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One Night Stand With Mr. CEO

One Night Stand With Mr. CEO

Author: Khira



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Giselle had never expected her life would be turned upside down in one night. Her father was close to death, her boyfriend was caught cheating with her best friend, and she even lost her virginity to a strange man. The only good news was that she got a reason to call off her arranged marriage, as she knew she could not afford the price of lying to the Heinriches. Ezra Heinrich had never liked the idea of marriage, however, he changed his mind after that steamy night. He intended to make the mysterious woman his wife, but had no clues where she was. He needed a fake fiancée to get rid of his parents, and that's why he chose to give Giselle a contract to keep the place for his future bride. Giselle took this as a golden opportunity and swore to exert revenge on the people who had betrayed her. But what will happen when the Heinriches discover her plan? Will Ezra find out that Giselle was the woman that night? *** "Do you think I could never find you?" He pinned her on the wall, looking at her fiercely. "I..." His wild kisses fell on her lips before she could complete her words. She would like to resist but moaned out uncontrollably. "Right," He chuckled in his hoarse voice, hot breath fanning her ear. "Let it all out. We'll have a long night."
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Chapter 1

Giselle had never experienced any pain rivalling the one she was currently feeling. The burning sensation and aches in her lower section brought tears to the corners of her eyes, and with every thrust that he made, the pain worsened. Slowly, she could feel the effects of the drug wearing off.

But she didn’t cry out. Giselle had no intention of letting the male on top her gain pleasure from hearing her cries, he had already gained enough of that from teasing her in the past hour since she her woken up half naked in his bed.

There had been little to no light in the room when her eyes had opened, the only thing that warned her that she was in the midst of a predator was the movement she had felt at the edge of the bed.

After that, things happened too fast, her drugged up mind didn’t process things quick enough until she had felt a burning pain at her entrance as he penetrated her.

Biting down on her lower lip, she turned her head towards an almost burnt out red candle, the only source of light in the dark room. Hearing the sound of his grunts and moans brought goosebumps on her skin.

As much as she previously loved watching porn, she hated this situation.

A new wave of pain swept across her shoulder, hitting the exact spot she was most vulnerable at and before she could even comprehend, she moaned out.

The sound of his hoarse voice reached her ear as he chuckled and leaned in, hot breath fanning her ear. "Good girl." He rasped out. "Let it all out."

After his words, the brunette had shut her eyes tightly, allowing her body to give into pleasure.

'Don’t think Giselle. Don’t think!'

Giselle snapped her eyes open, taking in huge breaths as she adjusted in her seat, frantically looking around the beige colored café. For a moment, she seemed lost, until she remembered that she had dosed off while waiting for a certain someone to arrive.

'It was just another nightmare.' She chuckled inwardly at the thought, raising her finger to graze the spot of a few fading hickeys on her neck.

Calming her breath, she straightened out her outfit, wiping off any potential drool that she might have on her face, before reaching up to adjust her hair, making sure that it covered up the evidence of what had happened two nights before.

Thankfully, she had woken up before her husband-to-be arrived. Picking up her phone, she clicked it on. She didn’t expect to see a single text form anyone, but glancing at the time, she realized Ezra Heinrich was late.

Sighing, Giselle placed down the phone and directed her attention towards the transparent window by her side. She had no intent of texting nor calling him once again.

Hopefully he would come. Giselle had made up her mind to break off the marriage their families had arranged for them, after all she had already lost her virginity to someone she couldn’t even remember. Marrying someone from the Heinrich family while keeping such a secrete would bring nothing but dishonor and doom to she and her father soon rather than later.


Average. That was the first thought that came to mind when Ezra had caught a glimpse of Giselle’s face through the transparent glass. Her hair had a slight resemblance to a bird's nest and her skin a tad too plain for his liking.

How did his parents ever think she was a good match for him.

Stopping in his tracks, he collected a brown envelop and handed a clean silver tablet back to his personal assistant, Jubril Williams. "This is not acceptable. Find her." He sternly demanded making the short black-ette tremble.

"The hotel was undergoing a quick technical maintenance at that time and a week's worth of footages were lost, as a result we cannot determine who it was that entered your room." Jubril bowed. "I'm sorry Mr. Heinrich."

