not this year, had we refused to accommodate it would have been seen as a great disrespect to the surrounding packs as well as those who are coming from further away.

Truthfully? I could do with the distraction. See a few months ago we buried our pup. He died two months before he was due to be born, a tragedy that not only affected us but the entire pack. The first-born son of the alpha said to be stronger than the generation before him, but now if I had another, I knew the pack would think he was weak.

Today was the first day I had made it this far without crying. Some may think I’m weak for not holding my emotions together, but had they been in my situation I don’t think they’d fare any better. There’s no pain greater than the loss of a child. Where some get the idea that being Luna meant I should remain strong no matter what has happened blows me away. Mykel, he had been my rock, just as I was his when he lost his family.

After checking the downstairs was in order, I headed upstairs to inspect the guest rooms. We were due to have six Alphas stay the night, their packs being too far away to travel back and forth in one day. I had hoped that some would bring their Lunas with them, it’d be nice to get to know some. To form contacts of my own and who knows maybe a friendship or two.

The day seemed to fly past and before I knew it the sun had disappeared from the sky. The night expanding over the horizon like black Angel wings protecting the earth while she sleeps. Though I wish I could protect Mykel while he slept, protect him from the nightmares I know will plague his dreams again tonight. Stopping by his office on the way to our room I could hear him arguing with someone. Knocking as I entered the strong scent of scotch burnt my nostrils making me instantly regret walking in. Great he was drunk again I think to myself as he motions for me to sit on his lap. I wanted to turn and leave but I knew things would be worse if I did, so swallowing my fear I went to him.

“Rough day?” I asked eyeing the half empty bottle that sat on his desk, Mykel growling when he sees the irritation in my eyes.

“Don’t start again Lilith. We have this poxy meeting tomorrow and if he walks in, I will kill him or die trying” and I knew he would, the pig of a man that tried to force himself on me was likely to make an appearance, as much I prayed he wouldn’t. Mykel’s hand gripped the glass he was holding tighter causing it to shatter. “Fuck” he grumbled pushing me from him and cleaning up his mess.

I turned to leave and head upstairs only for Mykel to grab my hand and pull me to him. His hand tangled in the hair at the back of my head as holds me close, his lips smashing into my own. The sour taste of the alcohol on his tongue left me feeling nauseated as it roamed every inch of my mouth. The roughness of his kiss, his touch and sloppiness all evidence of the amount he had drank. Using one arm to clear his desk he forced me against it. Shredding my top leaving my breasts bare his mouth moved to my nipples that harden with the cool air. Mykel wasted no time in spinning me around and removing my shorts before bending me over his desk. I wasn’t aroused in the slightest, I hated having sex with him whilst he’s like this and he knew it. But when he was drunk, he didn’t care, and it bode well for me to keep my mouth shut.

The force of his slap on my ass cheek sent a searing pain through me my eyes watering as a result. I tried to get up, but Mykel holds me down slapping my ass again. A small whimper left my lips at the impact not liking how rough he could be the alcohol bringing out his darker side. Lining his member at my entrance he thrusted into me, my walls gripping him as he pulled out. Again, he thrusted into me while using his thumb to rub circles on my clit. Arousal forced from me as he slams into me again and again, a lustful moan finally escaping me. It wasn’t long until an orgasm rippled through me, Mykel stilling inside me seconds later. When he was done, he pulled out and did his zip back up.

“Go to bed I’ll be up soon” his voice void of any emotion as he returned his attention back to whatever he was doing before I came in. Grabbing the blanket from the sofa I wrapped it around myself before opening the door. “I love you Lil” his eyes black as night as he watched me leave, his wolf coming forward sensing his human had hurt me. 

“I know you do” I couldn’t say anything else not at the moment. I knew he loved me, and I loved him, but I loved him more when he was sober. I headed straight to our room and into the bathroom. Locking the door, I turned on the shower and stepped in. Sitting on the floor under the water the dam I’d been so proud to hold up finally burst. Tears ran down my face taking my makeup with them. All the nervousness, the hate and the shame washing down the drain leaving me empty and numb.

How I longed for the day my Mykel would heal, to become the man he used to be again. I didn’t know how long I’d been in the shower but when I got into the bedroom, Mykel still hadn’t come up. I missed the affection he would shower me with when we were alone, though I missed the evening cuddles more. I just hoped tomorrow would go well, that the man who dared touch what wasn’t his wouldn’t make an appearance and stir up more shit with my mate. However, as I’ve learned over the last few months nothing ever goes to plan.