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Dwell With Snaedis

Dwell With Snaedis



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About a hundred and seventy centuries ago, people were living in rejection of nature because of human-eating tree monstrosities which origin is unknown. Forcing humankind to retreat in immense dimensions with full hopes of God's lost daughter to return, the world went chaotic and unpredictable species appeared-extremely dangerous. The realms were divulging conflicts with humanity that justify the consequences and its survival. Courageous human creature's movements fought across the divisions around the mysterious, central sacred tree of Snaedis, but only a few returns.
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Chapter 1

It's midnight when a man violates the curfew ordinance outside of their town. Not just that, he neglects the signage of speed restrictions that were mounted in every corner beside the road. He drives fast without the foresight of seeing the probable contingencies that might happen along the way. Nevertheless, he remains confident about what he is doing; it is midnight, and no one's wondering around during this time.

His eyes are full of tears as he looks straight to the highway while driving fiercely. With infusions of frustration and anger, he hits the steering wheel using his own hands. He steps the accelerator harder in which causes the car to run fast.

About an hour later, he screams so loud. This hinders him from the chance to notice what was going on in front of him! His face suddenly slaps onto the steering wheel that causes him to step on the clutch immediately!

"What was that?" He asks in extreme nervousness.

His sight became blurred that he can only see a figure of an aged man who fell unconsciously in front of the car. Because of what just happened, he quickly gets out to check the unforeseen damage that he caused.

From there, he sees the blood that runs from the head of the man towards his direction. The poor man's eyes are wide open and reddish. The reckless driver steps closer to the man to do further inspection. Upon checking the pulses of the worn man, there was no sign of life.

The man is dead.

His hands are shaking. His body feels the shivering of the wind's coldness as he stands and roams his eyes around him to check if there are CCTVs nearby. Fortunately, as he wishes, there are none. Because of this instance, he immediately goes back to his car and escapes the crime that he committed.