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The Lycan King's Unwanted Daughter

The Lycan King's Unwanted Daughter



The Lycan King's Unwanted Daughter PDF Free Download


"Slave, he'll be mine if I destroy you." "Ah!" Amara gasped in pain when her face gets burned by the flames and Princess Diana stepped on her frostbitten, bloody hand... "You humble and dirty slave, how dare you steal my man, my mate!" ... Will Amara, a humble slave, a so-called monster submit to the ruthless wolf, when he walked to her on their wedding night, with ribbon in his hand. "Wh…what do you want?" Amara is so nervous. "Do my duty, as your husband." He said. "Now, strip!"
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Chapter 1

Amara was awakened by cold water. Along with the gradual recovery of consciousness, the physical pain came with those horrible memories.

She frowned and groaned uncontrollably.

Is she dead? Is she in the hell? But when she looked up to make sure, she knew it wasn't hell. But close enough. She's still in a place that's scarier than hell.

How could the pain end?

"Our ugly little monster has woken up." A lady-in-waiting named Victoria looked down at her with two hands on her hips. "Hey, bitch, you're not going to pass out again, are you??" No sooner had she said this than the maids behind her burst into laughter.

Amara soon remembered that her Wolf had shouted at the maids uncontrollably and had taken over her body after another 'fit'. It was because poor Amara was thrown a rag on her head by a maid. Dirty black water trickled down Amara's curly blonde hair. She looked so funny that the maids laughed. Then all the maids brought rags, stained with dirty water, and threw them at her. Soon, all of them took the dirty water and poured it on Amara. The wind of winter was howling, and Amara's body was soon swept by the bitter pain of wet cold. But none of this can compare to the humiliation they inflicted on her.

It wasn't supposed to be this way, her fate. It was supposed to be the other way around. But Amara was powerless to resist. Because of that man's ruthlessness, she and her mother became the lowest of the Lycan palace, living this life for years.

She had to suffer in silence… Then, her Wolf went crazy.

She didn't know why, but from the first day her Wolf showed up, it had brought great changes to her body, not the good kind. When stimulated, especially if her body was also severely damaged, her wolf would take control of her body and go crazy. She's been like this since she was ten years old, and now she's nineteen, and it's happened five or six times.

This time, as before, the maids worked together to subdue Amara. They dragged her to the dungeons of Lycan's palace and tied her up. Then Victoria, who was standing there, began to whip her.

One crack at a time the thin, hard whip fell on Amara's thin body like a freezing wind torturing her skin. The whip tore open her thin clothes, sinking again and again into her skin and making her bleed unceasingly. Amara could feel her skin crack and knew without looking where it hurt that it was dripping with blood.

"Mad wolf, huh? You scary bitch!" Victoria lashed Amara and cursed through clenched teeth.

Every time the whip fell, Amara tried to dodge. But tied up, she couldn't, her struggle only brought laughter to the maids who tortured her. Her health was weak because she had not had enough food and sleep. In addition, it was the middle of winter, and the thin clothes and harsh winds meant that Amara, who had been the lowest servant for years and had to do the dirtiest and most tiring work, could hardly endure any more torture.

Especially the excruciating whipping.

So, she fainted just now.

Amara gritted her teeth, the sharp pain coming from her body came back again after a brief period of paralysis. She clenched her teeth. But it did nothing for the excruciating pain, only to make her now blood-stained face uglier.

This made the women who were bullying her laugh. "Oh, our little monster is angry. Or is it too much for this delicate body?"

Another big laugh.

"Delicate body?" Sneered another maid. "Ugly goblin."

"It is said that this mad she-wolf caught the eye of a werewolf from Perak in the north yesterday."

"He is said to be very handsome." Added one of the maids.

"Well, she's ugly, and her Wolf's mad. That man must be crazy!"

'What the hell are they talking about?" Amara almost fainted from the pain, oblivious to their words. But she knew that they must be calling her a freak. She frowned painfully and moved. But the twitching muscles added to the pain of her whiplash - scarred body.

"Is she smiling?" A maid screamed and pointed at Amara.

"How dare she laugh?!" Victoria raised her whip again and swung it at Amara. The blood came out again where it had not yet crusted, and Amara breathed frantically in pain.

She knew she was going to faint again.

"But it's not bad." thought Amara. At least she can forget her physical pain for a while.

Just before she fainted, she heard the voice of her mother, the only one who cared about her in the world, "Please, that's enough, leave her alone."

"Whether mom will be punished." Amara thought before she fainted.

When Amara woke up again, it was the next day.

When she woke up from her mother's room, her mom, who was covered in bruises, sobbed and had to urge Amara.

Because Lycan king wanted to see Amara.

'Will the king torture me when he hears of my madness?" Amara shuddered with fear. Although the man was supposed to protect her, his indifference made Amara afraid to expect his love.

As if sensing her concern, her mother, Kathryn, reassured her, "I heard that it had something to do with a man."

But that didn't dampen mother and daughter's fears.

A man? What man?

"The Queen asked you to dress yourself. Don't… Don't scare the guests."