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A Kiss Or A Night Together

A Kiss Or A Night Together

Author: Fabs


General Romance

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He is demanding but only when it comes to her, he is addicted but only to her. He is overprotective but only when it comes to her "What is your answer?" A thick cold voice asked. "To what?" A sweet tender voice replied seated on the bed. "He bends his head and holds the lady by her jaw, his eyes were fixed on her lips but his hand ran across her body. "A kiss or a night together" he whispered to her ears and she shivered in fear. "Don't be scared, it is your choice to make" Elene Walker, a sweet young beautiful girl, her deep brown eyes, her black thick hair, her exotic lips, her seductive body, her perky boobs. She is the real definition of beauty, many men want her, not all, but most. And not because of who she is but because of her beauty, luckily for her she has her father who is her protector. But what happens when someone just want her dead? Why? The bounty on her head is quite high for any assassin to resist. But Klaus is not like any other assassin, he is far better or rather "Perfect" The fact that he doesn't believe in family and love makes him more reliable, an assassin with no weakness, a killer with no emotions. But what happens when our killer finally get addicted to something. Who? I think we all know the answer to that. The lady he was asked to kill. What is going to happen in this story? Will Elena break down Klaus walls?
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Chapter 1

  "Miss Elena, wake up" Luna said shaking her.

  "Leave me alone" she uttered half woken.

  "Wake up, your father is back" Luna said and Elena pulled the bedsheets from her body and quickly stood to her feet.

  "What? Father is back?" Elena asked shocked.

  "Yes, he wants to see you" Luna said and Elena put her thumb in her mouth, eating her finger.

  "What do we do? Do I still reek of alcohol?"

  "Yes, not only you but the whole room" Luna answered biting her lips.

  "God, if dad knows I will never go to party again" Elena concludes worried.

  "Is that only it, if he finds out that I helped you sneak out. I might lose my job"

  "Why is he back now?" Elena gritted and they heard her dad voice.

  "Elena, sweetheart" her dad Mr walker called and both Elena and Luna cling on each other.

  "What should we do now?"

  "We are both freaking dead "

  The look on both Elena and Luna face when her dad got close to the door was priceless.

  "Miss Elena" Luna shrieked.

  Mr walker was about to open the door when his phone rang suddenly he stopped to pick the call.

  "OK, am on my way" they heard her dad footsteps fading away.

  "Ah, we are saved" Elena sighed and Luna smiled.

  "No, you aren't" her father said when he entered.

  "Why does your room reek of alcohol?" Her father asked with his typical angry face.

  Both Elena and Luna faced each other with horror written on their face.

  "We are both freaking dead" Elena yelled.

  Elena walker is beautiful young Lady just like her dad will always say. Even though she has never lacked anything in her life, her dad tried his best to make sure she isn't spoiled.

  She is the only reason her dad make it to this level. One of the powerful man in the country, even if he had some bad record.

  Luna is one of Mr walker trustworthy maid, she is the same age with Elena and she understand her. "She is the most reliable" Mr walker will always say.

  She is beautiful and friendly.

  "Dad, please am sorry" Elena pleaded with Luna whose face was already facing the ground.

  "I told you not to go clubbing without my permission again, why don't you listen?" Mr walker yelled frustrated.

  "Why? Why do you always treat like am a prisoner. I also have my life to live" Elena shouts back while Luna quickly excuse herself knowing it won't end well for her if she stays.

  "I also want to leave my life, the way I want it not the way you want"

  "You will never understand, this house is the only place safe for you"

  "What do you mean?" She asked and her father sighed.

  "You won't understand" he said and Elena scoffed.

  "That is what you always say, but I don't care. Am going to do things the way I wish to"

  "Don't you dare" her dar threatened angrily and she flinched.

  Her dad hardly get angry at her but when he does, the outcome is not really good.

  "Have got to go" he said and left.

  Elena fell on her bed, "will I ever get to leave my life the way I want it."


Emerald hotel, Room 208

  Klaus pov

  "Please, don't kill me" the baldheaded pot belly I was assigned to kill pleaded on his knees.

  "But I have already been paid for your life"

  "Please don't, I will give you twice the amount you were given"

  "Twice?" I asked and point the gun at him.

  "No, four times the amount given to you" he pleaded

  "Um, you are really funny" I bend to his level and he gulped down scared.

  "Too bad, am not interested in your money" I said and stood up and shot him in his stomach.

  I hate the sight of his stupid stomach.

  He fell to the ground, groaning. I was about to shot him in his head when I received a call.

  *What is it?* I asked harshly knowing who the caller is.

  "That isn't a way to speak with a friend" Douglas huskily voice came in while I scoffed.

  *Friend my foot, what is it dumbass*

  *The boss has required to see you*


  *He has a job for you, it involves a lot of cash*

  *Am on my way* I hung up before he could say any trash.

  "Let me end your pain" I said and shot the man in his head.

  I hid my gun behind my back and exited his hotel room.

  "How was your stay here?" The recipient asked.

  "It was perfect" I winked while she blushed.

  I head out of the hotel and went to my car.

  I drove straight to Louisiana.

  The name is Klaus, an Assassin, I kill for living. Well, am not just an assassin but a perfect killer.

  I work for a organisation called Louisiana, it is orginazation only for assassins. You could call it my home for now but it is only a matter for time.

  The owner of the organisation is anynomous, no one knows him but the one of who manage it is Carvin.

  I got to Louisiana and saw Douglas waiting for me, what exactly is his problem.

  I got out of my car and he ran towards me, "Carvin is waiting for you" he said. I heard it is a big job" he said and I didn't answer and head Carvin office.

  I entered his office and saw him with a sl*t, sucking him while he was seated on his chair.

  Such a fool when it comes to woman, the lady was moaning hard.

  "If you are done, let me know" I stated and they both look at me surprised.

  I sat on a chair in his office while the lady dressed along with Carvin.

  "When did you get here?" He asked." A moment ago, if I was sent to kill you. You would be dead by now" I said jokingly more like a threat.

  "Am sure that day won't happen"

  "You never know, your luck might finish soon" I threatened and he frowned.

  "Come Carvin, it was just a joke" I smirked.

  "I see"

  ''Since you are finish with your sl*t, let's talk business"

  "Leave us for a while" he said to the sl*t beside him and she did as he requested.

  "Let talk business, I have an important job for you. The price is quite high, around $five million dollars.

  "What, am i killing a drug lord or the president daughter?"

  "Nope, it is just a simple mission."


  "Yes, a mission"