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Third Time, Make You Mine

Third Time, Make You Mine


General Romance

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Reagan was a hot CEO who hated being touched by others. But Briley ruined his principle. She not only touched him, but also kissed him, a deep kiss. To Reagan's surprise, he didn't hate that kiss at all. He instantly announced that he had found the girl he needed. However, Briley had no idea what this man was thinking about. She kissed him only because she tried to escape from a horny man who tried to ravish her. Especially, she was cheated by her boyfriend and had no confidence in the relationship. Would Reagan successfully make Briley his girl?
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Chapter 1

"What a bunch of b*stards! Luckily, I've escaped." Briley Golden whispered, gasping for breath.

Briley Golden leaned against the wall and shook her dizzy head. Well, she didn't expect this tonight. Her second sister, Alyvia Golden, introduced Mr. Louis Potts to her, but this man was really not easy to deal with. However, it was too late to call for help right now. She had to find a way out by herself.

"Miss Golden, where are you going? Come back and let's continue!"

A troop of men shouted from behind. Briley had no time to stop. She took a turn to the right and scattered her hair, taking off her white coat and turned it over to reveal a colorful inner layer. After she put it on, the gentle looking girl was gone. Briley was now a complete hottie.

As she walked, she lifted the hem of her skirt and tied a bowknot around her waist, revealing the leather pants underneath. At a same time, she saw a man coming over, his legs were tall and he might be a handsome guy. She gritted her teeth and thought, "Well, it's you."

"Honey, why are you so late?" She held back her voice and said coquettishly, holding the man's arm.

The man's body suddenly froze.

Reagan Hanson was here to meet his business partner.

Before stepping into the private room, a gust of wind came blew in. Reagan felt that someone who reeked of alcohol was grabbing his clothes.

He looked down, and his eyes fell on the two tender white hands which were grabbing his suit. Instantly, he had already thought of a hundred ways to disinfect and dispose his clothes. And for this reckless woman, how should he punish her in order to enlighten her on how stupid her actions were?

Unexpectedly, the woman pushed him to the wall, tiptoed and kissed him on the lips.

Well, it seemed that sterilizing his clothes was no longer useful. He needed to be completely sterilized all over his body!

"Miss Golden? Where have you been? Miss Golden?" A couple of men approached.

The timing was just right! She was indeed smart. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that the two wretched men were really coming after her. She stretched out her arms and hugged the man's neck, pretending to be drunk on kisses. Her angle right now was perfect enough to hide herself from the two men.

Briley blinked her eyes and realised that the man who was forcibly kissed by her was gazing at her. Their faces were too close to each other, so all she could see was his eyes. His eyes were profound and deep like a dark pool, revealing an innate coldness. Briley was so frightened that she trembled and pursed her lips subconsciously. However, their lips were pressed against each other at the moment. The tip of her tongue ran over his lips.

The man's eyes darkened.

Almost at the same time, he reached out and grabbed Briley's waist, pressing her against the wall, perfectly obscuring everyone's vision.

Briley stared at him in shock, but he slightly opened his lips and kissed hers. His eyes were so deep that it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

"Where is she?" The two men looked around but didn't find her. They muttered doubtfully and continued to chase forward.

Phew... that was close!

Briley quickly pushed the man away and took a few steps back. She held herself and was ready to apologize, but when she saw the man in front of her, she gave a horrified gasp.

Handsome... He was definitely the most handsome guy she had ever come across! He had sword-shaped eyebrows and shrewd dark eyes, a strong Greek nose in the middle of a perfectly sculpted face, he looked even much better than the stars on magazines. However, his temperament was too cold, and his poker face was imprinted with four words, "Don't mess with me".

She felt a cold breeze on her neck, as if someone was resting a knife there.

Oh no, his eyes could kill people. Hurry up and run away!

"I'm very sorry, handsome. Thank you very much. Goodbye and we shall never see again!"

Briley slunk away with her tail between her legs.

