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My Incubus Professor

My Incubus Professor

Author: ScarletThunder



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It's Bonnie Heathworth's senior year at Whitemounre University. All goes well, till she hears how everyone gossips of the new Physics Professor, Tobit Asmodeus. Eventually she meets him for herself and the moment she laid her eyes on him, she suddenly became horny. After never having looked at a man in that way before, things changes for young Bonnie as she develops a small crush for her new Physics Professor. Events do take big turn when the very same man also shares a mutual interest, but what happens when Bonnie finds out that her Physics Professor is a demon? Not just any demon, but an Incubus...
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Chapter 1

I have heard of him. How everyone has been talking about the new Physics professor. Girls at this campus talk and when they call a guy hot, then it usually is an understatement. There the devil is standing. Professor Tobit Asmodeus. And I haven’t gawked at a man the same way I do right now. Short blind and gingerish hair, neatly trimmed and combed. Gorgeous greenish blue eyes, a squared jaw and the most handsome face I've ever seen.

Dressed in a white shirt, with rolled up sleeves and also wearing some black pants. The normal teacher wear, but normally teachers don't walk around with such a bulky body. He looked very young too. I don’t know why, but I can’t help but want to see what he looks like without a shirt. He looks so hot.

“Good morning, I go by the name Tobit Asmodeus, to you that would be Professor Asmodeus and I will be your physics lecturer for this semester,” The man politely started with his introduction.

I am seated at the front row seat, right infront of him, but I can already hear how the girls are whispering at the far back row. Even the male students feel intimidated by him, giving him their intense stares.

Everything about this man is so natural. His posture, the way he stands and how he looks so calm and confident of himself. Even walking around his desk, moving to stand infront of me while he's speaking to the classroom and, currently I’m not paying any attention. Staring more at how his lips move, than focusing on listening to him.

“This is your sophomore year,” He continues and then walks back to the desk, “So I will save you the whole work hard and study hard this semester, lecture.” He dropped in a corny joke and the entire room began laughing. He surely has a great sense of humour and I can already tell that he is a cool guy.

“And ladies, I am 28, single...but I am not looking for anything, so please...” He adds in a rather flirtatious comment and the girls at the back start giggling.

Ugh, they’re probably thinking of ways to get in his pants. To be honest not even I thought he was this hot till I first saw him.

I started hearing all these rumours about him when I entered the campus. I was on my way to find my roster and there I heard even the secretary tell me that I was pretty lucky to have a hot mister like him as my lecturer and that I had to go for him quick before all the other whores on this campus snatch him. One would think it’s men that go on easteregg hunt for women, but here it’s the other way around most of the time.

I only shook my head at her, telling her that I am not interested and only came here to focus on my studies. My dad died last year, Mom got remarried, Bon got accepted into the military and Ben is in the rehab. So things haven’t been that great lately and I would like it if I started well this year. I wanted fresh and clean start and I wanted to get my life back in order. That was the whole point of breaking up with Matias, because I wasn't at the right space around that time.

And then I came to this room and I saw Tobit. My physics teacher and I almost melt under his presence.

He hands out several text books, notebooks and papers. The explaining the syllabus and even informing us about the tasks and tests we’ll be doing in the next few months. He seems like a such a decent man to me and so very organised. Organised and very hot. He is way out of my league and I highly doubt any of the girls here are even in his league.

After explaining the whole process to us and all the possible work we’ll be doing this semester, he walks to his desk and suddenly walks through every row in the room, dropping a paper on everyone’s desk.

“A test ,already?” One of the students complained.

I widen my eyes and quickly stare down as this did come entirely unexpected. This must be his own way of testing us and seeing what he is working with. He leaves one on my desk and even stands there staring at me for awhile, before he continues on, giving handouts to each and everyone of us before he goes to stand next to the large white board.

“Relax!” He holds his hands up and leaves the leftovers on his desk, “This will not affect your grades anyhow, it's just a small monkey puzzle test I set up. It only requires general knowledge and the whole point of this, is to see if all of you have what you got to complete your second course in Physics. You may start.”

Great, just general knowledge and I happen to be very good in that when it comes to the scientific department. I mean, I am so highly fascinated by science and have been for as long as I can remember.

The first few questions on the paper gives me a headstart and I easily answer each and every one of these questions. I’m even the first one to finish, flipping the paper upside down and then sitting back, noticing that he is looking at me and staring at me.

I look down to try and hide my blush, truly hoping he doesn't think that I am a smartass student who thinks I know everything. I just don't see why I should take my time answering a paper when I have all the answers.

After about thirty minutes, he looks around asking, “Is everyone done?”

And when nobody answers, he takes that as a yes and collects everyone's papers before lastly taking mine and as he passes me, he bends down a bit to whisper in my ear, “I want you to stay behind Miss.”

In that moment it felt like I was in trouble. I tried to think of what I did wrong and although knowing that I probably did nothing wrong, I still intend on apologizing to him and even looking around, to see if nobody heard that.

“I will be marking these and then I will let all of you know what I think, tomorrow. Class is dismissed,” He then adds and looks at me, clearly waiting for me to go to him.

So I take my time packing up everything and even making that I take my time. I want to be the last one to leave the room, because I don’t want anyone to see me going to him.

And once the last person walks out the door, I stand up from my seat and slowly walking to him, keeping my backpack strapped over my shoulder.

He has my paper in his hand, staring at it and immediately flipping it over to check on the other side, before he looks back at me. “Impressive,” He quoted.

I expected him to want to scold me or something, but didn't expect a compliment. So, I blushed and smiled at him. “Thank you.”

“What’s your name?” He then asks.

“Bonnie, sir.”

“Please, just call me Tobit.”

The fact that he doesn't expect any formality from me, does make me feel more comfortable. I then keep looking at him while fidgeting with my fingers, it looks like he has more to say.

“I have heard about you. You are a bright student and I do look forward to working with you. I do wonder about something though.”

“What’s that?”

“Do you believe in the supernatural?”

That’s a odd, yet very straightforward question. I’m pretty sure that he already knows what my answer would be, but I still give him my answer and honest opinion. “I don’t.”

He looks at me for a little while and then he smiles, “Good. A true scientists is one who lives by their own beliefs and you will make a great physicist.”

“Thank you sir–I mean Tobit,” I then say to him and bite my lower lip, checking the time and maybe thinking that I should go. Pointing my thumb to the door, “I should probably go.”

“Yes, of course!” He nodded, kindly dismissing me.

I then walk to the door and out of the room as quickly as possible. Placing my hand on my chest as it feels like my heart is about to jump out of my chest. What the hell was that?