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Hot Uncle-in-law is Now My Husband

Hot Uncle-in-law is Now My Husband




Being married for two years, Gracie Clarke and her husband never had any intimacy. She requested a divorce, but her husband never agreed. Instead, he even brought his mistress back to their home this night. Poor Gracie went to the bar, wishing to hook up a hot guy for revenge. She picked a hot guy and had a one-night-stand. To her surprise, her one-night-stand turned out to be her husband's young uncle. She decided to end up this ill-fated relationship. But Frederick Matthews forced her to be his underground lover. Having no choice, Gracie said yes. She thought she sign an evil deal with the devil. But it turned to be that the mysterious rich hot Frederick spoiled her the best...
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    It was a summer night.

    Gracie Clarke was standing at the balcony while looking at the royal blue GTR that just drove into the courtyard.

    Even if the lights inside the car were not turned on, she could clearly see a pair of fair and tender arms on a man's shoulder and wrapped around his neck. They were kissing lovingly as if they didn't mind that there was a peeper around.

    No, Gracie should not be a peeper, but a bystander instead.

    The man reached into the woman's low-cut white dress sneakily, and it could be seen that his movements were suggestive and skillful.

    Obviously, this is not his first time.

    The woman tipped her chin up, revealing her beautiful neck. Her eyes intentionally shot in Gracie's direction, and her bright red lips curved provocatively.


    She moaned on purpose, which made the man to get more passionate.

    Gracie looked at them coldly.

    When she saw it the first time, she might had felt heartbreaking, suffering, and desperate. But for the second time, the third time... her heart was numbed when the scene had become so common and when they were trysting from hotel to this house, and even the master bedroom that Gracie decorated.

    Gracie did humbly beg and wish him to stay with her, but in vain.

    But tonight, everything was coming to an end.

    Gracie stared at them until they were done.

    When the man finally got out of the car with a satisfied expression, she turned and left the balcony.

    The trio met face to face in the living room.

    The man immediately frowned upon seeing Gracie and his face full of impatience.

    "What's the matter?"

    "Freddie Matthews, let's divorce."


    Freddie sneered as if he heard a joke.

    He tilted his head and kissed the lips of the woman in his arms with an expression full of tenderness, and he licked the cornor of her mouth frivolously. Only then, he turned to Gracie and said word by word, "Stop dreaming!"


    Gracie couldn't hold her calm expression anymore. She thought Freddie was trying to force her to divorce by sleeping with her half-sister again and again.

    Gracie used to be silly as she was unwilling to give up the relationship formed since childhood with Freddie, thinking that Giana Clarke bewitched him.

    But now, when she thought about it clearly and asked for a divorce, she had never expected to get such an answer.

    "Why? You are asking me why?"

    Freddie stared at Gracie with hateful eyes and a hideous face, "Gracie, since you are daring enough to betray me, you must accept my revenge. I will not divorce you, and I will not touch you! Not only that, I want you to look at me and Gianna lingering and how sweet our love would be."

    "Freddie, what did I do wrong?"

    Since childhood, they grew up together and had fallen in love with each other when they were adults. Both of them were looking forward to getting married.

    However, the happiness Gracie dreamed of was the beginning of the nightmare.

    She didn't even know what she had done wrong.

    "Don't pretend to be innocent in front of me. It disgusted me!" Freddie sneered coldly, hugged Giana's waist, and walked out, "Honey, it just you and me at home tonight."

    "Okay, I'll cook some wonderful food for you."

    Giana's sweet voice made Gracie sick. Gracie smiled bitterly after a long while with her pale face.

    "Can't I even divorce?" Gracie thought.

    In this case, why should she continue to be a fool!

    Gracie smiled coldly and went upstairs.

    When she came downstairs, she had changed her outfit. It was no longer some conservative casual clothing; instead, a sexy short hip skirt.

    The fiery red color looked like flames.

    She didn't want to seek her own doom anymore. Tonight, she chose to let herself bloom proudly.

    After half an hour.

    Gracie ignored all the stunning sights around her, walked into a bar and sat down.

    "Give me a glass of 'Sleepless Night'."