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Mafia's Innocent Love

Mafia's Innocent Love

Author: Nikhar



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' Get ready we are going to get married' He said before leaving . ' I don..n't wa..ant to mar..rry you' She sobbed . She couldn't form words properly. ' I didn't ask you . I am telling you ' He said making her to cry loudly . ' And think about your whole family , your joint family before denying me ' He said in his cold tone and left . His icy look is enough to give someone chills. He does not think twice before killing some one . But he never killed any innocent . She can't even see someone crying . He is a devil and she is a pure angel . He has no one except two persons and she has a huge joint family . They are from two different worlds. What will happen when the devil will fall for an angel? What will happen when the devil will cage his angel in his arms ? Love doesn't cage you but gives you wings . ************************* Please note that, from chapter 80, it is a new story, about the son of Mafia's Innocent Love's lead Abhay and Mrinal.
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Chapter 1




Abhay Singh Raizada




Mrinal Chatterjee


' Why are you marrying me ? Do what ever you want to do , fulfil your lust and then kill me . It is better to die than living with you .' She shouted while crying .

He dragged her inside his beautiful bedroom and pushed her lightly not wanting to hurt her. He is angry but he can't hurt his Baby .

'No one should dare to bad mouth about you not even you . I love u but that doesn't mean I will not punish you for saying those shits about yourself . But I will punish your family instead of you cause that will be more fun .' He smirked. His cold eyes are now colder .

Her words ripped his heart .How can she call his love as lust ?

He never lusted her . He even never looked at any girl. He never loved anyone except his parents , his two care takers and children who live in his orphanages as he lost his parents at very small age .

But he fell for her innocence at first sight. But he also loves her strong nature.

A perfect queen for a mafia king like him with a pure heart.

' No please don't harm them . I beg you please . 'She couldn't control her tears . She can't let him to harm her family .

' Ok I love you so just marry me and I will not harm them .' Again he smirked . He loves her with his everything but he can't loose her . He is bound to do give her threat though he doesn't want to . He has no one except three persons in this cruel world . But he will never harm any innocent and that too his in-laws .

His heart cried seeing his lady love begging in front of him but this time he will not show any mercy .

' I will marry you .' At last she said in a painful tone .

He smiled like a baby who got his favourite food but covered it smartly and said ' Ok . Everything is done . Just get ready . Beauticians will help you Baby .'

She glared him for calling her Baby .

He chuckled that she glared him in this condition also and left the place to get ready for his marriage.


Characters :

Mrinal Chatterjee

Mrinal means Lotus Stalk

22 years

A shy , sweet , bengali girl from ' City of Joy ' . She has a pure soul and a pure heart . She is too innocent for this cruel world but she can fight for justice doesn't matter who needs it . She loves her family to an extend that she can do anything for them . She loves to draw , paint and play with colours . She is the most precious member of her joint family . She creates her dream with her canvas .

She doesn't believe in outer beauty but in inner beauty . Well she is a stubborn beauty . She has her own little dreams to fulfil . She is a kind soul in this cruel world , an ANGEL in human disguise . She looks like a open book but she is not .

*I am happy with whatever I have .*

- Mrinal

Abhay Singh Raizada

Abhay means Fearless

30 years

India's no. 1 Businessman and one of the world's top 10 Businessman for the outer world . But in reality he belongs to a dark world . He is the Indian Mafia king . All Indian mafias are under him . But he has his own rules .

He is ruthless, cruel, merciless, cold hearted and a DEVIL in his dark world . He doesn't think twice to kill someone . But never hurt any innocent . He is the best son one could be .He knows how to respect but only those who deserves . His is not only loved by his parents but all the workers of his mansion also . Most sweet person towards beloved ones and good ones . But he has his own pain and painful past . He is a kind hearted person but not for those who doesn't deserve kindness .

*I am worst cause I keep bad ones in control .*

- Abhay


Author's Note :

This is a work of fiction. There is no hatred towards anyone. I don't support any kind of abuse. And I welcome you all in my story MAFIA'S INNOCENT LOVE.

Thank You

With Love