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Suck Me Harder, Mr. Bodyguard!

Suck Me Harder, Mr. Bodyguard!

Author: Kennie Re



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Ivanna did not expect Jax Alister, the man she hired as a bodyguard, to turn out to be a bloodsucker with the particular purpose of capturing a lycan creature who turned out to be Ivanna's fiancé, Damon. However, slowly Ivanna and Jax's relationship is no longer limited to bodyguard and lady. Ivanna feels a different feeling every time she is around Jax, and vice versa, because Jax feels that Ivanna is the girl he has liked for a long time, who is reborn, and he follows her in every reincarnation. Unfortunately, Ivanna and Jax's love story is not as smooth as they expected when one by one, problems come to Ivanna, starting from the breakup of the engagement between her and Damon. She is in a relationship with Kay Lee, a friend who has long liked her, who turns out to be an addict and has emotional problems and sexual disorders. One of the most terrible things for Ivanna was when she found out that she had blood cancer, her life seemed to collapse under her feet, and Jax always tried to be there and accompany her through all her life trials. Both of them did not expect love greeted and required Ivanna to become part of Jax because many vampires wanted her, and Jax had to choose whether to turn Ivanna like him or keep the girl as a human, but at the risk of suffering and dying from her illness.
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Chapter 1

Ivanna's PoV

I stepped out of a building filled with frenetic and thumping music, tightening my coat to cover my body swept away by the cold night wind. The clothes I wore were indeed a little revealing tonight. However, this is the aftermath of a party at a friend's house—an old friend, to be precise.

It's not late at night, so it shouldn't be this quiet. However, it was only natural that some residents around the club did not leave their homes after eight o'clock. Rumors had spread that gangs of criminals did not hesitate to kill and even rape their victims. It's not enough to rob.

In the last few days, every news reported that the criminals killed the victim after being raped. And that's what I'm afraid of right now.

It was obviously a big mistake to go to a nightclub when the party at Kay Lee's place was enough to make my head spin from the magic drinks they concocted. And now, getting in touch with Bri or Damon was impossible because, at this hour, they would be so busy. And anyway, I'd already told them I was okay and was going home early.

"Don't move, beautiful. Take off everything on your body right now!" said a man I didn't even recognize. I didn't dare look back where the man was because there was an object pointed at my head.

I was sure it must be a gun, and I didn't want to die young.

I took off my jewelry and handed it to him, still in my position.

"The one in your wallet!" he snapped again.

"What? No, sir. I have to go home, and I didn't bring anything but—hey! Take it off—"

I was left speechless and silent as he fired his rifle. I stumbled for a moment and then had to give up all the contents of my wallet for them to have.

Yes, not just one robber, but three. And when they got it all, I thought that was it. But it wasn't.

One of them came up to me and noticed the clothes I was wearing. I swear to God; I will never forgive David for coming late to pick me up this time. My palms began to break out in cold sweat and tremble.

"W-what are you going to do? You've got it all; please let me go. I won't report you to the police."


"Ah! Let go of me!" they pulled me hard and threw my body onto the street. The trio's laughter echoed through the empty and deserted streets, and I'll be sure never to forget that horrific laughter because the next second, they made a mockery of me.

I could only surrender as one man held my arms, another held my legs, and another slapped and beat me mercilessly.

He tore my dress and was ready to rape me, who could only scream for help.

However, it was useless. What time was it? All people who were living nearby must be curled up under their blankets. Besides, nobody would get outside the club, which is full of frantic and noisy.

"Damon, help me," I whimpered, almost becoming an outlet for their lust if a man didn't come along and beat the three of them to a pulp.

It happened so fast, it was as if time had stopped for me, and when I woke up, the three thugs were already lying helpless. I, who had closed my eyes, finally dared to open my eyes and stare at the man's gray eyeballs. He took off his coat and put it on me without taking his gaze off me.

"Are you okay?" asked the man with the deep, heavy baritone voice. I was momentarily stunned by the man's appearance. It was as if he had a mesmerizing magical aura, and I couldn't deny that this man was beautiful.

I nodded slowly as if time had slowed down. The man then guided me to follow him to a place where he parked his motorcycle.

"Hop on; I'll take you home," he said. I nodded once more and followed his orders. He rode his iron horse at full speed and arrived at my mansion before I knew it.

It seemed like I was daydreaming during the ride.

"I hope you're doing well. Immediately ask someone to help you clean and treat your wounds. Next time, never wander around alone, especially at night, because no one doesn't know you, Miss Sanchez."

I just sighed heavily and nodded. And soon, the man's vehicle moved away from me and disappeared into the night.

One stupid thing I did was I didn't ask the man whose name was, not even to thank him.

How stupid of me!


"Oh my God, Ivanna! What happened to you?" squealed Brianna with a worried look when she saw me. Naturally, my face must have been bruised, and I was desperate to hide them with makeup.

Brianna is one of my best friends, as well as my assistant. I trusted her for this job, and in the few years she's been my assistant, she's done an excellent job.

Oh, there's one more person. Tatiana. However, I don't know why she hasn't come yet, even though I asked her to come here at the same time as Bri.

"Has someone done something bad to you?" Bri asked again. I just sighed.

"I'm fine now; thanks for your concern."

