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Broken By Love

Broken By Love



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  When 23 Year old, Alisha Watson saves a homeless man, she doesn't expect to start falling for the cold, mysterious man. But can she expect those feelings to be returned?When Preston Ross is asked to stay for the night by a stubborn woman because of rain, he reluctantly agrees. But what happens when his feelings grow for the woman which he won't let himself have? His insecurities gnaw at him as his feelings grow for her. Even a cold man has his secrets, even a cold man that has lost everything has a heart. So what will a man broken by love do? Will he let himself fall for her? Or will he catch himself before it's too late?
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Chapter 1

Alicia's POV

"Hey Jude." I greeted my beloved best friend as I sat opposite of him.

"Ally my main girl, hey Sweet pea. I'm glad you finally made it." He grinned flattering his long eyelashes dramatically.

"Sometimes you're one strange guy, you know that?" I teased with a smile.

"You don't say, Honey." He answered jokingly, making me chuckle." So how's work going so far?"

"It's good, it's just not that busy. " I sighed as I placed my cheek at the palm of my hand.

"Sometimes I think you're a workaholic." He said with a raised eyebrow.

"Me? Never, but I do enjoy my job is all." I defended myself in a measly attempt.

"Aha." He answered, looking at me with disbelieve and a knowing smile.

"As if you're any better, Literary Agent man." I scoffed.

"Hey, I only work when I need to, yet I also enjoy my job just like you." He smirked.

"You're incorrigible." I scoffed.

"Thanks, so are you Darling." He said with a lazy smile.

"How you and I are friends, is beyond me." I smiled.

"Right? It must have been my charms." He smirked, winking at me flirtatiously.

"Ewww." I said scrunching my nose in disgust.

"You know, you need to get in the game. It's about time." He lectured for the who knows what time this month.

"No, I do not. I don't need the extra stress, thank you very much." I answered for the who knows what time this month once more.

"Are you sure? I know you aren't lonely, trust me I do. You married your work the day you accepted your position, but you're 23 and single and I don't think that's healthy." He lectured, making me yawn in boredom.

"Jude trust me, it's healthy. What's not healthy is being a player. You might catch STDs." I lectured back.

"Touché." He said with a pout.

"Exactly." I smirked in victory. Looking at my silver wristwatch, I saw that I only have ten minutes left of my lunch, making me huff in annoyance." Jude, I need to go, duty calls." I said as I got off the chair.

He also looked down at his wristwatch, before saying,"You're right." He also got off his chair,"Why did we come here again? We didn't even order anything." He pouted.

"What did you expect? We only ever come here the last 20 minutes of our lunches." I smiled in amusement.

"I know. From now on, we must be here immediately when our lunches start." He said, nodding his head in new found resolve.

"You are always late, so call me when you get here. I'm not going to wait for you. I always say I'm a bit patient but in reality I'm far from it. I'm very impatient." I shrugged.

"An impatient woman." He tsked,"What a shame."

"Oh please." I rolled my eyes with a frown as we walked out of the bakery.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Ally Bear." He said with a toothy smile,as he leaned down and placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek.

"Ewww, Jude, how old are you again?" I asked as I scrunched my nose in disgust.

"24, why? Are you setting me up for a blind date?" He grinned.

"No reason." I mumbled," And before I forget. Please come fetch your clothes." I said, turning around and heading in the direction of my company's building.

"Nope. I prefer them there. It saves me the extra weight of carrying a suitcase when I come visit." He yelled behind me, making some people look in his direction. That man has no shame. With a smile, I continued walking up to my building.

That's when I saw a very familiar person. His the hobo that is always sitting here when I pass. He has dirty blond hair with a very long beard, very pale skin and the clothes he wears are so baggy and ripped. He doesn't have any shoes on either, but the most striking thing are those hazel eyes. They concealed whatever feelings he had, making them void, but they just attracted me.

With a small shake of my head, I made sure that there were no cars, before crossing the street. Work awaits.


'Why did I park my car so far down today?' I internally growled at myself as I stood outside the company building. I'm surely going to be drenched by the time I get to it.

I faced the hard merciless rain as it dropped from the dark clouds. I'm glad I followed my gut when it came to my shoes. I picked a pair of black, leather pumps in the morning but left my umbrella. Why didn't I follow my gut when it came to it. I mean it's October, it's Spring. It can always rain anytime.

Clutching my bag tightly to my side, I let out a breath. Please don't cram hair. With that thought, I crossed the empty street and shivered as I was covered in cold rain.

I however, continued rushing down the road. That's when I spotted the familiar hobo. I don't know what drew my feet to it's direction, but in less than a minute I stood a few feet in front of him.

"Hello! Sir!" I called over the noise made by the rain.

He luckily heard me and looked up at me.

"Hello, I'm sorry to bother you, but..." I stopped not knowing how to continue my sentence.

"Miss, shouldn't you be heading home. You will catch a cold." He said in a deep, muscular voice, making my heart skip a beat.

"So will you. I mean, could you please come with me?" I asked with a sigh, giving up on finding a better way to phrase the question.

"No. Don't you know its not safe asking strangers to come to your house. You could be killed." He replied in a cold tone.

"Yes, but..." I said, not knowing how to defend myself,"I won't leave until you come with me."

"Well I will not, so thank you but no thank you. Please leave." He said through clenched teeth." Besides, I'm used to this so I don't care if you decide to stand there."

"Please just come with me? I don't know why I'm asking you to, call it humanity I don't know, but please. Just this once." I pleaded for who knows what.

"You're one stubborn woman aren't you?" He asked in that same cold tone,"Fine." He growled as he got up.

With a smile, I gave a nod.

He just grumbled something to himself before before standing up, making me have to look up at him. I only reached his chest, this guy was tall.

I led him to my white Land Rover Discovery Evoque that parked only a few feet away. Unlocked the car and opened the door for him, making him look up at me questioningly before getting in.

Walking to the other side,I also jumped in. Starting the engine, I immediately turned on the heater before driving off in the direction to my apartment complex.

"You do know that this is not safe, don't you?" He asked, reminding me that I was alone.

"I know. I normally don't do this, but I guess you can say that something in me pushed me to do it." I shrugged.

He just scoffed before saying,"I don't even know why I agreed."

With a chuckle, I said," Nor do I, but I'm glad you did. Standing any longer in the rain wouldn't have been pleasant."

"You are on odd woman, you know that? Picking up random strangers from the street." He murmured.

"You are the first." I said.

"And I better be the last." He said, looking at me with the same cold look from earlier, before I turned back to the road.