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Mommy, Daddy Is Super Powerful

Mommy, Daddy Is Super Powerful



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Catalina rushed to the designated hotel room after receiving a frantic text from her best friend. However, to her horror, she was immediately seized by a strange man, and he violently pushed her onto the bed... When she returned home, her father had received lewd photos of her and subsequently disowned her. To her shock, her step-sister secretly confessed to her role in the scheme. It turned out that both her best friend and her stepsister had plotted against her! Feeling hurt and abandoned, Catalina left her home, not realizing that the man she had spent the night with was relentlessly searching for her! Five years later, Catalina and the man unexpectedly crossed paths once again, reigniting the flames of an unfinished story...
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Chapter 1

"It hurts so much..."

"How could this have happened? Why was there a man in that room..."

Catalina Hart's clothes were messy as she stumbled out of the hotel.

She endured the pain and rushed home in a daze.

As soon as she got home, she was scolded by her father, Grayson Hart.

"Why did you come back so late at night? What are you doing out there every night?"

Before Catalina could respond, her stepmother, Ember Morris, answered for her.

"What else can she do? She must have secretly traded her body to a rich man at the hotel, because you didn't allow her to fulfil her dream of studying abroad."

"As long as she has the money, where can't she go? Does she still need to bear with us at home?"

Catalina's face turned pale, and she quickly explained, "No, I wouldn't do that!"

"Stop defending yourself."

Ember flashed the photo onto the table and said angrily, "This is the evidence. Catalina, you had the guts to do it but were afraid to admit it?"

In the photo, it was her coming out of the hotel room in disarray and her face was flushing...

"I..." Catalina was completely silent.

She pulled at her collar guiltily, trying to cover up the love marks on her neck. What happened tonight was so abrupt that she had not yet realized what was going on!

Her best friend asked her to meet at the hotel because. As soon as she opened the door, she was held down by a strange man and pushed towards the bed...

She couldn't resist for what happened next!

What the hell was going on!

Grayson could sense Catalina's guilt at a glance and thought, "Doesn't it mean that she went out to fool around?"

How could his daughter, whom he had raised through hardship, turned out to be so awful?

He was so angry that he gnashed his teeth and said, "I've been educating you for 20 years, but you turned out to be like this? I feel ashamed of you even though you are not embarrassed about yourself! Get out of here and never set foot in this house again, I'll treat you as if I don't have a daughter!"

Catalina had never seen her father so angry. She felt very wronged and stood at the door, not knowing what to do.

At this moment, her stepsister, Kelly Hart, came down with a big box and threw everything at the door like throwing rubbish. She said coldly, "Get out of here, don't catch any filthy disease outside and infect us back at home!"

As she spoke, she deliberately pushed Catalina out of the door.

She had disliked Catalina for a long time. Now she finally found a perfect reason to get rid of this little bitch!

The more Kelly thought about it, the more complacent she became because she was eager to see Catalina suffer!

At the foyer, Kelly said something in a voice that could only be heard by the two of them.

"Catalina, I'll tell you a secret since you looked so pitiful, the gigolo was a special arrangement for you from Ashley and I!"

"You're so stupid! I can't believe that a text message could fool you..."

Ashley Allen whom she mentioned was Catalina's best friend.

It was Ashley who sent a text message saying that she had something urgent to discuss with Catalina, so she took the taxi to the hotel in a hurry and went to the designated room to save Catalina.

But she didn't expect that there was a man in the room!

It turned out that everything was just a lie!

She was deceived by her stepsister and her best friend!

She clenched her fists so tightly that she didn't feel any pain even when her nails dug into her palms. They were sisters, but Kelly was always trying to hurt her all the time!

Now, she even became so vicious and found a man to take her virginity away!

She couldn't hold back her anger and slapped Kelly in the face.

Kelly was stunned for a brief moment. She covered her face and cried, "How dare you hit me! Mom, Dad, Catalina is crazy. She hit me!"

Ember shrilled with anger when she saw the slap marks on her daughter's face. 

"Catalina, you're really something! You went out and messed around, and you even dared to hit my daughter when you are home. No one in this family can control you, can we?"

Kelly saw that her father didn't say anything, so she deliberately leaned over with the finger marks on her face and complained with grievance, "Dad, it hurts a lot."

At this point, Grayson was not only angry about his eldest daughter's behavior, but also deeply disappointed.

"Catalina, get out of here!"

Catalina bit her lower lip stubbornly, squatted down, and packed all the scattered items on the ground into the box. There was also her passport and identity card...

In the face of her parents' love for Kelly, Catalina's heart was completely cold.

Her father did not even ask what she had been through last night. He just told that she had committed a sin by listening to Ember and her daughter's gossip.

There was no place for her in this family ever since her mother died, worse when her father couldn't wait to bring the woman he had an affair with to live at their house. 

Catalina's mother was a policewoman. She died heroically on a dangerous mission, and she was unaware of her husband's affair even after her death!

Since the family no longer welcomed her, she didn't want to stay any longer.

Kelly looked at her back as she left, feeling extremely pleased. She had finally driven that little b*tch away!

Five years later.

Inside a luxurious villa.

"Sir, our men found out that the watch you gave to the girl in the clubhouse five years ago was being dealt in the second-hand market."

"Have you found out who it was?" The man frowned, and there was a dignified look on his cold face.

This man was the only successor of the most prominent family of the Viirtucon Industry in Woodland. His name was Santiago Vince.

Just after he took over the family business, the Viirtucon Industry multiplied its market value several times, and now he became a well-respected business leader.

On one night five years ago, it was the first time he was set up by someone. The enemy in the business world wanted to grasp his weak spot and deliberately sent someone to drug him. He managed to escape from that room while he was still rational.

When he was in misery, a woman suddenly appeared...

Ruining a girl's innocence was the guiltiest thing he had ever done in his life.

He made up his mind that he would be responsible for that girl for the rest of his life!

The limited edition watch that was left in the hotel was the only clue.

Soon, Santiago's men found out the whole story and immediately reported, "Sir, we found that girl!"

"Give me her address. I'll go to her myself." Santiago's tone was firm.

The mysterious girl had finally appeared. This time, he would never let her go!