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I Accidentally Married A Playboy

I Accidentally Married A Playboy

Author: Celia Dempsey


General Romance

You're such a rogue, how could you do that? I regret getting married to you" he smirked, " You married a Playboy, welcome to my world". The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. Kathleen has always wanted a perfect relationship and a perfect life as she ran away on her wedding day from her abusive relationship and got married to a mysterious stranger that same day. Will this stranger treat her any better than her ex? Her relationship wouldn't be perfect after all because she got married to a handsome Playboy who wasn't ready to be chained down by marriage.
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    Kathleen sat in front of her mirror, fully clad in her wedding dress as she observed her pale expression, it's her wedding day yet she looked so sad, doubts whirl in her mind, she's getting married to the most upright and perfect guy in the universe, well to everyone, he's a saint, even her parents see him as a demigod and her chance of a lifetime, she had tried on several occasions that Dave is no saint but they would hear nothing about it, her dad had even threatened to disown her if she so much as do anything that will sabotage her marriage with Dave, he is Rich, handsome and charming and would bring them out from their poverty state, he has so blinded her parents that none sees her desire nor do they care about what she wants.

    Dave was every lady's dream but he was simply not hers because she has seen him in his true form, he might have been her dream also but she knows better, she knows he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, her mind flashed back to when she first met him.

    It was during her final year in college, she had been coming back from college with her best friend Tasha, they had been standing at the bus station for hours waiting for a bus but none was in sight, then suddenly, an expensive car parked in front of them

    " Hey, pretty ladies" he had said beaming, his white teeth and laughing eyes pulled her right in and she found herself returning the smile

    " Mind if I give you a ride to your destination?"

    They hadn't waited for a second invitation, they hopped in, he had been sweet and funny throughout the ride, making them laugh.

    He dropped Tasha off first then headed to her house

    " Now I have the queen all to myself"

    " Really?" She had blushed at his statement of referring to her as a queen

    " Have you ever seen a queen without a castle?"

    He smiled ever so charmingly

    " How about I build you a castle and you be my queen, we'll rule our kingdom"

    " You're so smooth"

    " And you're so beautiful" Kathleen had blushed again at his compliment

    "By the way I'm Dave"

    " Kathleen" she had answered

    " Beautiful name for a beautiful queen"

    That was how their journey had begun, he frequents her house buying her things, in no time at all he won her mother's heart, then her father.

    Six months into the relationship, they had had a date and she never showed up, Kathleen was beside herself with worry as she tries to reach him but got no response, she decided to see for herself if he's ok, she took a taxi and went to his house, she knocked but got no response, thank God she was with the spare key he had given to her, she simply inserts it into the lock and opened the door. She got in, the living room was in a mess, his clothes and undies all over the place, she bent to pick them up and was puzzled when she saw female undies inclusive other than that she didn't see anyone, she headed upstairs and started hearing faint noise coming from the direction of his bedroom and she moved towards the direction, the door was slightly ajar, she opened the door and was shocked at what was before her, Dave in bed with another lady, she couldn't believe her eyes

    " Dave?" She whispered in disbelief and he quickly jumped down from the bed

    " Sweetheart, it's not what you think" but she didn't wait to hear any of that, she turned on her heels and dashed out of the house.

    How could he cheat on her, she thought they were okay, she had cried her eyes out.

    Dave was persistent, he kept calling and sending texts, he kept coming to her house to apologize promising he would never do it again, and finally, Kathleen had forgiven him and they continued their relationship.

    One day, he had come to college to pick her up, she was with one of her friends, Rick chatting and laughing when Dave showed up, he walked up to them his gaze furious, he held Rick by his collars, " stay away from my girlfriend"

    "But we aren't doing anything wrong" before Rick could complete his statement, Dave punched him on the nose and Drew blood instantly, Kathleen was aghast and embarrassed as she tries to hold Dave, he suddenly turned on her and gave her a slap that sent her head spinning, before she could recollect herself, he had dragged her into the car and drove off.

    Kath was furious, " stop this car right now" she yelled but got no response from him.

    She made for the steering and tries to get hold of it

    " Shit, you're going to get us killed" he yelled trying to hold into the wheels

    " I said stop the car"

    " Alright" he backed and stopped at the side of the road

    " Sweetheart, concerning what just happened, I am sorry"

    Kathleen made no reply as she simply opened the door and came down.

    Dave came down from his side of the car, " Kath, I'm sorry, I regret hitting you", Kathleen didn't answer as she just kept on walking, Dave ran to her front

    " Kath, I don't know what came over me, I was jealous seeing you with another man"

    " Dave, I'm tired of this relationship, it's becoming toxic for me"

    " Please, don't say that Kath, I promise I will change, it won't happen again" he had knelt on the road, tears streaming down his cheeks begging for her forgiveness, Kath pitied him and forgave him, " I forgive you, please don't kneel, get up"

    "Thank you so much, I want to make it up to you, let's go out for lunch" he had blabbered excitedly

    " I'm really tired, maybe tomorrow"

    " Alright, my love" he had kissed her forehead before leaving.

    Although Kathleen had forgiven him the incident was still on her mind making her unusually quiet, her mom came and sat down beside her, " you've been very quiet, what's eating you?"

    Kathleen felt relieved that her mom was ready to listen, she would get a mother's advice from her, Being an only child, sometimes she missed not having any sibling to talk to,

    " It's Dave mom, he has changed a lot, I don't think this relationship can work out"

    " Shhh, do not say that my child, people change, just put more effort, you can't deny he has done so much for this family" her mom wasn't understanding her either, she knew her mom wouldn't understand,

    " Your father would hear nothing about this, everybody has a flaw, so please learn to accommodate his flaws, he has been nice to us"

    Kathleen knew that her parents wouldn't understand, they had been blinded by Dave's money.

    Dave had come the next day to pick her up for their date, they had gone to a fancy place and had beautiful moments together but that beautiful moment had changed drastically when Raul, a long time friend had walked in, she hadn't seen him in years and in her excitement she had hugged him. Dave had stood up immediately and dragged her outside, " how dare you" he had fumed

    Kath's heart skipped, she knew what he was capable of but she hadn't done anything wrong, " Dave please, Raul is just a friend"

    He had slapped her hard for that comment, shouting " you slut"

    He slapped her again, Kath lose her footing and bang her head on something very hard, her head spun as she was seeing stars

    Dave was still busy ranting and hitting her and suddenly all noise faded into the background as the only thing that enveloped her was blackness and coldness as she had lost consciousness.