Ezra sighed and glanced at the lady siting at his table. She looked extremely lost in whatever she was thinking about, so lost that she hadn't even heard them talking only a distance from her.

"Have the Hotel submit a list of guests who had check-in that day. Let talk about this later, you can wait in the car."

Jubril nodded and scrambled off, leaving Ezra to approach his table.

He was determined to find the woman from that night at any cost. Sadly, the only thing he knew about her was that she had a moon tattoo on the crook of her neck.

Wasn't much information to work with. But Ezra simply couldn't let her off after she had taken advantage of him while he had been in a drugged state. He was going to find her at any cost and make sure that she pays.

But with that being said, he still needed to take care of the little gold digger in front. And he knew exactly how to do that, while using her to delay his marriage until his mysterious lady would be able to replace her.


Giselle was startled when she saw a male sitting in front of her. She didn't have to ask who he was to know his identity, after all, the whole café had been booked out by Ezra for a whole day.

Giselle had heard several stories from women, saying how Ezra had the beauty rivaling that of an ethereal being and now that she had seen him in person, she confirmed that those weren't baseless rumors.

Ezra was pretty. Chestnut brown hair which parted at the side of his head with one side permed back, glossy siren like hazel eyes and well glossed natural lips. The black tight long sleeves shirt he was currently adorning showcased his upper build.

Giselle adjusted her posture, allowing a friendly smile adorn her plump pink lips. "Hello Mr. Heinrich. It's nice to..."

"I've already wasted enough of my time so let me get straight to the point. I will not be marrying you." Ezra interrupted her, folding his arm and leaning back, leaving no room for her kind greeting.

Giselle blinked. She didn't know what to process first; the fact that the person she 'was' meant to marry was a rude ass jerk or the fact that he had plain out just rejected her.

He wasn't going to marry her? It felt like her ears were playing tricks on her.

Giselle didn't hide the amount of relief that passed through her body at that moment. She sighed, allowing her posture to slouch. After some time, she leaned forward, allowing her tongue to run over her bottom lip before she spoke.

"You could have easily told me all that over a text and I wouldn't have had a problem, so why are you here?" She spoke in a matter-of-fact way.

"The engagement ceremony would carry on as planned," He slid a brown envelop towards her as he spoke. The brunette caught it, her eyes catching glimpse of a bracelet on his wrist as his sleeves rose. It wasn’t anything fancy, just your usual colorful woven bracelet. Something so simple had her questioning it's origin for a spilt second.

"Inside there is a document containing the rules you are to follow while you're playing the part of my fiancée for the next three months. You'll be cared for and have every single right as my fiancée should, once the time limit elapse, we go our separate ways."

'Shady.' Giselle stared at envelop, only reaching for it after she hesitated. As she read through the rules, they seemed sensible until one caught her attention.

"Are you sure you want this to be part of the contract?" She asked, tapping her well-manicured nail on a particular spot. Ezra reached forward and collected the paper, reading it and nodding.

'No lovers allowed during while the time limit has not been exceeded' It read.

"Yes, but if you don’t want it to be a term in the contract, I’ll have it removed. If that’s all you can go ahead and sign." Ezra said, tossing the paper back to her.

Giselle caught it once again, using everything in her power to stop the sneer that was about to surface.

The brunette stared holes at the paper in front of her. Clearly, she was skeptical, but he did say she would have rights as his fiancée and that was a lot.

Enough that she could make those two pay for hurting her. She could make them pay in ways that they'll regret double crossing her for years to come.

Her revenge would be one worse than death.

'Keep it together Giselle.' Clenching her hidden hand, she plucked a pen out of her bag with the other one, hesitating one last time before she drew her signature down. 'There's no going back now.' She sighed at the thought.

But certainly, she had chosen the right part.

"Good," Ezra retrieved the paper, shoving it into the envelope. "The engagement should take place as soon as possible."

“Four day.”

Her answer surprised him, earning a raised brown from the brunette male.

"I'll make preparation for that. We'll visit my parents by noon tomorrow, I'll send a driver to your place with some outfits. Be ready and don't mess things up."

And without another word he got up, grabbed the envelop and walked away, leaving Giselle alone with her thought