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The Billionaire's Toy

The Billionaire's Toy

Author: Ela Osaretin



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Audrey Wilson must marry an old, ugly man because of her father's unpaid debts. She thought her boyfriend would be her savior, but on the same day, she discovers that he has betrayed her along with her best friend. So, desperate, she has to go to a bar to look for an opportunity, and luckily, she does find it... *** Audrey feel, a strange sensation was emanating from every part of her body. She tried to clench her legs, but was prevented from doing so. Lucien spread her legs and took his c*ck and aimed it at her v*ginal entrance. Smiling, he prompted her, "I'm coming in." With that he thrust hard. "Ah-" Audrey cried out, unlike the moan she had just given. It was a scream from pain, and she felt a ripping pain coming from her bottom. Lucien sensed something was wrong and looked down to check, he saw blood. What was going on here? She really was a virgin!
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Chapter 1

Wilson House

"Audrey, don't hold off! Go and pack your things, your husband will come to pick you up tomorrow." The person speaking was Matilda, Audrey Wilson's stepmother. They were blocking the doorway to keep Audrey out.

Audrey glares angrily at the old woman in front of her and replies, "I'll say it for the last time, I'm not going to be that old bald fat man's fourth wife!"

Talia, who is beside her, sees her mother being chastised and mischievously gets up from the couch and rushes over to Audrey and slaps her without saying a word.


Talia raises her head and yells, " Do you think you have a choice? It's all about paying off your father's debt!"

The fiery pain on her face causes Audrey to instantly burst into tears, but she still replies firmly without showing any weakness, "My father? You're not his daughter at this point, are you?!"

Audrey's questioning fails to make the mother and daughter in front of her feel any guilt, they just order Audrey as a matter of course, "Aren't you working as a whore for the rich man's son? You tell him to give us a hundred thousand dollars and you don't have to marry!"

The rich man's son they're talking about is Josh, Audrey's boyfriend. "Josh and I are a couple! Not the kind of relationship you're talking about!"

Talia said with a mocking smile, "Who cares?"

No one would believe that Audrey and Josh had been dating for three years, but they had never had sex, and the closest they had gotten was a kiss.

Audrey's mother had become a whore after her divorce. At the time Audrey followed her mother around and witnessed so many men how they roughed up her mother that she grew up afraid of sex.

Audrey was 16 when her mother died. She came to her father's side. But she also entered another hell. Only Josh, healed the wound inside her. He was like an angel, never forcing her to do anything she didn't want to do, including sex.

Audrey wouldn't allow anyone to denigrate Josh, and with that she yelled, "I told you he wasn't like that!"

Talia was going to continue to say something when Matilda stepped aside and stopped her, she turned around with a fake smile and said, "Yes, you are a couple. I assume he can give you that $100,000, I don't think he'd want you to marry someone else, would he?"

Audrey glanced up at her stepmother, thinking seriously about the question. As much as she was fighting it tooth and nail, she knew that this family never respected her ideas and she simply couldn't resist. Perhaps asking Josh for a loan was indeed the best way to go.

Matilda, seeing that Audrey is a bit shaken, smoothly picks up the cake she grabbed earlier and hands it to Audrey to remind her, "You're going to Josh for your birthday, right? That's just right then, you go ask him for it."

Audrey took the cake. Yes, it was her 21st birthday, and she had prepared an elaborate cake and wanted to spend it sweetly with Josh. But now, it was all getting complicated.

Matilda pulled Talia out of the way through the doorway and Audrey didn't hesitate to head out. Behind her came Matilda's voice, "You have to get the money by tomorrow morning!"


Josh did come from a wealthy family, so he never lived on campus, but had a fancy apartment off campus. He gave her the key to this apartment, but Audrey actually rarely just opened the door and went in, she always thought it was rude.

But today, she came early because she planned to dedicate her first night to him today.

Audrey had just opened the door before she even entered when she saw some men's and women's clothes scattered on the living room floor.

"Josh...oh Josh!" A loud scream came from the bedroom.

Of course Audrey knew what such screams and moans meant, not to mention the fact that it was her boyfriend that this woman was calling for. For a split second she froze in place.

Her eyes widened as she wondered if she should go up to check on him, the voices in the room got louder, "Oh fuck me...fuck me,Josh!"

This time she recognized the woman's voice, her friend Megan.

Audrey's breathing became rapid as she hung her head and forced herself to calm down. The house echoed with the moans of those two men and all sorts of lewd conversations that could not be described.

Scenes of her mother having sex with her john in her house flooded her brain like waves. Tears flowed uncontrollably from her eyes.


That elaborate cake finally fell to the floor smashing into oblivion. Audrey crouched down holding her head in restrained agony.

But the sound of the cake hitting the floor was still heard by the two people having sex in the room, and soon Josh opened the door and came out. He didn't expect to see Audrey, who was holding her head and crying, and was a little startled for a moment.

"Audrey..." said he as he made to approach Audrey.

Audrey jerked her head up reaching out to stop the naked man in front of her, "Stay back!" , quickly she vomited with red eyes. Scenes like this made her sick to her stomach.

But Josh didn't give up and casually picked up a shirt and put it on trying to explain, "Audrey, I can explain."

At that moment Megan came out of the room and shouted, "Audrey! You're in no position to blame Josh, you're the one who can't satisfy him!"

Audrey looked at her best friend in front of her with disbelief as Megan continued, "You're in no position to blame me either! I'm doing you a favor!"

Audrey laughs mockingly and turns her head to look at Josh and asks him, "So you can't accept me at all, and all your promises were just lies to me?"

Josh just looks embarrassed and emphasizes, "It was just an accident, we can pretend it didn't happen-"


Audrey didn't hesitate to pick up the cake on the floor and smash it at Josh.

" Listen, we're done."