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Reborn: The Richest Real Daughter

Reborn: The Richest Real Daughter



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In the last life, Chu Mian was framed by her vicious sister. Her sister stole her noble status as the real daughter of Lord Protector's Manor. Her life was totally ruined, and finally died tragically at the feet of the unscrupulous. So God gave her a chance to reborn! To live a new life, Chu Mian swore that those who had hurt her would be worse than death! When she returned to the Lord Protector's Manor, her vicious younger sister still wanted to frame her, but she saw through it one by one. Everything she did was thought out. She would let everyone know that she was not to be deceived, she was the real noble daughter! The only thing she didn't expect was that, just because she helped him once, she became the only woman in the heart of the regent king Qin Muchao...
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Chapter 1

"B*tch! All you know is to lie in bed and sleep. Get out of here!"

With a roar and a fierce kick, the pale-faced Chu Jin was kicked out of bed by the man.

She laid powerlessly on the ground. Her clothes were tattered, and her hair was disheveled. Her small face, which was as delicate and brilliant as a summer flower in the past, had long withered and withered.

Liu Qinghua looked at her with disdain. He lowered his head and spat on her. "Ugly b*tch! Why did I blind enough to marry you?"

After that, he stepped directly on Chu Yuan's weak calf and crushed it hard.

As for Chu Jin, she didn't even blink.

Her legs had long been broken by Liu Qinghua and she had lost consciousness.

She was Miss Qianjing of the Lord Protector's Manor, but she ended up like this because she married the wrong person. The man who beat and insulted her in front of her was her husband, Liu Qinghua.

Ever since they got married, the scene of being abused and beaten was happening every day.

Her legs had been broken alive.

"Do you know what day today is?"

Liu Qinghua was still angry after he stepped on her. He pulled up Chu Jin's collar and slapped her. "Today is the wedding day of your sister and the Fourth Prince! I happily went over to congratulate you, but I was kicked out in public! It's all your fault, you b*tch. It's you who made me lose face outside. Go to hell!"

As Liu Qinghua spoke, he slapped Chu Jin hard in the face.

After a while, Chu Jin's cheeks were swollen all the time.

However, Liu Qinghua was still angry. He raised his fist again and slammed it into her temple!

"Hmm..." Chu Jin let out a muffled groan. She felt everything before her eyes go dark and the tip of her tongue tasted the scent of blood.

She had long been used to Liu Qinghua's beating. At this time, the more she struggled, the more excited he became.

She could only endure it. When Liu Qinghua was done venting his anger, the nightmare would be over.

"Damn it! I thought I married the daughter of the Lord Protector's Manor and found a treasure. I didn't expect that I would marry a weed! Even the maids of the Lord Protector's Manor are more valuable than you! I came to ask for money, but I was driven out! What's the use of marrying a good-for-nothing like you?"

Chu Jin lay on the ground powerlessly, her body heavily kicked by the man again and again.

She curled up her upper body with great effort and protected her head with her arms.

In the Lord Protector's Manor.

These two words were like a sharp knife that stabbed deeply into her heart.

She was the real daughter of the Lord Protector's Manor, but for some reason, she had been framed by someone. She had been sent to the countryside and raised for 14 years. Unfortunately, she had been found by the Lord Protector's Manor.

However, Chu Xing, who had replaced her identity and lived for 14 years, was still raised in the Lord Protector's Manor. Not only would he replace her identity, but he would also viciously ruin her life!

From the day she returned to the Lord Protector's Manor, Chu Xing had been scheming against her. In the end, she was ruined and no one dared to marry her.

In the end, the Chu family married her to a scholar who had just entered the capital!

And after she married him, what she got was not his respect and respect, but endless humiliation and abuse.

She would never forget that on the night before the wedding, Chu Xing appeared in her room with an arrogant look on his face.

