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Hiding The Billionaire Mafia's Twin

Hiding The Billionaire Mafia's Twin

Author: Edna bruce



Hiding The Billionaire Mafia's Twin PDF Free Download


After a drunken one night stand with the Sicilian billionaire tycoon and mafia don, Tito Denero, Fiorella finds herself in a mess because she's engaged to her childhood lover but ends up pregnant for Tito. Fiorella's fiancé, Dante Mancini doesn't mind accepting her pregnancy for the stranger she accidentally slept with but they don't go through with the marriage because Dante's mother looked down on Fiorella's family. Years later, Fiorella has twins , when Tito and Fiorella finally cross paths again, all Fiorella wants is to take revenge on Tito for killing her father. But unknowing to her, he was also the father to her children and the man she'd had a one night stand with. Will she go through with her revenge on Tito? Or will things become more complicated with Dante coming back into the picture as well?
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Chapter 1

I was looking out the glass window, sitting on the bed with my phone to my ears, talking to my very best childhood sweetheart, Dante. I felt my heart melt with ease.

"Dante, so you missed your first flight?" I murmured, feeling a bit disappointed about my plan.

"Yeah, Fiorella, not to worry because I've already booked a ticket for the next flight. I'll be there tonight. Ok? Just wait for me," I nodded and hung up.

My dear Dante, how much I've missed you. I felt my heartbeat dance to my happy beat. There is no one except Laura that will believe that I am still a virgin after six years of relationship with Dante. I am just so excited about giving it all up to him Tonight in this same suite, at this same bed he Normally sleeps in the hotel. Today I'll finally have the courage to give myself to him as a welcome-back gift.

I smiled, looking at my glowing skin in the mirror with the toning of my pink nightgown that exposes my body, reaching to my thighs.

My eye diverted to the wine bottle at the table. "I purposely choose this particular wine to keep me up in the mood. But I still need to wash down my sorrows with it till then.

I popped it open and drank right from the bottle. If mom is here, she'll call my act an ill-mannered act, but who cares? I am alone in Dante's hotel room, washing my soul to be defiled by the pleasantries of sin itself.

"God knows when the sun will rise again," I voiced out, feeling tipsy after shutting down an entire bottle of Italian wine, the neatest and the freshest. I slowly lay down on the bed as the wine mixed with the blood inside my body, finally quenching me fully on the bed.


He was walking like a lion to the lady at the desk front. All eyes were on him: his big black coated suit, his moonlike ocean blue eyes.

"Excuse me," his hoarse voice noted. "Suite 206, please,"

The desk lady bows to him immediately. He stops at her front. With fright in her, she hurriedly gives out the suite key. "Here you go, room 206,"

"It seems our boss's charms are even greater than before since he arrived from the states." His two bodyguards gossiped between themselves.

"Thank you!" He collected the key and then walked away. Immediately he left, the desk lady started to write down on her logbook, then she realized she had messed up her carrier.

She gave out the key for suite 207 instead of suite 206 and immediately realized she was doomed for real. She trembled in fear, not knowing if to meet the man or report to the manager of her great mistake that could end her carrier. It's already too late for her, She thought.

He opened the door and saw a half-naked lady sleeping on his king-size bed. He exhaled. "Another woman sent to quench my desire, and she even fell asleep waiting for me,"

He closed the door, removing his coat and then unknotting his tie when his eyes landed on her panties and bra on the floor

He looks in disgust. "At least, Shawnte could have found someone with better habits," he rolled his eyes. "I need to take a warm bath," he exclaimed, walking into the bathroom naked.

A few minutes later, he walks out with a bare body and a pair of boxers as he wipes his hair dry with a towel. He slowly climbs the bed then Fiorella turns, still asleep. He grabbed his arms to comfort her, and then she realized someone was on the bed with her.

"Dante..." she murmured, looking weak and drunk as hell.

He smiled at her, "so this is how u planned to welcome me? How coquettish of you, my dear," he smirked.

"My dear Dante..." she called again.

He turns her over and flips on top of her. She smells nice and yet drunk. He slowly removed the tiny pieces that covered her chest barely. She struggled to push him away and even bit his chest, but he was too strong for her.

"You're indeed a wildcat!" He smirks at her drunken state.

