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Billionaire's Sexy Contract Wife

Billionaire's Sexy Contract Wife

Author: Taro-chan



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"First time?" She kept silent, continued what she was doing, and suddenly — I tore her undies. I kissed his lips down to her neck because my mouth traced them. I synchronized the insertion of my finger in her vulva; my tongue started to fight with her tongue and play in her hot saliva. Her growl sent shivers down my spine, the reason for me to burst. "Please,” she begged. I can't help it. She is determined to give her virginity to a mere stranger. "Psh.” Then, as I entered her private hole, the heat engulfed me. "Fvck. You’re so tight." **************** I know who you are and what you have planned. I’ll marry you so I can clean my tarnish name. Regardless of all these, what acceptance would you bestow upon my little mysteries?
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Chapter 1

This is the day I like the most. Away with business, all by myself, enjoying my whole entire vacation. I enjoyed watching the sunset while sitting on the sand at this beach.

It's called Butterfly Beach. I rarely go on vacation, but right now I badly need one.

As I was looking at the setting sun and enjoying the peace it gave me, my phone suddenly rang.

"Alessia, how's your stay?"

"I’m having a great time, mom. How’s Dad? "

"We’re fine; everything is already set. We are just waiting for you. When are you coming back? "

I didn't answer it, and just kept quiet. I think my purpose to them is just to fulfill their wishes, and because I loved them too much, I’m willing to fulfill every one of those favors, but this task is too much for me to handle as well. Then she suddenly said

"All right, I've got to go. There are so many things I have to do for the preparation. Come back whenever you’re ready, dear. The sooner the better. "

When she turned off the call, I cried, because my reason for this vacation was to escape the task I had to do. I will marry a man I do not know. I thought this kind of situation only happened in melodramas or telenovelas.

Then Dad said it was the son of his long-time friend. I’m not angry; it just pains me. I can’t accept that they still have to do this.

I got up and went to my villa, where I am staying, and took a shower. I got this villa from the savings I worked for, and this villa is really breathtaking.

It was already 6 pm when I thought of eating. But after that conversation, I lost my appetite.

I plan to go back there and marry him when I'm ready, and I think I don't have anything to worry about since everything is settled. They just needed to get me home or pursue me to come home.

Luckily, the marriage will be held as a private event. I don’t know, maybe there is just something so necessary about this marriage that they want to do it fast.

Because I had no appetite, I just laid down on the bed and did not realize that I had already fallen asleep.

It was 8 p.m. when I thought of going to the bar. It’s just a walking distance, maybe a few blocks from where my villa is, so I won’t have a hard time going back. It wasn't as wild as the bars in the city, but it was comforting.

As I entered the bar, the lights were already blinding, but as I headed into the counter, I watched people as they went wild on the dance floor.

Some of them are kissing and making out, but that's normal in my eyes. I party so often that I don't find it that embarrassing anymore.

When I was a little tipsy and suddenly had the courage to dance, I entered the dance floor.

I poured everything I felt at the moment, being stressed, about this damn marriage, and just dancing, everything that I’ve been feeling this entire week. My body started to heat up when suddenly someone pulled me closer to his body.

I couldn't resist it when his hand touched my waist and accompanied the sway my body was creating. I moaned because it was the first time I had been touched like this.

This often happens; a man joins me while I dance, but after a few minutes of dancing, I just leave them alone or go home. Then suddenly, he turned me using his hand that was on my waist and faced him.

I looked at him. I couldn't see very well as he was in front of me. Then I noticed his cold face, sharp jawline, and catchy eyes that weren't so clear and a masculine built pair with a faded hairstyle. I danced with him until I felt a lump in the lower part of his body.

"I don’t care if you won’t ask me, but I'm getting married this week to someone I don't know!" I shouted at him because the music was loud.

He didn't answer and continued to look at me as he caressed my lips with his other hand. "I plan to give my v-card to someone before this dumb marriage happens and you are lucky because you are the one I chose." Then I dragged him out of the bar and went straight to my villa.

We were just by the door when I started kissing him, which drove me crazy. When we parted with a kiss so I could open the door, he suddenly hugged me from the back, making me feel his manhood. And that was the sign that I really turned him on.

When the door opened, he carried me into the bedroom.

"Why are you doing this? Didn't you say you were getting married? "

A very deep voice was revealed to me when he suddenly pressed me against the wall and kissed my neck.

I could feel his very hot breath in between his kisses.

"He’s someone I don’t know and it was clearly for business purposes." I said between our kisses, "You’re just someone I’ve met. Might as well give it to someone I don’t know."

I pushed him onto the bed. I sat on him, making sure that mine was above his. I started kissing his lips as I danced above him, making mine feel his manhood.

He moaned, along with the failing breath. I removed his clothes as he suddenly reversed our position.

"That's it."

He even kissed me, and when I came to my senses, I noticed that I was only wearing undies, so he quickly removed my bra and sucked my left chest and stroked the other.

I didn't realize that his hands tracked mine.

"Oh damn, you're so wet."

At the same time, he inserted his two fingers, which caused me to lose my moan. It felt like pain and, at the same time, overflowing pleasure from his non-stop sucking on my chest and his fast fingers inside mine. Suddenly, he pointed his sword at my mouth.

I didn't know what to do when he suddenly pointed it at me. I tried to lick its tip with my tongue, hoping it would please him.

I tried to swallow it whole when all of a sudden he pushed it down, making it go deeper. I heard a satisfying growl from him.

"First time?" I kept silent, continued doing what I was doing, and suddenly—

He tore my undies.

He kissed my lips down to my neck, like a hungry man came home from the desert to drink water. His mouth traced them.

He synchronized the insertion of his finger into mine; his tongue started to fight with my tongue and play with my saliva.

"Please!" I begged. I’m really determined to give away my virginity to a mere stranger.


Then, as he entered mine, the heat engulfed me.

"Fvck. You’re so tight. "

I closed my eyes in pain and then felt pleasure for the first time. He trusts me while holding my chest. I couldn't help but moan.

It's undeniably that he has had a lot of experience when it comes to this. To spice it all up, out of nowhere

"Harder, please." I faintly said

When he suddenly accelerated and trusted me with all his might, his trust created a sound as if someone was clapping because of the impact.

"You're a bad girl." he said, breathless.

And to my surprise, he suddenly quickened his pace. Making me moan more, I couldn’t help but go crazy with these feelings when suddenly I found out I fell asleep with relish.

I saw the man leaving, but I lost the strength to ask where he was going. Then everything went black.

I woke up naked as I remembered what happened last night.

I stood up when I felt the pain coming from all over my body.

I rested for a bit, preparing to stand up as I faced the mirror.


I was surprised to see two hickeys attached to my neck.

When I saw that, it was as if I had been drenched in cold water.

I'm going home tomorrow, so how will I cover this up?