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Decisions And Mayhem

Decisions And Mayhem

Author: Saint Caliendo



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Antonio Martinez has a hard time fitting in. For one, he wasn't born in the USA and as a result, has a funny accent the kids at school made fun of. New money was looked down on in his private school, and so the former top of the class had it out for him for stealing her spot. Antonio didn't think things could get any worse until his mother asked the son of her long-term boyfriend to keep an eye on him and his siblings - in other words, become their permanent babysitter. And that was how Antonio's social life was completely ruined.
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Chapter 1

  I hate my life.

  I mean, my life is literally one big joke. It's as if whatever is up there was bored and decided to make a human with a terrible life for their own entertainment.

  I stood in front of the bathroom door mentally weeping as I waited for my soon-to-be stepbrother to finish using the shower. Yes, we moved to a bigger house, but having six siblings and one soon-to-be sibling meant I still had to share things like the bathroom with other people.

  "Come on Wyatt. I have to go to school too!" I whined, placing my head against the wooden door as if it could comfort me.

  Juana, my twin sister soon walked by. She stopped in her tracks, turning to face my pathetic disposition with a puzzled look.

  "You know we have only like twenty minutes to get to school right?" she muttered. It was then I noticed that she was fully dressed in our private school's uniform and was just about ready to leave. I groaned in annoyance, banging the bathroom door at the sound of whistling from the other end.

  "Hurry up though," Juana said, running a hand through her shoulder-length dark hair before leaving me to my faith. I rolled my eyes at her statement. If only I could get Wyatt to hurry up.

  I stumbled forward when the door suddenly popped open, getting on my footing only to find Wyatt grinning at me like an idiot in his bathroom robe.

  "The shower is all yours," he said with a mini bow, making his purple hair fall forward with the movement. I rolled my eyes at him before walking past him and into the bathroom. Sometimes I purely wondered why my mother was so determined to marry his father. Wyatt and his dad were both over the top and had first-class degrees at douchebaggery.

  I did not like them both, and for sensible reasons and it wasn't because of their religion.

  I shook my head to get the thoughts off my mind so I could get in and out of the bathroom in record time. I soon found myself running and trampling over my own shoelaces as I ran down the stairs. I got a head shake from my mother who was sitting at the dining table when I came into view.

  "Are you going to school like that?" She asked as her big brown eyes moved to the undone tie that hung loosely around the collar of my unbuttoned school shirt. I felt my face heat up, not forgetting that my shoelaces were also undone.

  "No," I muttered before directing a glare at Rosa, my fourteen-year-old sister who was now presently trying to cover up the giggle she'd let out with a cough. She gave me a 'what?' look before taking a sip of tea from the cup she had in her hands.

  Juana and I headed out soon after with both of us holding plastic cups half-filled with juice along with a wrapped-up sandwich each. The bus had come a bit early and we hadn't had time to eat breakfast. The rest of the kids were in middle and elementary school and still had about an hour until they were expected in school, unlike me and Juana who were, unfortunately, seniors in high school.

  "I hate this," Juana groaned as she tried to balance the cup and her books in one hand as she used the other to climb into to school bus. Our school, being a private school, used a smaller bus that was a lot neater than the ones we used when we were still going to public school in Mexico.

  Juana's friends beckoned to her to join them in the back seat while I took my predestined seat up in front with the driver.

  It's not as depressing as most people think it is, and Mr. Richard was pretty chilled and allowed me to mess with the radio.

  The bus stopped at the school gates soon after, making a flood of white-shirted and blue-bottomed students fill out the bus. Some people were being dropped off by their parents, and some just walked to school and came using their own cars. The school also had boarding students and it was quite easy to tear them out of the rest because how they were made to follow the strict dress code that no one really paid attention to. That means they were the only ones wearing buttoned-up blazers and white ankle-length socks within ugly school shoes.

  I stepped out of the bus only to be blocked by a dark-skinned girl in purple-rimmed glasses.

  Oh, did I forget to mention Alissa? Basically, she has this idea had we're rivals since I scored higher than her in a few tests last semester.

  "Alissa let me pass," I groaned, trying to sidestep her but she only followed my movement without breaking eye contact. I sighed, giving up before starting at her twitch her nose as she ran a hand through her shoulder-length braids.

  "I hope you studied hard enough for the math test today Ant because I'll crush you like the ant you are," she said before turning and walking away dramatically.

  I rolled my eyes at her retreating before letting out a?small sigh as I walked through the school's gates and into the school compound.

  'Ant' was the sad abbreviation most kids at school had given to my weird-sounding name [according to them] Antonio. I didn't understand how Ant sounded any better. It was rather depressing, to be honest.

  Sometimes I just wish I could disappear off the face of the earth and won't have to give a shit about life anymore, but I'm too scared to die and face the possible afterlife, so I guess I'll just have to deal with it.