"Chu Jin, this is just the beginning. Your appearance has ruined everything that I originally had. I want you to live a life worse than death! I want those who only recognize you as the legitimate daughter to regret their choice! Just you wait! Your future will be worse than entering hell!"

After that, her life was the same as what Chu Xing had said. It was like falling into hell and living a life worse than death.

"Bitch! Do you think I want to marry you? If Chu Xing hadn't said that he would marry you, your dowry would belong to me. Do you think I would marry this notorious woman for you?"

Liu Qinghua cursed and kicked Chu Jin again. "When your mother was kept in the dark, I could still ask for some money. Now that she's going to collapse, how can I live my life in the future? You're such a good-for-nothing. No one wants you even if you sell you to a brothel! What bad luck!"

Chu Jin's entire body shook. She suddenly propped up her upper body and looked up at him. "What did you say?"

Her voice was rough, like that of an old woman in her 70s.

Liu Qinghua sneered. "Your mother has offended the whole Lord Protector's Manor because of you. She is ill now and has no one to take care of her. I don't think she will survive for a few days. That's good. I'll send you girls to hell together so that you can have a companion on your way to hell!"

Chu Jin stiffened and felt a chill run down her spine.

It turned out that her mother did not give up on her.

It turned out that her mother had been secretly helping her and thinking about her.

It was Chu Xing! She was the one who schemed against her and made her think that her mother was disappointed in her and that her heart had turned to dust. When she thought of everything that had happened before her marriage and how her mother had scolded and insulted her, Chu Jin felt as if her heart had been cut by a knife.

How stupid was she to not hear the pain in her mother's words?


Chu Jin collapsed to the ground with a bitter smile. Blood flowed down from the corners of her eyes, and her laughter was hoarse and shrill.

Before she got married, her mother was the most glorious lady in the Lord Protector's Manor.

But now, it was because of her that she ended up like this.

She hated him!

She hated herself for being weak and incompetent. She hated how Chu Xing schemed everywhere.

If she could be reborn in the next life, she would never let herself live such a miserable life...

Seeing that she was about to die, Liu Qinghua was furious and kicked her hard in the chest. "Damn it, who are you pretending to be?"

Chu Jin groaned and spat out a mouthful of blood.

It hurts...

But she had never felt so relaxed.

"It's great. I'm finally free..."


"This girl only sold 10 taels of silver to you. Don't worry, this girl's appearance is absolutely worth the price!"

Hearing the woman's faint voice, Chu Jin groaned and slowly opened her eyes.

What he saw was a messy woodshed. The air was full of the smell of decay, and there were mice crawling under his feet from time to time. Chu Jinzheng was stunned for a moment and wanted to get up, but he found himself tied to a pillar.

Looking down at her intact legs, Chu Jin was stunned for a while, but she didn't understand what had happened.

"Where is that girl?"

"It's in the woodshed. It has been fed with knockout powder. Don't worry."

Hearing the familiar voice coming from outside the door, Chu Jin trembled all over.

This was the voice of her aunt when she was in the countryside!

Memories from many years ago suddenly flooded into her mind. Chu Jin's entire body stiffened. She was actually not dead!

God was so smart that she was reborn to the day before returning to the Lord Protector's Manor!

She still had a chance to regain her previous shame!

In her previous life, her adoptive parents died when she was very young. After that, she lived in her aunt's house.

The aunt's family thought that she was a burden. They had ordered her to do the most dirty and tiring work since she was a child, but they had given all the food and use to her child.

It wasn't easy to wait for her to grow up, but her aunt had planned to sell her in exchange for ten taels of silver.

She tried her best to resist and hit the wall in search of death. It took her a lot of effort to regain her innocence.

If she remembered correctly, the night she was sold was the night before the Lord Protector's Manor came to pick her up!

In this way, the people of Lord Protector's Manor would arrive tomorrow!

Chu Jin took a deep breath and quickly thought of a solution in her heart. In this life, she would never repeat the same mistakes as in her previous life!