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Her Heart Stolen By An Alpha

Her Heart Stolen By An Alpha

Author: Faiz ilahi



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Luna was living her normal married life. Then a few years later what happened is that the Witches asked for her sacrifice. and her mother wanted to protect her from all those witches and the curse that her mother got from a long time back On the other side A dangerous werewolf who himself was living in Luna's house But Luna is unaware of this and does not know how long it will be Will Luna be able to save herself or will she lose her life by being always unaware of these things????
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Chapter 1

David's POV

It was 7: o'clock in the morning.

--------alarm sounded------

Wake up David get up early

my wife Luna said


Waking up darling just let me sleep for 10 more minutes

You don't have to go to the office

Darling it's only 6: o'clock in the morning

It's 7 o'clock not 6'oclock

I got scared and said what? Oh no I will be late today, there is also a very important meeting in my office today.

Luna said, take a quick shower till I make breakfast.

I quickly went to take a shower and got ready

my wife said have breakfast now

no darling i don't have enough time to have breakfast

What happened David, do breakfast ...

don't be in such a hurry

I kissed her forehead and said I am late

My boss will kick me out of the job

My wife made a little angry face and said it's okay, but eat some food in the office.

Sure I'll eat something darling

----------I left for office------------

As soon as I reached the office my boss scolded me for being so late , He said David do you know what an important meeting today

Sir i know how important meeting is today but sir i am late in waking up today

No don't listen to excuses now go and do your work and this is your first and last mistake

ok sir i will not be late after today

Yes, it is right, now you will sit on this or you will also do your work.

oh sorry sir i am leaving

I opened the door to my boss's cabin and I walked out ,

I was going to my desk as soon as I arrived I saw that , The old man was sitting at my desk, looked strange. I said hello who are you , He saw me and attacked me and started saying save your wife, I said security security, take out this old man

All the staff members of the office came and there was a stir in the office. All the staff members came and said..

what happened....,

what happened...

Then, security came and said,

what happened....

what happened....

I said take out this old man, he was attacking me and looks strange,

Staff members and security guards said that there is no old man here

As soon as I looked back, that old man disappeared, then I said that this old man was sitting at my desk, I do not know where he disappeared.

A staff member said David don't worry it happens sometimes when we are more worried , And the staff members and the security guard said yes yes sometimes it happens ,

In the same time, the boss came and said what happened Then I told the Boss, here I saw some strange old man sitting and he attacked me And when I called the security and staff members, he had disappeared

The boss said hey David, don't worry, all this must have happened because of tension. Then the staff members and security guard said yes boss, we have been explaining this to David for so long.

Boss said David all this people saying right, so , don't worry, take rest till the meeting starts.And the boss laughed and said, David, I scolded you today, so because of this you were in tension, if you were in tension, then forgive me man

I also laughed and said that no boss, I was late in my mistake, so you were right to scold me.

I took rest for a while and then the meeting started, I went to the meeting but I don't know how I was not paying attention in the meeting ,

I am thinking about that old man and I do not understand how he came to know that I was married. And even if he knew that I was married, then what was he saying that David, you should save your wife.

Boss looking at me said David David ,

i said yes boss

Boss said you are not paying attention to the meeting

sorry boss, after that accident the mind is getting a little bad

boss said no problem

I said yes boss and I got that accident out of my mind too.

---------then the meeting resumed---------

The meeting was going on, now it was my turn of presentation, as soon as I opened my office bag and saw that my presentation file was not there

----Ohhhhhhhh shit-----

My file is not even here, I went to the boss and told the boss that I have left my file at home

boss said that I can only pause the meeting for a while As long as you bring the file or get it from someone

I made a tense face and said ok boss I will manage it

I hurriedly dialed Luna and i told luna i forgot my very important file at home please bring that file to my office

Luna said tell me where is the file

I said the file is kept inside the cupboard in the bedroom.

Luna said okay I will try to get the file as soon as possible

I said ok try to come early

--------- call disconnected --------

Luna was telling herself that I was telling David in the morning that don't be so quick, but no one listens to me.

As soon as Luna came out of the house it started raining .

Ohh no, "this rain was yet to come Then, Luna went to get the umbrella again,

And she left for the office."

Luna was on her way with the office file and saw that .............