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Justice for the Empress | Remarried Empress AU

Justice for the Empress | Remarried Empress AU

Author: smexykiss



Just read the description of the original Remarried Empress. Made this AU novel for my beloved Navier. - It is just the usual isekai/reincarnation novel you'd see in manhwa, manhua, webtoon and in manga nowadays. This story is kinda rated 18 too. Please be reading.
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      "Just what is going on?"

      I saw the looks of my ladies-in-waiting, and it's an unpleasant one.

      One lady replied, "His Majesty went back from the hunting ground and.."


      No one was able to continue on. And I knew, I knew from the start that this is going to happen.

      "Did he bring back a slave? A woman, specifically?"

      All their eyes went wide.

      "H-how did you know, Your Majesty?"

      "It doesn't matter. Well, sooner or later, he'll regret his actions." I said confidently.

      I knew this from the start.


      Because, I'm an avid reader of Remarried Empress!

      I thought it only happened in fictions, but I was reincarnated into Navier, the Empress when I woke up.

      I remembered I was reading the novel while going home, and when I came to, I was here.

      "Your Majesty, they said that the slave's beauty is comparable to Duchess Tuania"

      Yes, I know.

      When they thought that I was feeling uncomfortable, they added, "Of course, there is no comparison with you, Your Majesty."

      I haven't seen Duchess Tuania yet, but I know that Navier is truly beautiful whenever I look at the mirror.

      Sovieshit is really...

      How can he do that to Navier all this time?

      I feel sad for her though I know she'll end up with my baby boy Heinley.

      I heaved a sigh.

      The look on their faces... It seems like they have more something to say.

      "Is there something else?"

      One of them said, "Well... The Emperor seems to be fond of her."

      I listened to their advice, as Navier should be.


      I rubbed my forehead, so as to look I was having complicated feelings about this.

      "Thank you everyone"

      I want to see this Rashta whom the Emperor always sided with.

      Later, we'll have to dine together so my ladies-in-waiting clothed me.

      I'll ask the Emperor about that woman.

      He was cutting his steak when I finally opened my mouth,

      "I heard that you found a rat—I mean a runaway slave at the hunting grounds. Is that true?"

      He stopped, and stared at me.

      "Who told you that?"

      He was tense.

      Ah, I love how tensed he was, how bad he's feeling right now.

      "It doesn't matter who said it. Everyone's talking about it. Is it true?"

      "It must be your ladies-in-waiting."

      "Like I said, it doesn't matter who told me. Again, is it true?"

      He paused for a minute.

      "Your Majesty?"

      "Don't rush me"

      Okay, I'll stop for now.

      "I don't know what you heard but what happened was, I found a woman who was hurt and I helped her."

      "I see. So where is she now?"


      "Please tell me"

      "We have two meals together, we have so many other things to talk about. Don't you think?"

      There's his cold tone.

      "Like what?"

      He paused again, "Issues regarding the kingdom"

      "But this is one of the issues that we're talking about."

      "What do you mean?"

      His eyes were cold as ice.

      "I'd rather not care if you'll take a concubine right now, but not that slave." I said firmly.

      "Navier!" He slammed down the table.

      "You need to think this carefully, Emperor."

      I walked out in that room.

      Hah. I feel refreshed.