After she left, Nathan, the assistant who had witnessed since the beginning, said with trepidation, "Mr. Hanson, should we chase after her?"

Being kissed by a woman was definitely the only skeleton in Mr. Hanson's closet.

Reagan cast a cold glance at him. He was scared that he couldn't even speak a word.

He gazed at her receding figure. Thinking of her behaviour just now, he couldn't help gently touched his lips and feel the remaining warmth.

It was as if the smooth touch of the woman's tongue was still lingering on his lips.

Why did his mysophobia seem to not work on this woman at all?

He frowned slightly.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang. It was his mother calling.

"Reagan, a piece of good news for you. The daughter of the Downs family returned home yesterday! Not only does she look good, but she is also a violin player. A totally perfect match for you. I've turned down all your meetings this coming weekend. I warn you, don't show your poker face to her, or you'll frighten her. Easton is already four years old, he needs a mom to take care of him. Could you give him maternal love?"

Well, it was his mother urging him to take a wife again. He was already a real cold fish since he was a child. For him, marriage was just a deal. He was not interested in it at all. Perhaps God also stood by his side, so he was born a highly mysophobic person and this had gradually raised concern among his elders. Until now, they still failed to let any woman get close to him.

But today...

He just bumped into a woman who did not prompt his mysophobia. She was also the first woman who got close to him but he didn't reject...

"Mom, you needn't bother about this anymore. I've found one."

Nathan Hayes, who was behind him, widened his eyes. Didn't Mr. Hanson insist staying single? Why did he suddenly say that he had one? Where was "the one"?

Before he came to his senses, Reagan hung up the phone and ordered him.

"Check the information of that woman just now. As soon as possible."

Perhaps, she was a good choice.

After that, he strode away, leaving Nathan alone in a daze.

Mr. Hanson... Did he lose his mind after being kissed? An iceberg of ten thousand years suddenly became a little kid in love... He changed so fast that Nathan was feeling horrible!

He felt that he needed some time to calm himself.

Briley ran all the way and stopped a taxi downstairs. As soon as she sat down, her phone rang.

"Briley, didn't I ask you to accompany Mr. Potts well? Where have you been? Go back now!" The high-pitched voice sounded. It was her second sister, Alyvia Golden.

Briley's eyes turned cold, but she simpered. "I'm sorry. I was drunk and vomited. Ah, Corey called me. I'll talk to you later..."

After that, she hung up and turned off her phone directly.

Then, she leaned against the car seat and rubbed her temples wearily.

Alyvia framed her up once again.

Since childhood, Alyvia had spared no efforts to suppress her. It even turned worse when she was in love with Corey Price two years ago. Alyvia set her up every now and then. Luckily she had been keeping a high level of defense all the time, or she would be defiled for countless times.

Thinking of Corey, a sharp pain flashed across Briley's eyes. It had been two years, how could she not realize that Corey was actually a jerk, cheating on her not only once?

"Miss, you haven't said where to go yet." the driver asked.

"Oh, Sufnola Community, thank you."

Sufnola Community was where she rented her house. She was a doctor, so it was common for her to stay up late and be on duty in the hospital. Her home was relatively far away from the hospital, so she rented a unit nearby to rest after working overtime.

After returning to the unit, she casually cleaned herself and went to sleep. She had a day off next day, so she could take a good rest. After turning on her phone, Alyvia's call came.

"Mr. Potts was very angry after you left so suddenly last night! I'll text you the hotel he stayed. Hurry up and apologize to Mr. Potts."

Apologize at the hotel? Was Alyvia calling her to beg for humiliation?

Sure enough, Alyvia was never willing to let go of any chance to destroy her.

Briley's mouth was contorted in a snarl, but she said obediently, "If Mr. Potts gets angry, will you lose the leading role? It's all my fault. I owed him an apology."

Apologize, huh? Should she bring a gift along? Well, she was determined to prepare a big gift for Mr. Potts. Thinking of this, she couldn't help chuckling.