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My Hero Is A Gangleader

My Hero Is A Gangleader


General Romance

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"I want to wear this on that day, I kill my nemesis. I want to put it on to hide and shadow my face. I want to reveal the strong woman I became from it. I want to see the shock on their faces when I raise it a bit upper from my face, to see I'm not more the weak girl they once knew. I want them to see the Mafia's lady through this. The black hat." This is my love story.... Larisa Winter a normal 17 years old girl who leaves a normal life. She loves a life the way it is. Until something happened and everything breaks loose. Meet Nathan Lockwood, is that even his real name or surname? your typical bad boy who is heartless and arrogant but handsome and hot. He isn't just a bad boy but a Mafia. In a school for a mission but gets the unexpected. Does he makes the right choices? Read and keep this in mind as you read this book: Love never gives up...
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Chapter 1


Just waking up by the sound of my alarm with pains all over my body, but I won’t miss school because I never miss school.

This is my senior year in my school ‘Angels High School’. I know right? Like who gives that kind of name to a school that is so corrupt and when I said corrupt I mean it. But who am I to judge.

Getting caught up in my thoughts I try getting up and prepare for school and do my usual stuff as a girl

After dressing I put on my big hoodie to hide as usual from this crazy hell hole and….. scars.

Walking down the stairs to my way to the door and walk up to school I make sure I hold my keys to the front door. Not hearing any weird sounds, I guess my so-called uncle Benson has already gone to work.


Finally reaching the building of my school. I got in with a warm hug from my one and only true friend Michelle Johnson.

She isn’t that much gossip but pretty with a model body shape and dark green eyes.

“Hey! How are you doing Ash?”

“Good and you?” I lied and asked back as we make our way to our lockers, lucky for us our lockers are just next to each other.

“I’m good, so have you done your maths homework?” Michelle asks after taking out her book for her next class. Too bad we don’t have the same classes except for math my favourite subject. I know right? Weird.

“Yep. I’m done with it.” I replied. As always she wants to copy my answers.

“Can u please- “ she was cut off by the sight of the three bad boys of this school passing us. Like they own this school. Let me just introduce them to you.

Meet Mason Anthony the cute, he is a cutie and also a player of this school. Always with different girls every week. He has blond hair and light green eyes and is 6.3 in height. Taller than my 5.3 height.

Then Ace Parker the silent one some people refer to him as the silencer since he is usually quiet. He is quite the cool one who doesn’t play when you mess up with him. Let’s just say he doesn’t smile. But he’s hot, girls second dream guy after Chase. But I have never seen him with a girl before. Proving He doesn’t have much interest in relationships. He has light blue eyes with black hair smooth to the back with a height of 6.5.

Meet the leader, the one and only Chase Martins the hottest guy in school. Who doesn’t even care whether girls exist or not? He is always having this cold glare giving cold shoulders. He gives you that death glare that makes you want to pee on yourself especially when someone bumps into him. Always

with that straight face like I don’t give a fuck on what going on around me, cold one to be precise. He has beautiful grey eyes with brown hair, the same height as his close friend Ace.