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"Join me for the night, and your family's loan will be granted." Out of options, Alicia went to the nightclub to seek help from the renowned Vincent. Vincent, who owned several banks, was wealthy but fickle. Initially, Vincent didn't want to help Alicia, but changed his mind after looking into her eyes. With a heavy heart, Alicia agreed to Vincent's request. She wore a mask to cover her face, revealing only her eyes, and went to bed with him. The next day, Vincent approved the loan for Alicia's family. Alicia thought they would never see each other again, but she was taken by surprise when destiny had other plans...
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Chapter 1

Alicia Davies gazed up at the grand entrance of the "Royal" Nightclub, adorned ostentatiously in gold. Her heart was a bundle of nerves as this was her first visit to such a place in her twenty-two years of life. An unsettling sense of apprehension was palpable.

The "beep" sound of an incoming text message on her mobile phone interrupted her thoughts. It's from her best friend, Bella Eaton, who worked part-time as a waitress in this nightclub. "Are you here yet? Room 302. Off you go — good luck!"

Alicia's heart rate speeded up, and an instinctive desire to flee took over. But the image of her father's pale face on the hospital bed struck her, and she steadied her resolve. She has flourished in the comfortable environment provided by her parents for many years, enjoying a worry-free life. Now, it's time to do something for them!

Smoothly adjusting her dress, she stepped in confidently.

Outside room 302 stood two towering figures, men in black shirts and sunglasses – a uniform characteristic of bodyguards.

Alicia hesitated, unsure whether to approach, but one bodyguard spotted her hesitation and took a step forward. "Who are you?" he asked.

"I… I want to see... your boss, Mr. Chambers," Alicia answered, biting her lip.

The bodyguard's eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, "You have an appointment with Mr. Chambers?" He scanned her up and down.

"No, but I have some business with him".

"If it's business-related, you should go to the company during the day," he interrupted her before she could finish.

"I did, but his secretary said he isn't available without an appointment. Please let me in?" Alicia pleaded.

The bodyguard was unimpressed with her plea, "No."

Growing desperate, Alicia's voice rose unintentionally, "It's a matter of life and death, just let me see him for a moment. I honestly don't know how else to see him!" She tried to push past him.

The bodyguard blocked her way with his strong arm and coldly warned, "Leave now, or don't blame me for my rudeness!"

"What's all the fuss about?" a calm voice broke through, sounding casual but immediately quelling the altercation.

Alicia turned her head, and she saw that the door of the private room was open, a man was leaning against the doorframe.

He was very tall. Alicia's gaze skimmed across, landing at his chest area. He was in a white shirt, the top three buttons undone, revealing the wheat-colored, tight, and symmetrical muscles on his chest. They were vaguely visible through the shirt, giving off an indescribable sense of charm.

Encountering this raw masculinity unexpectedly, the innocent Alicia couldn't help but blush, and quickly moved her gaze upwards. His neck was slender, Adam's apple was prominent, and beside it, there was a noticeable rose-colored lip mark!

"Vincent Chambers is said to be a playboy," suddenly, the words of Bella echoed in her ears, which made her heart tremble, instantly killing the courage she initially had.

As if electrified, she averted her gaze immediately, lowering her head, and feeling heat rising to her face.

In the silence of the corridor, the bodyguard broke the silence and answered a question, "Mr. Chambers, this woman wants to see you."

Right after this, Alicia could feel the man's gaze sweeping over her, as if inspecting her, which felt scorching.

A few seconds later, a soft chuckle echoed, "There are women lining up every night to see me. Do I have to see them all?"

The words were light, but they made the two bodyguards stiffen up immediately, "Understood, Mr. Chambers. We will drive her away right now, and will not allow any irrelevant people to disturb your mood again!"

Seeing the hand of the bodyguard about to grab her arm, Alicia snapped back to reality, hastily raising her head, addressing the man several steps away, "Mr. Chambers, I am here for business, please, hear me out!"

Their eyes met, his were a pair of deep, icy orbs.