"No, Vans! You should fire David because he has repeatedly made this mistake! Where's Tatiana?"

Not long after Brianna asked her question, I heard footsteps approaching my room. Tatiana and Damon came together, as usual.

Damon is my fiancé, and both of them—Damon and Tatiana, are cousins. So, it was only natural that they would be together.

"I'm here. Did anyone miss me?" Tatiana and Damon both rounded their eyes when they saw my disheveled appearance. "Oh my god, Vans! What happened to you? Damon, look at your girlfriend! You're supposed to care for her, not let something like this happen. You're always too busy with your work."

"Oh, please! Please don't overdo it, guys. It's nothing because I know what's more terrible than this."

"What is it?" they asked in unison.

"They almost raped me."

Damon seemed to flex his facial muscles. He approached me and examined my face and other parts of my body.

"But how are you now? Who was that asshole, baby? Tell me so I can teach them a lesson!" he growled while clenching his fists. I didn't want to add to the problem, so I just stroked my lover's jaw and gave him the warmest smile I could.

Right now, smiling should be impossible; a sledgehammer crushed my whole body.

"I'm fine, dear. You shouldn't worry about anything."

"No! I think you should have a personal bodyguard!" exclaimed Brianna, who had been listening to my interaction with Damon. The man does go overboard sometimes. Maybe it's because he loves me too much.

"I'm fine and just want to find one person, if possible. The one who saved me from those punks."

The others frowned when they heard my request.

Quickly, however, Tatiana showed me the screen of her cell phone. There was a displayed identity and even a photo of someone who looked familiar. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the impact during the attack last night, I couldn't quite remember who the man in the picture was.

"What is this?" I asked, not understanding. Tatiana was extraordinary sometimes. She would often suddenly do something without explanation and only answer if asked.

"Your future bodyguard. And you can't refuse. His name is Jax, and he's coming this afternoon. So prepare yourself. Damon and I will be gone for a while." The girl got up from her seat and approached me to give me a peck on the cheek.

"Where are you going?" I asked. Damon and Tatiana had been going out together a lot lately. I couldn't be jealous because their grandfathers were brothers. There's no way they'd do anything out of the ordinary.

"Organizing a fundraising event for cancer patients, of course. Did you forget? The hospital that Damon and I funded will be holding the event."

I turned to Damon, demanding an answer to Tatiana's statement. Why did I not know that at all?

And he wasn't looking at my face at all. What was going on this time? Is there something I don't know?

"Never mind! You guys don't talk now, okay? We'll be late if we don't leave soon. Besides, Jax is already on his way here."

"Do you know who Jax is?" I asked.

Tatiana shrugged as she spluttered.

"I just found him on a private bodyguard search platform. You won't be disappointed, because it was a recommendation from a friend. Okay, everyone. I'll be going first."

I stared at their departure while Bri stayed beside me and understood that I was in turmoil.

"Calm down, Vans. They can't be anything more than cousins. Tatiana wouldn't betray you."

"Yeah, I hope so."

I really do.


I was already prepared with what to do and say when Jax arrived. And before long, the man we were waiting for finally arrived, escorted by a few bodyguards outside.

There's not much I can describe the man because it's exactly what I expected. Even though he wore a hood when he rescued me, it was impossible not to recognize his voice and scent. He was indeed the man who had freed me from the horrible incident that almost happened to me last night.

"I didn't expect saving you being my good fortune, Miss Sanchez. What can I do for you?" the man asked in his deep, heavy, baritone voice.

Just hearing him speak made my heart stop beating. Maybe it's not love; it can't be. My passion was for Damon alone. However, I couldn't deny the charm this man possessed.

"Have you ever done this job?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Ten years since I resigned from the police force. Is that enough for you? I was once enlisted in a peace force in Syria and became a personal bodyguard to the country's future leader. Unfortunately, I failed to protect him."

"What happened to him?"

"He committed suicide."

I cupped my mouth with both palms. I didn't expect to hear a creepy story like this, but at least I knew the extent of this man's experience.

"When can you start work?" I asked for the sake of brevity. He was the man who saved me, after all, and I knew how proficient he was in martial arts and the like. And as for his physical beauty, that was another matter.

Consider it a bonus for me.

"Whenever you want. Now?" Jax confirmed. I nodded. No one would refuse optimal protection under pressure like this.

He seemed to agree and accepted the suit and communication device Brianna gave him. Then he left, changed his clothes, and returned looking neat and different.

His hair, styled initially messily, now looked combed and neater. He also trimmed his sideburns which made him look more manly and handsome.

But still, in my eyes, this man was too charming for a personal bodyguard.

"May I know your schedule for today, Ms. Sanchez?" the man asked. Brianna quickly handed over the tablet, and I saw the man reading everything from top to bottom while scrolling rapidly. He then nodded.

"So today you're going to the hospital first?"

"Yes, that should be the case. But ... I'm afraid that gang of criminals still hanging around out there."

"That's what I'm here for, Miss. You can prepare yourself while I'll keep watch outside." The man paused for a moment. "It's an honor to work with you, Miss Sanchez."

The man then turned his body around and left me with Brianna, who raised an eyebrow briefly and then picked up a suit of clothes that I would wear to the hospital today.

"Oh, no!"