He kisses her whole and caresses her body, slowly making her give in to his warm and gentle touch.

Tuesday morning | 8:30 Am|

The landline rings, waking Fiorella up. She sluggishly crawls on the bed to the edge of where the phone is located; she picks it up. "Hello..."

"Sorry for the disturbance. I am the hotel manager and want to confirm a slight suite mistake. Are you Ms. Evette in Suite 207?"

"Yes, I am..." she soberly speaks. " is there anything the matter, Sir?"

He cleared his throat. "Ahem, not... not Ms, I just wanted to clear something up, but since you are good, I won't disturb you again. Thank you very much. Goodbye, Ms. Evette."

She drops the phone. "Strange..." she gasped.

She tried to get up, but she felt sour under. "What is happening to me? Why do I feel so sour down my CoOchie?" She turns, then her eyes land on a pile of clean, untouched yet banded money and a picture of her and the man she dreams of having mad s*x with.

"This money.... last night...." her eyes wide open as she tries and flashes back to last night's dream. "In the dream, there seems to be my Dante Sandoval, and we did the deed. Is Dante back? Did he arrive last night? But it's impossible, and he knew nothing about me checking in into his favorite suite."

She grabbed her phone to call, and then she saw a text message from Dante

I'm sorry, my lovely Fiorella, I don't think I can be early to see you. The flight I took had an issue, but still, I will be on it tonight, but I won't see you right away. See you tomorrow, my love.

Yours truly

Dante x

Her whole world shattered. "It's not my Dante who I did the deed with last night... oh my God, which is that... who the hell is that useless good-for-nothing man...?" She cringed in fear mixed with anger.

She got up and refreshed herself, and she washed the bedspread that was stained with her innocence. She gathered her things and walked out to the counter angrily.

"Miss, who did you check into my room last night? Who the hell checked in?" She yelled angrily at the lady.

She flinched. "Ms. Evette, you were the only guest checking into Suite 207 last night. Maybe you've requested special service and forgot about it!"

Her eyes open in more anger. "What? Special service, you say? What do you mean? I never requested special service!"

The manager was watching behind the stairs from his office. As he watches the mess the Laliah girl he fired yesterday caused. "Manager, what should we do now?" His assistant questions him.

He groans in anger. "We have to find a way to quiet this down. I've fired yesterday's counter girl, she mistakenly gave out the Room 207 suite key to Mr. Denaro instead of Room 206, and it's like he slept with her. He must have thought she was a woman Shawnte arranged for him as usual. If Mr. Denaro knows about this and pulls back the fund, we'll be screwed for sure."

A few minutes later, Fiorella walks out with tears in her eyes. Her phone rings, she slowly picks up, and it is Dante.

She cleared her throat. "Hello, Dante..."

"Where are you? I just got off the plane. Wait for me; I will have the driver pick you up..." his voice alone sends a pile of guilt to her heart.

"Dante..." she slowly calls out, holding in her tears.

"Fiorella? What is it? Are you okay? Where are you?"

She fakes a smile. "No...No, I am good; they are too many people out there now; let us meet at the blossom tree at your home, near the pool, remember?"

"Yeah...yeah," he sounded excited. "That was our favorite spot; how would I forget that place? So we are meeting there; I miss you, Fiorella..."

The word... I miss you. It sends a bag of shame to my ego.

"I... I miss you too, Dante!" She burst out the tears she had been trying to hold in her.

Dante giggles on the phone. " you're still so naive and stupid; why are you still that silly girl I have always known? We'll see each other soon, okay? I didn't die. I said we see each other, so don't cry. I love you, my beautiful damsel." He hangs up.

"Dante..." the name came out in a tiny whisper as tears took over the show.


Mr. Lorenzo Ricci is a fifty-year-old healthy man. He has been working for the Mancini all his life, and he cherishes Dante so much as if he's his son. He's the driver who carries Dante around. He turns to look at Dante.

"Young Master Mancini, you've been away for so long. Fiorella must have grown to be even more beautiful!" He smiles, the type that reflects on his wrinkled face.

"She has always been pretty since childhood. I've been gone for five years, and I miss her now." Dante turns to Ricci with an easy face.

"Uncle Ricci, please drive faster." He sneered.